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Zero kept squirming, but he wasn't strong enough to push him off or push him away. When Midori kissed him, he felt his face turn red. This wasn't normal!
Zero didn't like where Midori's hands were going, and when Midori slipped his tongue into his mouth, he tried to move his head, but Midori was attatched to him, and obviously planned to keep himself attatched.

The cool wind was blowing through the window, and it sent shivers down his spine. Since Midori had ripped his shirt off, again, he had nothing covering him.
He started to quiver, not sure if it was because he was cold, whether he was angry, or if he was just scared.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 312d 14h 39m 46s
Midori stayed silent the whole while he hadnt anwsered at all and wasnt going to give him an anwser. He trailed his tongue down his neck once more before eventually gently pulling a piece of his neck with his mouth and sucking on it. His hands were basically wandering all over Zero's body.

He kept doing this for some while and stopped eventually ripping off Zero's shirt forcefully, he then began to suck on the front of Zero's neck lightly. Then moving back up and kissing him to keep him from yelling so he could muffle it, Midori's tongue slid lightly into Zero's mouth.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 312d 14h 47m 16s
Zero groaned and opened his eyes. There was something on top of him, he could see, because it was dark now. He tried to move his hands, but something was stopping him.
He felt a tingling sensation in his neck.
"What the fuck?" He asked into the darkness, knowing that he probably would get a response.

"Hey!" he yelled, squirming and tring to get free of hatever was holding his hands down. Then it hit him. The only person sick enough to do this, was Midori.
"You creep!" he yelled again. "Get the fuck off me!"
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 312d 14h 50m 44s

Midori holds his head. He felt funny,''W-What the hell?", Midori's sick insane sick took over again. He noticed Zero going into his own house but he smirked, he opened his own house door and closed it behind him, locking it. He snuck over and went through the window standing over Zero, his hair covered his face this time so he would be somewhat un-identified directly off the bat. Midori looked around and tied Zero down in his sleep with bed sheets, he had no rope so he had to improvise. Although he had tied it down preety tightly.

Smirking lightly he licked his lips and chuckeled a little wlaking over to Zero and moving slightly ontop of him, he bent down and kissed his neck gently, licking his lips gently he gracefully licked his neck.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 312d 14h 55m 15s
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 312d 15h 2m 48s

  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 312d 15h 6m 41s
Zero had been coming back, but not to Midori's place. He walked straight past it and along the path, then turned to walk to his former home. He tried opening the door, but they had locked it. There was a sign in the ground tht said the house was for sale, but it was still technically his. He walked around the house, hopping that Midori didn't see him. Once he found an open window, he climbed through.

It was his old room. All the furniture was still in place. He flopped onto the bed, ready to go back to sleep. He wondered if he should. If Midori had seen him, there was a chance he'd come in and rape him again.
"Whatever," he mumbled. He pulled the sheets over him and fell aslep.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 312d 15h 8m 27s
''He'll come back eventually...he doesnt know his way around anyway.", Midori said yawning into his hand. The women that had delivered the files to him was sitting at the table twiddling her fingers,"D-D-D-Dont you think you should look for him?", she stammered. Oddly enough a blush was on her face, she kept twiddling her fingers sitting their and staring at the ground she always seemed to be wearing business suits.

''If he's lucky enough he'll come back on his own if he remembers.", Midori said flipping through the channels. The woman placed more files on the table and began walking away,"", she said closing the door behind her and walking off towards her home.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 312d 15h 13m 13s
Zero's eyes opened. He sat up, momentarally unsure as to where he was. Then he remembered that he wanted to go to the police station. He wasn't going to go and ask directions from anyone around here.
He sighed. It was starting to get dark and he had forgotten to bring a jacket or jumper. He sneezed, and rubbed his nose in annoyance.

He took his cagarrettes out of his pocket and lit one. This was the only means of keeping warm. He was actually quite surprsed that he hadn't woken back up in Midori's bed, and the whole thing had been a dream. That was stupid idea. It did happen, and Zero was furious at him.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 312d 15h 19m 31s
Midori figured Zero would get lost so he watched the way he went, he had estimated that Zero had moved approximately three blocks away from his house instead of five. He was going to go look for him but he decided to stay back, Midori only went upstairs and into his office.

He slowly began writing notes inside of some of the files, each file seeming to be longer than the last and thus was more time consuming than a regular folder. He kept writing and writing until eventually he just placed the pen down and stopped fully, rubbing his temples with two fingers trying to stop the headache that plagued his mind.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 312d 15h 24m 32s
Zero got about five blocks away from Midori's place, when he realized that he didn't know where the police station was, and he had never been the this part of his neighborhood before. It looked like the kind of place were all the 'good' people lived.
He sighed and sat on the side walk.

"Whatever," he mumbled. "I'd rather die out here."
At that moment, his stomach grumbled.
"Great," he said. "I eat some of his cooking and now I'm hungry enough to want more."
He sighed and layed back, soon falling asleep.

  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 313d 9h 32m 9s
Midori faked a wincing,''Ouch..'', Midori said as he chuckeled lightly under his breath. When Zero had walked out of his house he closed the door and walked over to the sofa, grabbing the remote he flipped through various channels. He stopped at the movie he had watched yesterday and stayed their looking at his injured hand.

  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 313d 10h 19m 41s
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 313d 10h 27m 15s
Zero kept rummaging through his bacg until he found his pack of cigarrettes.
Once he did, he stood up.
"I don't plan on going anywhere," he said, looking at him with a blank and unreadable expression. "I'm gonna get you fined or arrested then I just plan on committing suicide. Not that you care."

He sighed and walked past him pushing the door open.
"I don't get why you did it though," he said, glancing back at him. "Not that it really matters, since you won't be able to do it again."
Zero was detirmind not to let him do it again. He wasn't strong as such, well, he wasn't strong at all. BUt he wasn't going to let him do it again.
"You can take your gay ass and plug it up with some other guy's dick."
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 313d 10h 28m 54s
Midori was already downstairs leaning next to the door that lead to the outside world.''Alright...goodbye. Have fun...but just tell me something..who do you think is gonna accept you in?", Midori said his face grew somewhat serious as he stared at Zero with those cold eyes."I know what your anwser is gonna be...Somewhere thats better than here! Is what you were going to say..but honestly who are you going to go to?", Midori raised an eyebrow as he looked at Zero.

Midori was standing next to the door,''Go ahead...leave. But you have two choices...stay with me...or go somewhere to who knows where.", Midori said looking at his finger nails as if it was no skin off his back.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 313d 10h 36m 52s

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