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''Its no big deal.", Midori said smiling."Hm..thats right you do have to leave at the end of the week dont you?", Midori said walking over to the couch and sitting down. He flipped through the channels on tv like he always did,''Well lets make these moments together last", Midori said turning his head back and smiling at Zero.

He kept smiling for a while before it dissapeared and he looked back at the tv, flipping through the channels again.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 12h 8m 14s
When Midori kissed him, he simply melted. The feel of Midori's lips on his was intoxicating, and he was in ecstacy.
When Midori pulled away, he felt a small amount of saddness. He just wanted to stay with Midori, even though he knew he would be taken away at the end of the week.

"Midori," he said gently. "I'm sorry for how I treated you. I just, didn't know how else to act around someone like you for the first time. I promise I won't try to commit suicide again."
Until he had to leave that is.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 350d 12h 14m 42s
Midori wasn't expecting to be hugged, his arms were spread out not knowing what to do. He noticed Zero beginning to leave, reaching out he grabbed the sleeve on his shirt and yanked him forcefully towards. Him catching him his lips pressed automatically against his as Midori closed his eyes.

He didnt know why he had loved another guy but he didnt care. He just wanted to stay with Zero, pulling away from the kiss he stared down at him and placed a hand on his head ruffling his hair.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 12h 20m 18s
Zero glared at him for a moment, upset that this was how he treated him after he just confessed that he loved him. The moment faded, and Zero simply hugged him.
"I'm sorry," he said in a small voice. "I don't get how I can love the person I hate, but I do love you."

Zero clung to him, not wanting to be pushed away.
"You said you loved me, but your still treating me like some criminal."
Zero sighed and let go of him, figuring that Midori didn't want him around now that he had also confessed. THat was the fun of the rape, right?
He sighed and moved toward the door.
"I'll just leave," he said. "I bet you hate me now."
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 350d 12h 23m 37s
Midori walked to the door and opened it,''What the hell is it?!", Midori pulled Zero into his house closing the door behidn him."Didnt I tell you not to yell outside my house?", Midori said glaring at him. He folded his arms and tapped his foot, yawning.''What is it?"

Midori didnt seemed to be pleased about him yelling outside and banging on his door like that."I dont have all day."
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 12h 28m 5s
Zero simply stood there, shocked that he had been able to admitt it so easily. Did he really love him.
HE slumped to the floor, and more tears welled up in his eyes.
"What the hell?" he asked, trying and failing to wipe the tears away. He had heard things about loving the person you hate, but was that even possible?

HE realized, the reason he had enjoyed Midori raping him so much.
"You asshole!" he yelled before storming outside. He headed toward Midori's front door and began pounding on it.
"Open up Midori!" he yelled. "Open up!"
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 350d 12h 34m 22s
Midori stood their looking at Zero.''Would a person who loves someone else stop him from commiting suicide?", Midori said his hair was covering his face. He didnt say anything after that for a while, he just stood their staring at Zero from behind his short brown hair.''Thats right I love you and im not afraid to admit it! I dont want you to hurt yourself alright?!", Midori said turning his back to him.

He began walking away,''Since you dont care or give a shit im leaving.", Midori said opening and slamming the door behind him, he walked into his house and closed the door behind him, locking it then sitting down on the sofa.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 12h 39m 43s
Zero's eyes widen when he felt the pain of the slap hit his face. He was sent straight into the bench. It took him a minute to realize what had just happened. He shot up.
"What do you care!?" he snapped. "You were just using me a sex toy, you can find another one!"

Zero grabbed the mans shirt. He wasn't too much taller than him, but he could easily shove him out of the way.
"You left me here in the darkness!" He continued. "Why should I even listen to you!? All you did was hurt me! The same way my parents did!"
His own statement hit him hard. Had Midori really put him through as musch as his parents had?
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 350d 12h 43m 9s
Midori thought he heard something again. He sighed and stood up looking next door where Zero was, he walked over and opened the door looking at Zero who seemed to have completely lost it. He walked over to Zero and figured what he was trying to do, reering his hand back he gave a sharp and quick slap across his face.''Hey you idiot! Wake up...I told you suicide isnt the anwser."

Midori had sadness in his eyes somewhat, he didnt know why he cared about him so much nor did he ever want to find out why. He was straight right? So it was probaly just a ''fathers'' intuition.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 12h 50m 0s
Zero now knew what he feared the most. He feared being alone. His house began to mutate in his vision, and shadows danced everywhere.
"G-go away," he said into the darkness. "Go away!"
He knew he hated Midori, but he wished he hadn't left, he wished he had stayed in the house with him.

He was all alone, with nothing but the constant fear and the tormenting memories to get him through the night. Zero breathed out, and then realized that there were probably still knives here. Midori wouldn't care, right?
A creepy and insane smile crossed his lips and he stood up. He began aimlessly searching for a sharp object.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 350d 12h 55m 29s
Midori kept flipping through channels, looking at his own injured hand he slowly unraveled the bandages as the cut was completely gone. He gave a sigh of relief, no trip to the hospital whatsoever. He kept flipping through the channels, finding movies but not movies he had wanted to see. He kept quiet as he kept flipping through the channels.

His ears perked up lightly thinking he had heard someone or something scream but he shook his head and continued watching tv.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 12h 59m 49s
Zero growled. He hadn't been given the chance to hit him. He may not have been strong, but he knew how to hit, and where to hit. He went and had a shower, and then put on the clean clothes that Midori had tossed at him, not that they were much better since they were now stained with cum. HE sighed and walked into the kitchen.
There were a lot of terrible memories here, but a few good ones.

"So this," he began. "Is what it's like to truely be alone."
He moved over to the corner behind the fridge. It was where he had used to hide from his parents. He brought his knees up to his chest and hugged them. He felt tears falling down his flushed cheeks.
"I don't want to be alone!" he screamed. He quivered and cowered in the corner, knowing that no one would hear him.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 350d 13h 7m 13s
Midori remembered Zero. He got up and closed the door behind him not locking it he entered through the back window, he undid the things that had bounded him. He had brought him some new clothes aswell, tossing it over his body. It was soiled by the sticky substance over his body,''....Take it.", Midori said as he began walking away. He was going to walk out through the front way.

Midori walked out the door, closing it behind him as he went inside of his own house opening and closing the door behind him. He locked it and sighed rubbing his forhead, looking around he noticed the house was empty and quiet. Heading over to the couch he plopped down and began watching tv.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 13h 12m 34s
Zero was left panting on his bed, still tied down. What the hell was with him. He lay there, naked and cold. Midori had left the window open.
"I should have just killed myself when I had the chance," she mumbled. His mouth was so dry, and he was out of breath. He was still quivering, and he hurt all over.

He stared at the ceiling. He was still blushing. No matter how much he told himself he hated Midori, he knew that even though it was sick and twisted, he had gotten some pleasure out of that. Zero cringed and shoved the though aside. WOuld it be safe to fall asleep and let the cold death take him?
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 350d 13h 15m 52s
Midori continued to have his way with him and wouldnt stop. He had no idea why he was doing this or what sick pleasure he got from this, for God's sake he was just a mere boy! He wasnt muscular and had no way to defend himself. Midori had no clue while he was doing this, he sucked on Zero's tongue lightly and wripped off his pants and boxers and then...began to rape him.

Hours later Midori had dissapeared and went back into his house sitting on the sofa. He flipped through channels with a somewhat blank expression, not caring or showing any type of remorse what-so-ever.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 13h 21m 14s

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