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They say that the Demon is the most feared creatures among the human race. They say it is intammable, even for an Angel, the purest creature.
Reku, a Demon sent from the underworld to study human behaviour, attends Unagi High school. She's bright, and is known throught the school for her lonesome reputation.

________, and Angel, sent to Earth for the same reason as Reku, is placed in the same class as her, out of coincidence ofcoarse. _________ knows that Reku is a Demon, and Reku knows that he is a Angel.
Reku goes out of her way to avoid him, but when they're accidently locked in a room together, will things heat up? Will sparks fly? Or will there be a room of blood waiting for whoever found them?

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Swearing, won't come from the Angel of coarse.
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Oh, and anime only.
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"Whatever," she mumbled. "I hate my name. Stupid father gave it to me."
She sighed and wondered what she would do today since there wasn't school on Saturdays, or Sundays.
"I wonder what a god place to observe human behaviour is," she mumbled to herself. "Perhaps the public pool."
She sighed and looked at him.
"Like I said," she told him, a dangerous glint in her eyes. "Don't associate yourself with me during class."
  Reku / Mikeru / 10y 37d 17h 54m 52s
Brokin blinked and shrugged. "You didn't care if I slept here, so I took the offer." He said playfully. He drank the rest of his water and then revised his aura again. He sighed and shook his head. It wasn't comfortable at all. "Reku huh. Nice name. Cute even." He smiled and walked to the door. "So I guess I'll see you at school. Meat me on the roof at lunch." He said with a nod.
  Brokin Crikly / rikatushaodw / 10y 37d 17h 59m 26s
Reku watched him almost curiously as his aura dissapeared into his body.
"If you had your own place then why did you decide to stay here tonight?" She asked him with a sigh. "YOu don't have to do it around me. Just when there are other demons around."
She walked over to the freezer and threw the bag of ice to the back.
"My name is Reku," she finally told him. "I guess you'll need to know that if we work together."
  Reku / Mikeru / 10y 37d 18h 23m 6s
Brokin smiled an nodded. "Oh I will just go home or something tonight. No worries." He walked back to the kitchen and pored himself a glass of water. "Hide my aura? Hmm... I'll see what I can do." He thought for a moment and clapped his hands together. His aura sucked into his body and he coughed in pain. That much power locked away can make the physical human for implode if held or to long. "Hows that?" He said with a slight smile. it still hurt though.
  Brokin Crikly / rikatushaodw / 10y 37d 18h 29m 4s
She glared at him and snatched the ice from is hand, tilting her head back and placing it gently on her head with a moan of pain.
"Fine," she mutttered. "Whatever, just leave for an hour or so after dark so I can report to the elders."
She sighed.
She'd get found out sooner or later, and honestly, she'd rather it be sooner.
"Stay away from all the emo or depressed looking kids at school," she said turning to him. "They're all demons. It won't be god if they know about you. Try to hide your aura a bit more too."
  Reku / Mikeru / 10y 37d 18h 46m 45s
Rikatu moved to the freezer and pulled out some ice. He put it in a bag and walked over, handing it to her. "Here. Now who is going to tell you worked with me? I'm not going to say anything. The same thing would happen to me in my home town. Please, this will work." He said with a slight smile.

He really had to turn his report in in about 4 more days, but he could get in down early and mess around. Maybe even get to spent time with her.
  Brokin Crikly / rikatushaodw / 10y 37d 18h 53m 37s
"I'm fine," she said with sigh as she stood up. "I can't work with a hybrid. Do you know what that would do to my reputation?"
She sighed and moved out of the kitchen.
"I don't get why your so keen on staying with me," she muttered. "You don't even know my name. If the elders knew I even let you stay one night. Just to think of the punishment."
She groaned and rubbed her head.
"Fuck that hurt."
  Reku / Mikeru / 10y 37d 19h 7m 20s
Brokin blinked as she ranted on and on. As she slammed her head, he flinched. It didn't sound lovely at all... He walked over to her and knelt down beside her. "Are you ok?" He said brushing her hair to the side of her face so that he could see the red mark on her forhead. He sighed and looked down a her timidly. "I'll tell you what... We can both study the humans today. Together. Point out things that the other would have missed. Our first reports will be done in half the time." He said cheerfully. "That ok with you?"
  Brokin Crikly / rikatushaodw / 10y 37d 19h 23m 54s
"I suppose," she said with a sigh, deciding that she'd just drink straight from the carton of milk rather than making a coffee.
"I see you've made yourself at home," she said, glancing back at him. "Don't forget that it won't happen again."
She sighed and took a few sips from the milk before wiping her mouth and putting the carton back in the fridge.
"You better not assosiate us in school too," she said, remembering that they still went to school together. "I don't care when you leave, but it has to be before nightfall. Unfortunately I have the entire committe of elders visiting. Expecting a full scale report. Argh! I have nothing to tell them!"
She stepped over to the bench and smashed her head hard against it.
"Oww," she groaned. She sat on the tiles in the kitchen so the cupboards blocked Brokins veiw of her. A tear formed in her eye. Why the hell did she just do that?
  Reku / Mikeru / 10y 38d 13h 5m 57s
Broking had almost finished the meal by the time that she was done showering. He watched as she came down the stairs and he smiled at her. "Morning. Squeaky clean?" He said cheerfully before placing the breakfast meal on the table.
  Brokin Crikly / rikatushaodw / 10y 39d 43m 37s
After about half an hour of showering, she hopped out. She snapped her fingers and her hooded outfit appeared on her.
She stepped out of the bathroom, followed by a cloud of steam.
She headed down to the kitchen to find Brokin cooking. She sighed and headed toward the fridge to get a glass of milk.
  Reku / Mikeru / 10y 42d 16h 22m 42s
Brokin smiled and watched the pillow hit him. He let it. As she moved into the bathroom, he shook his head and started heading downstairs to the kitchen. Finding a few things, he started cooking.
  Brokin Crikly / rikatushaodw / 10y 42d 16h 34m 31s
"Bullshit!" she said, picking up her pillow and throwing it at him. "I don't appreciate you touching me while I'm asleep."
She stepped over tward the bathroom.
"Feel free to have some breakfast," she hissed before stepping in and slamming the door behind her. She knew taking a shower would get her mind off this annoyance.
  Reku / Mikeru / 10y 42d 16h 49m 35s
Brokin laughed and shook his head. "Me kiss you? ha ha... I so did not." He said sarcastically. He walked over to the window and glanced at her. "Maybe you dreamed it. You where moaning my name last night." He said with a grin. She really wasn't but she didn't know that.
  Brokin Crikly / rikatushaodw / 10y 42d 17h 11m 7s
Reku groaned and pulled to thick cover over her head. She didn't want to get up. Not yet. It was Saturday, wasn't she allowed to sleep in?
She sat up quickly, eyes wide.
"D-Did you just kiss me?" she asked glaring at him. It had only been on the forehead, but it was still a kiss.
Who ever gave him the right to kiss her?
She pushed the covers off and stood up, smothing her night gown over her body, then placing her hands on her hips.
"Don't kiss me," she said, demand in her voice.
  Reku / Mikeru / 10y 42d 17h 21m 5s

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