justin beiber/ hannah montana haters unite!!

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if u think any celeberties suck, come here and diss them!!!

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*sigh* miss this chat.... funnny as hell
  Nicole / trickynicky97 / 7y 121d 9h 21m 20s
  aklex titan / aklex / 8y 313d 23h 43m 3s
Yesh x3
  Juri Zeno (Waitress?!) / Suigintou / 9y 106d 21h 30m 43s
fuck thats funny
  fru fru / trickynicky97 / 9y 106d 21h 34m 37s
I love mychonny :3

Call right now! 1-800--555...5..4.....chon xing xong chong! 222.
Call in 10 seconds and you get a lifetime suply of kimchi.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgFbHC3dgIU
  Juri Zeno (Waitress?!) / Suigintou / 9y 106d 21h 39m 31s
i havent seen those ones yet
  fru fru / trickynicky97 / 9y 106d 21h 42m 30s
I just love all XD Hmm my fav is probably... Either Wanna Play A Game or How To Be Gangster XD
  Akina / lslyn / 9y 106d 21h 47m 49s
i love the shamWOOHOO and the big inflatable green bouncy ball
  fru fru / trickynicky97 / 9y 106d 21h 48m 57s
D= Fru fru I love that video. Those guys are funny.
  Akina / lslyn / 9y 106d 21h 50m 49s
oh wow lol im crackin up XD
  Sebastian / Rufio / 9y 106d 21h 51m 48s


  fru fru / trickynicky97 / 9y 106d 21h 52m 47s
Ra ra ra a a roma roman man gay ga oh nice car! Applejuice from france you are ugly you are a diease. If I had to sell you I would give you for free you f*cking idiot.

Hahahaha ha ha ha ha ha
Hahahaha haha
With my both hands, I wanna smack you!
And then you go crying to your mom
You got a gay love
But I'm not surprised because when you were young I dressed up just like a girl so it's kind of my fault
You know that I hate you boy, ugly like mexican boy
Don't call me mom don't call me mom

that's all I know :P

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxSl6CSb23w
  Juri Zeno (Waitress?!) / Suigintou / 9y 106d 21h 59m 44s
why not? meawhile...

youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phbe8mEDMe4
  fru fru / trickynicky97 / 9y 106d 22h 4m 4s
lol sure
  Sebastian / Rufio / 9y 106d 22h 9m 37s
I love it. There's a lady gaga one too >.> wanna see it? I don't really hate her. But I love it.
  Juri Zeno (Waitress?!) / Suigintou / 9y 106d 22h 12m 15s

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