Beginner Help: How do I upload a pic?

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Upload your pic to imgur. Copy the direct link and paste it in the Picture URL: field.

Other Places to upload the image

tinypic, ImageShack, Photobucket, bayimg

Resize and Edit Images Online

Some images are too large. You can resize images online with these services.

Resize, 1, 2, 3,

Why is there no upload?

Luckily there's third party sites that provide the resources for free so we can allocate our server resources to more important things. Some people have like 50+ profiles with large pictures and thousands of posts. People often refresh the page over and over while checking for updates, which redownloads all the images in the thread. We only have a 250gb hard drive and wouldn't be able to support all the pictures and bandwidth in the long run.

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Roleplay Responses

Test test test test hello is this thing on? *taps mic*
  Girl_In_Red / 95d 2h 9m 40s
Test test. Just checking what my username is, lol.
  Convolvulus / 3y 325d 13h 15m 56s
Hi mr Wanna do a dbz rp? It will be fun I will tell u my oc in the next reply
  MegaKirby / MegaKirby / 5y 22d 8h 7m 45s
I think i know your problem nekoda. If ou try uploading a different pic on a different source it should work. Try deviantart for mine in our rp.
  Aaigas / tensei / 6y 54d 7h 33m 0s
ughh i give up
  cuddles / nekoda / 6y 134d 8h 6m 24s
  cuddles / nekoda / 6y 134d 8h 6m 37s
  cuddles / nekoda / 6y 134d 8h 11m 35s
I have this picture I'm trying to upload I got the URL off of tinypic but it won't work in make a character

Not one above
  Maria Cocktail dress / Animelover2332 / 6y 233d 22h 40m 55s
  MunchlaxBoy / 6y 236d 17h 30m 42s
  Megan / MeganChick / 6y 236d 21h 25m 55s
Alright.....test this out.

  Vezein / 6y 246d 55m 55s
  Elsieanna Nicole / MamaStapes / 6y 256d 21h 19m 40s
I can't see my picture
  MamaStapes / 6y 256d 21h 20m 0s
  MamaStapes / 6y 256d 21h 24m 25s
u need more ways!
  Crystal_chan / 6y 278d 15h 11m 24s

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