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  Ichigo Tenma / Ichigo101 / 8y 218d 17h 18m 3s
My name is Mia. I was bitten by a vampire and now i am not who i was. I will find the man who turned me into what i am and what i might become. Or will this search somehow kill me in the end
  Mia / toxicmango / 8y 233d 9h 44m 36s
  Mia / Toxicmango / 8y 233d 9h 45m 20s
i am okay
  angery headphones / freak / 8y 255d 22h 48m 58s
can i get help
  angery headphones / freak / 8y 255d 23h 4m 23s
  Bad-Day / Wolfblade11 / 8y 278d 1h 4m 30s
  Chained& Tortured / Wolfblade11 / 8y 278d 1h 4m 59s
  Pain / Wolfblade11 / 8y 278d 1h 5m 19s
i can help out with anyone
  Hatsune Miku / takinam / 8y 310d 22h 53m 27s
  boxghost / 8y 311d 4h 8m 53s
  1st LT Bayman / Bayman / 8y 314d 11h 42m 46s
  linebeck / 8y 330d 14h 17m 26s
  linebeck / 8y 336d 18h 3m 27s
Um.. how do I put a pic. on my page-S.
  Miss Hunter / palomo01 / 9y 1d 18h 27m 51s
  Eben Hart / blodgett11x / 9y 32d 13h 53m 19s

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