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Midori only sighed and looked at Zero walk out of the door, staring at his now sliced open hand. The fresh blood leaking frmo it and onto the floor, as if nothing had happened Midori bent down and picked up the knife washing it off as water seeped into his wound. It burned deeply into Midori's hand but he ignored it and finished wiping the knife placing it in the sink it was good as new. Midori went upstairs and wrapped his hand in a bandage, walking back downstairs he sat down on the sofa.

Midori flipped through multiple channels with the hand that was not injured, blood stains contaminated the pure white bandage, splotches of crimson substance appearing on each spot of the bandage they expanded then stopped. The bleeding had stopped and Midori kept flipping through the channels.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 351d 11h 18m 29s
Zero stood there, a little shaken at what the man had told him.
Midori? That's his name?
Everything was so blurry now. Why did had care what happened to him? Or maybe it was simply because he didn't want to clean the mess up. But he wouldn't, the police would.
Lost in thought, Zero's grip on the handel loosened, and the knife dropped from his hand.

"Death, isn't the answer?" he asked, not really aming the question at anyone. "Then what do I do now? What do I live for?"
Zero felt more tears well up in his eyes, but he swallowed them back. Did this idiot really think he could control Zero?
Zero left the kitchen, leaving the blood stained knife on the floor. He took out a cigarrette from his back and lit in, without stepping outside.

He was usually quite carful when it came to smoking in houses. He stood the for a few minutes, just drawing in the deadly smoke, not caring what happened to himself anymore.
He sighed and walked outside, letting the door swing back by itself. He sat against the wall next to the door, and stared out into the street.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 351d 11h 25m 7s
Midori looked at his hand then clenched his fist.''You still dont get it do you? My name is Midori I am a lawyer..'', Midori said clenching and un-clenching his fist. He looked at the blood pour over his hand and drip out on the left and right sides,''My mother died because of an abusive father commited suicide. I was framed for the whole thing..heh me...a 9 year-old boy with no way of knowing how to murder a person let alone his own parents!", Midori just chuckeled slightly his past life never brought any tears of some sort.

''You dont need to commit suicide..thats thw wrong anwser.'', Midori said as he turned around on his heel and placed his hands in his pockets. He began walking upstairs, why he decided to do that even he had no idea.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 352d 1h 46m 24s
Zero had seen it coming, so his grip on the handle of the knife had been strong.
"Why are you trying to stop me?" he asked quietly, a hint of curiosity in his voice. "You don't want me here, right? And I have nothing left. It's just better this way."
He turned to face the man, only his hair hung over his eyes.
"One minute you hate me," he began, begining to quiver. "And then your trying to stop me from doing the world a favor."

He was trying to hide the fact that he was crying, but it could be heard in his voice.
"You should bandage that up," he said, looking toward his hand. "Or it'll get infected."
He held the knife so the blade pointed toward he stomach.
"If only I had a gun," he said with an almost content sigh. "It would be a lot quicker, and less painful."
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 352d 2h 37m 6s
<<Delete this post..I gotta go.>>
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 352d 2h 38m 15s
Midori was snoring loudly, he hadnt even heard Zero come in or not but he just kept sleeping. Trying to forget all kinds of troubles and problems he had, he just slept away as he sighed. Midori awakened a few moments later to hear something going on in the kitchen, silently moving down the steps he rubbed his eyes and saw Zero taking out a knife from the drawer.

Midori's eyes widened somewhat and he rushed in slapping the knife out of his hand, the palm being sliced open as it exposed a wound, his blood dripped to the floor as he was standing behind Zero. He had reached around and tried to smack the knife out of his hand thats how the injury happened.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 352d 2h 45m 18s
Zero was sitting at the train station. He had no idea why, it just seemed like a reasonable place to be.
"That guy is probably more of a pig than any cop I've ever met. He deserves to die, talking about me as if he actually knew me! He probably didn' thave to go what I went through," He said under his breath. "What a cock."

He sighed and stood up. He headed back to the place he was staying and promptly sat down on the middle step. Maybe he could go rent and appartment or something, and then just come back on Saturday. ero tilted his head back so he loked at the blarring and blinding sun.
He didn't have anything left. Would anyone even care if he was dead, or if he dissapeared?
He decided that he was going to try it. He walkeded into the house and into the kitchen. He went trhough the drawrers until he found the biggest knife in the place.
Should he tell the guy he was gonna commit suicide?
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 352d 3h 1m 35s
Midori tapped his fingers once he was done with the dishes as he sighed but he felt like he had accomplished something.''Great..didnt get mad this time..oh but when I snap one of these days...he is going to get it!'', Midori said swearing multiple cuss words under his breath walking out of the kitchen as he headed upstairs. He slammed the door behind him causing most of the stuff to rattle in his room, Midori only sighed and ran over to each object lightly placing a hand upon it to cease the shaking.

