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''Listen kid the room next to mine is strictly a work business room early. You dont like it? I'll kick your ass out and you'll sleep on the front porch like a dog.", Midori said standing up. He sighed and walked upstairs, going into his room and taking his glasses off the shelf putting them on and opening his door. He closed it back and went into the room next to his with a stack full of files.

Midori wrote one thing after the other, analyzing and writing down certain information about certain files and certain people on each sheet of paper. Every page was filled with information on that person as well as their crimes in life, Midori shook his head as he yelled somewhat loudly from the agony that is work.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 352d 3h 41m 24s
Zero almost threw his food back up when he heard the man say they'd be sleeping in the same room.
He coughed a few times before he finally swallowed his food back down.
"There is now way that happening," he said, gasping for breath. "I didn't even agree to this, I'm considered a bad kid because of my parents! That's not exactly fair."
The thing Zero was best at, was protesting. He found it entirely creepy sharing a room with a guy that he just met.

"Look," he said, a stubborn look crossing his face. "I won't sleep in the same room as you. The room next to you is fine, even if you lock me in, I don't care."
He wasn't going to. This guy had more of a chance of Zero running away than being caught sleeping in the same room.
"I'm only here because the dickheads can't get the fucking paperwork done on time."
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 352d 3h 48m 44s
''To many clients need a lawyer..Im the best they got so I get payed anyway.'', Midori said as he kept watching the movie. Midori yawned into his head scratching his head, heading upstairs he came back downstairs and pulled out a file. Opening it he flipped through multiple pages and stopped walking while he was on the last step,''Zero huh? I keep this kind of stuff...a lawyers job anyway.'', Midori said throwing the folder like a frisbee and it landed cleanly and smoothly on the dining room table. He scratched his stomach again and yawned, his whole body quivering.

Midori headed over to the TV and pointed upstairs with his thumb,''Your rooms upstairs, the police begged me for whatever reason I guess I gotta keep a watch on ya because your sleeping in the bed next to mine."
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 352d 3h 57m 56s
"Zero," he replied to the man bluntly.
They didn't tell him my name? That's just a tiny bit stupid.
He took the plate and stared at them for a moment. This was the first time he'd actually been given pancakes to eat. Weren't they basically fat and sugar? He guessed that was partly his anarexia problem. He was hardly ever fed.

He picked up a fork, and aimlesly began to eat. They were good. Within a few minutes, they were gone. He leaned back on the wall and breathed a sigh of relief.
"Why are you gonna skip work?" he asked looking at him. His messy black hair fell over his eyes slightly.
He almost felt like he was imposing now. He mentally laughed at the thought and shoved it aside.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 352d 4h 5m 4s
Midori stood up, he was watching a movie and paused it. He gave a stretch, then a yawn and walked past Zero heading to the kitchen,''Whats your name?", Midori said as he scratched his head which only made his hair situation worse. He began cooking pancakes the only thing he DID know how to cook..well. The only thing he knew how to cook well, Midori placed pancakes on Zero's plate and handed it to him while he was still standing. He then walked back over to the sofa and pressed play, the movie starting back up again at the touch of a button.

''Eat it whenever you like..'', Midori said as he yawned into his hand.''I think i'll skip work tomorrow.'', Midori said scracthing the part of his stomach that was exposed due to his shirt being ruffled up a little.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 352d 4h 17m 53s
Zero raised an eyebrow at the man. HE had been told that he was a successful person. A lawyer or something. He himself gave a slight yawn, of boredom ofcoarse.
"I guess," he said, placing his two heavy bags down where he stood. "I haven't eaten in like three days, but I'm never usually that hungary."
He eyed his new guardian curiously. He pondered over whether he should ask the mans name.

"Pfft," he said to himself, hoping the man didn't notice. He didn't want to know this guys name. He didn't want to be here. What he wanted was to get through high school and fend for himself. He didn't want some random guy replacing his parents, even if it was just for a week. He didn't matter. He was just another person in the world. Zero would only end up forgetting aout him.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 352d 4h 21m 44s
Midori was sleeping in his bed upstairs, suddenly he heard something or someone at the door. Sluggishly getting out of the bed, his hair a mess, his blue shirt ruffled and pulled up a little but still under his navel and his silver shorts wrinkled. He walked ever so sluggishly down the steps, his eye twitching from annoyance,What have I gotten myself into..., Midori thought as he yawned into his hand.

Opening the door his eye stopped twitching as he looked down at the boy holding his bags, he invited him in sluggishly his voice quiet and soft. Once the boy stepped inside he closed the door and placed both hands on his hips looking down at him,'' supposed to be taking care of you huh? Swell.'', Midori said taking his hands off his hips and flopping down on the sofa, grabbing the controller, turning on the tv and he began channel surfing.''Want something to eat?'', Midori said staring at the tv.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 352d 4h 31m 38s
The boy stood on the veranda, a dull epxression plastered onto his face. He had been 'confiscated' from his own home and parents due to, severe matters. His parents had beat him a lot, and forced him to take drugs and other sick things like that. Not that the boy cared. Thanks to his parents, he was now a smoker, not that the three cops next to him knew that.
When he packed his things, he had to hide his three packets of ciggarettes from them, so they wouldn't take them.

The fist cop, whom was next to the door, had rung the bell, but they hadn't yet recieved and answer. It was possible that the occupant was in the shower, had ear phones in, was outside, or wasn't even home. All his life, Zero had never bothered to interect with his neighbors. He scoffed at the idea of finaly coming to terms with one of them. He was going to have to in this situation.
He stood there and sighed impatiantly, waiting for who ever owned the two story house to come out.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 352d 4h 38m 26s
Mmk. :o
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 352d 4h 47m 14s
Soon O: I just finnished dinner, so now I gotta clean up.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 352d 4h 48m 44s
Mmk. When are we gonna start?
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 352d 4h 50m 0s
You'll see :3
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 352d 4h 51m 11s
Really? What would that be.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 352d 4h 55m 21s
:D I have a slight idea of what I'm doind too ^^
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 352d 4h 55m 56s
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 352d 4h 57m 44s

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