Best mates, room mates or ex mates?

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Uniform or own clothing?

Namine faintly heard the buzz of Ayama's alarm, but didn't move. She was still asleep, and would be until her own alarm went off.

But when her own alarm buzzed, it was loud and blaring, and Namine threw herself out of bed to turn the thing off before it hurt her ears. As she stood up, she rubbed her head. "Why do I even use that alarm?" She muttered, then shrugged.

She heard sounds from the bathroom, and since she had already had a shower last night, she began to get changed.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 352d 17h 10m 24s

Morning came much to quickly for Ayam's liking. She felt the buzz of her alarm from nder her pillow, and she dragged her hand to turn it off.
Once it was off, she rolled off the bed, landing on her feet. She headed to their bathroom, trying not to make to much noise, since Namine was still asleep.

She turned the shower on and waited for the water to heat up. She stepped in and had her shower, then she dried herself off and blow dried her hair.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 353d 14h 52m 50s
Last post then sleep =]

Namine nodded her head at Ayama before pulling a book from her bedside table.
She had read a decnet amount of the book when Ayama said she was going to sleep. She smiled and said, "Good night." then snuggled into her blanket.
After another few pages of her book, she bookmarked the page then turned off the light and rested her head on the pillows, staring at the wall.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 353d 15h 26s
Ayama was busy typing away, but she glanced at Namine when she entered.
"Enjoy that?" She asked curiously. SHe gave her a small smile and went back to her typing.

About an hour passed and she called it quits.
"I'm tired," she mumbled. She turned her laptop off, and put it on her desk, she then took her glasses off and set them on her bed side table. She had gotten changed while Namine was showering. She pulled her covers over her.
"Night," she said.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 353d 15h 5m 46s
Namine smiled at her friend, loving how she always had looked after her at heart. She took the towel, and grabbed her winter pjs, just to keep warm.

After twenty minutes, Namine stepped out of the shower, pjs on and towel wrapped around her hair and she smelled like Vanilla. She went onto her bed, and lay down. "Mmmm." She giggled.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 353d 15h 12m 33s
Ayama sighed and tossed her her towel. She glanced at her.Her clothes were wet almost all the way through.
"I get that you like it out there, but you'll get really sick one day if you keep it up."
She sat down on her bed and turned her laptop on.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 353d 15h 15m 32s
Namine just nodded her head, knowing everything that was going through Ayama's mind. "I just like it out here, though." She just had to talk, didn't she?
She mentally kicked herself, but knew she had to be more outspoken and that Ayama would mind, that much.
She followed her friend back to their room. "Shower, yes."
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 353d 15h 20m 18s

Ayama gave her a look that said it all. She shouldn't have been out here in the cold, and she should have messaged her.
"Your too air headed," she said, taking her arm. "Come on. You have to shower before you catch a cold."
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 353d 16h 15m 16s
Its no problem. I had to go anyway. <_<

Doors open and closed, and after a moment, Namine lazily opened her eyes. Looking to the sky, she knew she had been here just a little too long. She bit her lip and stood, looking and feeling a bit dazed. In the distance she could see a familier hair, and she siled, running over to Ayama, a 'sorry' already on her lips.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 353d 17h 34m 17s

Ayama turned the television off and picked up her key from her bed side table. She headed out the door to find Namine.
She wasn't exactly sure where to look, but the food hall seemed like a good place to start.

So that's where she headed. The cold breeze hit her hard when she walked through the double doors.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 354d 13h 54m 40s
Sleeping, nor day dreaming, nor even thinking was how you could describe what Namine was doing. Her mind was blank, her body awake, she was just there.

The cold grass didn't freeze her anymore, but she could feel the water from ther ground creep into her clothing. She would have a shower when she got back, but for now, she layed there, happy as a chappy.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 354d 15h 50m 34s
When Ayama had first been given Namine as a room mate, she had always been a bit frantic about her not returning to their room. Now she didn't really bother much.

She sat on her bed in the dark room with the television blarring. She sighed. Half an hour passed and her program finished. She hated to admit it, but she was starting to worry about Namine.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 354d 15h 56m 9s
Namine didn't follow, infact, she just sat looking around. She played with the little food left on her plate, which were a few peas and a slice of carrot.

She sighed, the left the dining hall and went in sat in the grass. Though it was getting cold and wet, she just lay there, thinking.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 354d 15h 58m 31s
Ayama glanced at Namine, who seemed content on looking around the room.
"I'm going back to our room," she said standing up. "I don't want to miss my show."
It was some stupid thing about a run down emo tenager who had a whole life of problems ahead of them. For some odd reason, she liked it.

She didn't look back to see if Namine followed her, she just kept walking, adjusting her glasses a few times so they sat on her nose comfortibaly.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 354d 16h 3m 31s
Namine ate slower, much slower. She picked at all the bits of her meal, not really eating it until a bit later. But once she finished, she was full!
Looking at Ayama, she smiled, then looked around.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 354d 16h 6m 30s

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