Beginner Help: How do I upload a pic?

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i still have no idea how to put a pic on here can some1 help me plz?
  Blood_Willow / 9y 237d 22h 9m 9s
i finally gots it down
  Starfire / 9y 238d 10h 25m 47s
i figured it out!xD
  Starfire / 9y 241d 11h 3m 8s
  Starfire / 9y 241d 13h 30m 25s
  Starfire / 9y 241d 13h 31m 10s
please? Anyone?
  Lief / vahicrafter9 / 9y 243d 17h 16m 55s
could someone tell me how to make it show up as an actual image and not just a red x
  Lief / vahicrafter9 / 9y 243d 17h 17m 47s
why wont my image show
  Lief / vahicrafter9 / 9y 243d 17h 18m 28s
hello there.
  nekokitty / 9y 245d 20h 57m 55s
  naruto gril / berrana / 9y 251d 21m 25s
  Shakira / 9y 259d 14h 43m 16s
testing 1..2..3...
  TigerOfTheWest / 9y 263d 16h 15m 45s
testing yet again
  ConflictedFangirf / 9y 267d 14h 17m 34s
test again
  ConflictedFangirf / 9y 267d 14h 24m 20s
  ConflictedFangirf / 9y 267d 14h 53m 33s

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