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the world use to be covered in nekos until the hunters began killing them. years later after what humans called "the great hunt" ended lintris came out of hiding. soon after a man caught him and took him home as a pet for his daughter.
how will the girl react?

yes:cussing, anime pics, violence, and drug useage.

no:cybering, godmoding, real life pics, one-liners,and dropping out.


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'I don't even remeber being in a litter. The humans seperate cats like me when we are young, and put us in cages to be bought,' Lucia stared at him with her golden eyes. Ruka released her hold on him as he rose. "I'm sorry," She mumbled. "I'm sorry for everything you had to go through, I'm sorry for my father catching you," Ruka's eyes began to water. "I would let you go, but you will just get caught again. I don't know what else to do," She brought her hands to her face as tears began to fall. "Please, don't hurt yourself. You didn't do anyhing wrong," she sobbed.
  Ruka / XxLeonaxX / 10y 118d 10h 14m 22s
he looked at the cat and sighed. i can tell you werent the runt of your litter so you dont know what its like. he replied as he stood in rukas embrace. he wasnt sure if it was a restraint or she planned to punish him for hitting her wall with his head but he was afraid.
  lintris / lintris / 10y 118d 10h 25m 39s
Ruka quickly got up and tried to stop the neko from hitting his head. Ruka pulled him from the wall and put him in an embrace as she gently stroked his head. "Shh, it's okay," she whispered in a soothing monotone. Your not stupid Lucia let out a low growl. Stop telling yourself that. If you want to become smarter than take action, otherwise aren't you just keeping yourself stupid?the cat looked up and caught his eye. I'm sorry if i sounded harsh, but life isn't going to change for you. So make it change Lucia meowed in a much nicer tone.
  Ruka / XxLeonaxX / 10y 118d 10h 36m 55s
he looked up at her then stood up and walked to a wall then started hitting his head against the wall. "ruka, lucia, ruka, lucia, ruka..."he repeated the names each time his head made contact with the wall. im such a stupid runt. he said in cat after a few seconds od hitting his head then continued the pattern.
  lintris / lintris / 10y 119d 1h 25m 49s
Yes, they do other things as well. But I think the way they see things are different than us Lucia answered him, but she kept her eyes closed. Ruka smiled as he said the name correctly, than she noticed his fists. "What's wrong?" She asked worried that she had done something wrong. "Did I do something?" she asked even though she knew he couldn't give her an answer.
  Ruka / XxLeonaxX / 10y 119d 13h 36m 12s
he purred then heard her say lucia and he looked down. is that what you meant by they could be mean? he asked lucia and sighed. "mrucia...mucia...bucia...lucia..." he said then started to curl his fists.
  lintris / lintris / 10y 119d 13h 47m 51s
"There you go," Ruka scratched behind his ears in praise. "You said my name," she smiled as she pointed to her herself. She continued to pet him, happy that he was trying so hard. "Next let's try," Ruka looked around, "Lucia." Ruka smiled at the sleeping cat. "And don't beat yourself up if you can't say them," She told him, "Some of them can take some time."
  Ruka / XxLeonaxX / 10y 119d 14h 14m 27s
he blinked and opened his mouth. "rooowwwa" he saidn then hit his head for not getting it right. he looked down and started to silently cry. he was always considered the dumb runt of the litter. after a few seconds he became angry and took a deep breath. "rowka...rooka...ruka." he said scratching himself every time he got it wrong then looked at her when he thought he had it right.
  lintris / lintris / 10y 119d 14h 52m 27s
Why thank you Lucia gave him a happy meow. If you have anymore questions about the humans, just ask. I'll try to answer Lucia got up and hopped up on her bed. I wish you luck Ruka smiled as he handed her the book. "I wonder if we should start with speaking first," Ruka suggested. "Let's see... Why don't you try and say 'Ruka'?" She thought it would be best to stay with speaking because she felt he could understand her words. Thus, it would make speaking easier for him.
  Ruka / XxLeonaxX / 10y 119d 15h 14m 21s
he started to slightly purr at the idea. thats great. he said then picked another book off the shelf and put it in her hands. he looked at her and nudged her hand and licked it. well if i can speak human well enough i can tell them your demands. he finished making sure to keep on the cats good side.
  lintris / lintris / 10y 119d 20h 27m 6s
She probably will. They tend to treat us with things when we do something right Lucia answered as she finished with her milk. Ruka giggled a bit as she watched him eat all the food. "We can start learning when your ready," she told the neko. "I'm happy you like it, I was worried you wouldn't," Ruka told him. She smiled and waited patiently until he was ready.
  Ruka / XxLeonaxX / 10y 119d 21h 3m 17s
he looked at the meat and droped the book then took a peice of meat then handed her the bag back. he started to chew on the peice and continued to look at the bag. will she give me food as a treat for trying to learn something? he asked once his mouth was empty. he put the rest of the meat in his mouth and started to chew on it watching the girl.
  lintris / lintris / 10y 119d 21h 11m 35s
Lucia gave the neko a feline smile. I think those are for you. The milks mine Ruka smiled a bit, "Why don't we eat first? I'll teach you when your full." Ruka bent down and set the milk in front of Lucia, and took the meat scraps and appraoched the boy. She sat down and handed the bag to him. "They are all yours," Ruka smiled as she sat in front of him. Lucia bean to purr as she lapped at the milk.
  Ruka / XxLeonaxX / 10y 119d 21h 29m 3s
he looked up at her and then held up the book to her and then noticed the meat scraps. are those yours? if so may i have some? he asked as his stomach growled again and he looked at the book then the food. im so hungry. he thought staring at the food as his mouth watered.
  lintris / lintris / 10y 119d 21h 36m 23s
Your welcome. Yeah, they get weirder trust me Lucia walked out of the neko's way, and watched him as he examined their weird writing. Ruka opened the door cautiously and walked in with a bowl of milk in one hand and some meat scraps in the other. She froze as she saw the neko looking through her books. "Are you trying to find something?" She asked as she set down the food. "Or..are you trying to read?"
  Ruka / XxLeonaxX / 10y 119d 21h 47m 52s

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