Walking over to his bed he plumped down on it and sighed,''Go ahead and get yourself killed...less stress for me.", Midori said as he sighed. He closed his eyes falling into a deep sleep, he snored loudly as he didnt mind to anyone or anything coming through the door.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 352d 3h 10m 16s
"Pftt," he said with a harsh laugh. "You wouldn't know 'em as well as I did. And as for my parents, I was abused from birth, you learn from your parents. It's not like I chose to be this way."
He sighed. Was this guy a moron?
Probably is. He hasn't even told me his name yet. What a loser.

Zeru headed toward the door.
"I'm going out again," he called. "Going anywhere you aren't."
With that said, he opened and closed the door. Well, he sort of did. He had let the door swing back by itself.
"Whatever," he mumbled, ignoring his mood. He stepped down the veranda and out onto the street. Hoping to whoever the fuck ran life that he wouldn't follow.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 352d 3h 15m 2s
Midori countered the smirk with a death glare.''I can see why those parents of yours were so abusive. If you were my child I wouldnt like you either.'', Midori said his voice sounded calmed and composed. He kept tapping his foot on the ground as he sighed lightly,''If you DO get hurt I will just have to tell the police the whole story. Besides my part-time job is a detective so you can bet your ass I know most of the police force.", Midori said with a smirk.

He only sighed once more and stared at the blank table, taking Zero's plate from earlier and walking into the kitchen placing the plate down into the sink. He cleaned it carefully and eventually put it along with all the other dishes in the dish washer.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 352d 3h 19m 38s
After about an hour of just laying on the hill and not exactly thinking about anything, he hopped up and made his way back the his new 'home'.
He sighed as he walked through the front door, he didn't notice the guy at first. He simply moved over to his bag and slipped his pack and lighter back in the bag.
He zipped it up and and turned around.

It was then that he noticed him.
"Well don't you look sour?" he asked bemusingly. "You pissed at me for dissapearing? Good. You deserve it after neglecting me like that. And after all, if anything happens to me, it's your fault"
Zero gave him a creepy smirk, that had the power to shend shivers down peoples' spines, if used correctly.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 352d 3h 22m 42s
Midori sighed as he finished the last bit of his files. He closed it and gave a sigh walking back to his room and putting his glasses back in his glasses case. He walked downstairs,''Hey Z-'', Midori looked around and didnt notice Zero as he sighed but it was usually from anger as he sat down on the sofa crossing his legs. As time passed Midori waited for Zero to get back, usually pissed as ever but he decided to stay calm and composed he was only minutes away from completely snapping.

Midori sat with his arms crossed glancing at the door every once and a while but he didnt see Zero walk through. He sighed and tapped his foot impatiently on the ground, resting his head on his hand as he sighed.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 352d 3h 31m 4s
"Hmm," Zero said, half sitting up from his laying position from where he had been shoved aside to. "It's alright,the crazy fuck didn't hurt me. Nothing's broken."
He layed back down and continued to smoke. He was sort of pissed off that it was Sunday and not a week day, though, he wasn't going to attend school all week since the first thing they were going to do was pull him out of his current school so he could be re-schooled when he went to live with a foster family. . . Not that they would be too much fun either.

Zero pushed himself up and walked down the three steps that seperated the veranda from the ground. He decided he was gonna take a walk. Whether what's-his-face liked it or not. He didn't have a mobile or anything to be contacted on, which was a good thing on his account. He just wandered the streets, eventually stepping to lay on a grassy hill.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 352d 3h 36m 22s
''That kid is starting to piss me off.'', Midori said writing some more stuff down.''Its okay..just calm down.'', Midori heard the slamming of the door which rattled the house and his eye twitched slightly, the vibration seemed to rattle the whole house as a result of the slam his glasses shifted sideways on his face. Midori clenched his pencil and it almost snapped before he calmed down and began writing again,''Come can do it. One week of...that and its all over."

Midori kept writing down some stuff, he sighed slightly running his fingers through his hair. He finished writing something down as a woman pushed Zero aside, she was wearing a dress but she gave the appearance of someone in a business. She was wearing glasses as she was holding files in her hands, Midori opened the door and looked at her she shakily handed the files to him and she seemed nervous she ran off in a different direction.''She's a weird one i'll give her t-Fuck!! More work.", Midori said as he opened only to peek at the file he slammed the door forgetting about Zero and dropped the folder on the table. He sighed slightly as he sat down on the sofa, adjusting his glasses.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 352d 3h 42m 36s
"I'd rather sleep on the porch with you amyway!" he yelled after him as he walked up the stairs. "It's not like you can chain me up and make me do anything."
He mumbled. Ten minutes and he was already completely pissed off. . . That had to be a new record.
He sighed angrily and rummaged through his bag, until he found his already opened packet of cigarrettes.

She pulled hi lighter from his pocket and stepped outside. He of coarse, slammed the door behind him. Like hell he was gonna give some law abiding freak peace and quiet to do his 'work'.
Zero laughed at the thought as a new one eroused. He was probably wanking off up there in that room. He leaned on the railing and lit the end of the cigarrette, drawing in as much toxic smoke as he could, and then letting it out with a sigh of relief.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 352d 3h 48m 45s

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