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Midori leaned down as he was still playing with certain areas of his body and kissed his exposed neck lightly. The water still running over the both of them.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 5h 7m 57s
"Nnn," was the only thing the came from him. He shu this eyes tight. He could feel is legs becoming weaker and weaker. He knew that he'd fall over soon.
His head tilted back and leaned against his exposed chest.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 350d 5h 17m 36s
Midori smiled as he pinched Zero's nipples again from behind, his hand grabbing his crotch once more as he smirked.''Now...back to what we were doing.", Midori said chuckling.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 5h 20m 46s
"That is so not fair," he mumbled, leaning back against him. He then wondered whether the pizza deliverer had been male or female, he then felt a pinch of anger well up within him.
The door opened to a hot semi-naked guy for christs sake! And his lover at that.

Zero quivered and pushed the anger aside. It was irrelivant, right? He wanted to turn around and return the favor, but he was afraid of seeing Midori's face after the thoughts that had eroused in his head.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 350d 5h 28m 17s
Midori suddenly forgot and dried himself off wrapping a towel around his waist, he rushed downstairs and opened the door taking the pizza, paying for it then setting it down at the table and walking back upstairs. He took his towel off and layed it on the ground getting back into the shower with Zero, he resumed what he was doing.

  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 5h 32m 15s
Zero bit down on his lip even harder now, he was trying to hold in any loud noises.
After all, it was pretty late at night.
"M-Midori," he said anxiously. "What if the pizza arrives?"
It wasn't that he didn't want to, he just didn't want to get all sticky again.
And also, if they were doing it in the shower, they wouldn't be able to hear the pizza person knocking omn the door.

  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 350d 5h 36m 29s
Kept twisting his nipples, he would have continued to do so but let one of them go his other hand clutching his crotch.''Yes we came to get can that is correct..I never said I wasn't going to do anything though.", Midori said as he chuckled.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 5h 41m 5s
Zero had been happily washing himself off when Midori snuck behind him and began to twist his nipples gently.
An "Ahh," noise sounded at fist, followed by an 'Nnn,' noise. Automatically, he lifted up his arms so they weren't in Midori's way.

"I-I thought we were having a shower to clean off," he said, biting his lip. "Not make it worse."
He was stnading under the water, and the tingling sensationg of the drops hitting his twisted nipples was like and electric current.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 350d 5h 44m 9s
'Hmph..thanks.", Midori said washing himself off. He smiled as he snuck up behind Zero and grabbed both of his nipples from behind and twisting them lightly. A gleam seemed to appear in his eyes as he smiled to himself.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 5h 48m 22s
"I'm coming!" he said grining and running into the bathroom. He stepped in next to Midori and hugged him.
"Your so cool," he said with a small laugh. He gave him a quick kiss before he also started to wash himself off.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 350d 5h 53m 33s
Midori took off his pants and shrugged,"Sure.", Midori walked and stepped into the shower, turning on the water and beginning to wash himself off. He was waiting for Zero,''Hey are you coming?"
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 5h 56m 0s
Zero grinned at him as he walked in.
"Thanks~" he sang. "Wanna take a quick shower with me?"
Zero didn't plan on getting dressed while he was all sticky. HE was surprised that Midori had put his on and not waited till after he was clean.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 350d 6h 6m 46s
''Hm? Your hungry?", Midori sat up and put on his pants going downstairs but then walking back upstais a few moments later.''I ordered pizza..'', Midori said yawning into his hand.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 6h 9m 40s
Zero grinned.
"I was to busy focusing to notice," he chuckled. "But next time I'll be sure to look out."
This moment was perfect, and he didn't want to leave this spot, but just then, his stomach growled.
He mentally slapped himself for ruining the moment.
  Zero / Mikeru / 9y 350d 6h 11m 53s
Midori shrugged,''Maybe I am maybe im not. Although im suprised you made me cum..apparently you've had some practice with your mouth.", Midori ruffled up his hair.
  Midori-Kun / Menace / 9y 350d 6h 14m 42s

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