Yaoi anyone? 1x1 :DDD

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Make as we go... MAYBE! O.O

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It's okay
  Kyan_Rydell / DannyBow / 9y 72d 5m 52s
[Sorry I have not been on in a.... a week. XDD But I have like a lot of test coming up so I'm studying hard, But I'll post as soon as I can! :DD]
  CowXCheese / 9y 72d 5h 24m 31s
"Oh I see. Well I'm glad you're teaching here now. You'll like it." Kyan said and smiled. "Do you need any help with anything?" He asked. "I have to get to my class soon but till then I can help with anything." He told him
  Kyan_Rydell / DannyBow / 9y 80d 3m 13s
*He smiled lightly and kept walking in circles around the room, He bit his lower lip and looked at the male teacher* "Kyoto... It's a very poor place in Japan" He said softly looking around the room again with a smile
  Haru Koishi / CowXCheese / 9y 80d 17h 4m 4s
"You could arrange it anyway you want to also. I can also help with that." He said. "Where did you work before here?" He asked sitting on top of his desk and looking at him. He gave a smile was thinking about where he could have worked.
  Kyan_Rydell / DannyBow / 9y 81d 20h 38m 5s
*Haru giggled lightly again and nodded, He fallowed the teacher, Watching him put his stuff away and then walking in side his new room, His eyes went big at seeing how huge it was, He nodded and bit his lower lip, Walking around it and touching the walls with his fingers softly* "WOW... So big.." He said softly, Knowing that back where Haru worked, The room where so tiny and cramped
  Haru Koishi / CowXCheese / 9y 81d 20h 43m 30s
He looked up at Haru and frowned a bit. "Im not short...." He mumbled as he exit the room waiting for Haru to follow him. He got to his room and put his stuff away and went to the next room. "We need to paint it. It's white." He told him entering the room. "I could help with anything just tell me. ". He said with a smile.
  Kyan_Rydell / DannyBow / 9y 81d 20h 45m 35s
*Haru smiled and nodded lightly, Standing up as he put his bag over his shoulder, As he saw the teacher stand up, He giggled lightly again seeing how short the other was and how tall Haru was, He looked down at the teacher and nodded, Walking out of the lounge*
  Haru Koishi / CowXCheese / 9y 81d 20h 52m 56s
"Great, I could show you where it's located if you want." Kyan said with a smile. He put his laptop away and stood up. "We have thirty more minutes till students arrive." He told him with another smile as he stood up.
  Kyan_Rydell / DannyBow / 9y 81d 20h 58m 3s
*Haru nodded and looked at his bag, Getting a piece of paper that had his room number on it, He cleared his throat some and read it, His face close to the paper even though he had glasses, He still had trouble reading. He looked over back at the male teacher and smiled lightly* "307.." He said softly with a smile*
  Haru Koishi / CowXCheese / 9y 81d 21h 3m 55s
"Nice, What classroom is yours? Mine is 306." He questioned looking at him. He got a confused look when he giggled but shook it off. He pet go of his hand and waited patiently. "Maybe we are room neighbors." He told him.
  Kyan_Rydell / DannyBow / 9y 81d 21h 6m 17s
*Haru blushed lightly as he felt the males grip onto his hand, Haru Smiled lightly and nodded, Thinking fr a few moments* "Uh... History.." He said, His voice soft and sweet, Smooth like a summers breeze. He looked at the males hair, Seeing it was much different then most of the teachers here, He giggled softly*
  Haru Koishi / CowXCheese / 9y 81d 21h 13m 31s
Kyan took his hand gently and smiled. "What subject are you teaching?". He asked tilting his head. He tried to be polite and not as shy as usual to atleast one person. "Im the English teacher for a part of the school." He said.
  Kyan_Rydell / DannyBow / 9y 81d 21h 27m 58s
*Haru flinched a he heard a male speak, He looked up to see a very cute teacher, He blushed lightly and nodded, Gazing into the males eyes* "Y-Yes... I'm Haru...Haru Koishi..Nice to meet you" He said softly holding out his hand for a hand shake, Haru was a little nervous to be at a new school, His hand was shaking so you could tell.
  Haru Koishi / CowXCheese / 9y 82d 23h 40m 25s
Sorry if my post are a little short im on the ps3

Kyan Rydell was usually on his laptop while he was in the lounge. He gave a quick glance at the new teacher and looked back to his laptop. He closed his laptop and looked at him. He wasn't very good at talking to other teachers. "Excuse me. Are you the new teacher here?" He asked quietly. "I'm Kyan Rydell." He said polietly
  Kyan_Rydell / DannyBow / 9y 83d 1h 35m 44s

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