Best mates, room mates or ex mates?

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Ayama was back in her room, fiddling around her desk and trying to find her English text book.
"I swear," she began, mumbling to herself. "If she's taken it again, I'm gonna kill her."
All that 'boy tal' had put her in a bad mood, especially since Namine had called dibs on him.
She sighed when she couldn't find it and began to look in Namine's desk. Surely enough, there it was. In between her math text book and er Histroy text book.

Why did she always steal it anyway?
She shrugged it off and pulled it from it's squashed position. She picked up her head phones and iPod and headed out the door.
Today was going to be a seriously long day.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 344d 3h 15m 52s
Since we in a few different classes, whenever we are in a class when he is in the same class the other person will rp him, example: He's in my class, you rp him.

Namine watched her friend go, wanting to tell her something, but thought it would be better if he would tell her later when she wasn't in a mood.

After eating, watching him from afar, she headed to her first class, English. She wasn't in the highest class, but she was in a mediumly good one.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 344d 3h 20m 50s
"Pfft," Ayama sounded, finishing the rest of her meal. "Your the one who wants their heart broken."
She stood up and ran her fingers through her hair.
"I'm going back to our room."
With that, she left.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 345d 23h 48m 56s
OH! So we both have posts, when we have a class with him, the person not in that class will rp him perhaps?

Namine smiled at Ayama, and nudged her. "Oh, you know you like him, atleast a little bit." She said, then looked over at him. He seemed to already popular with the girls he was around, which made Naine sigh slightly, but she would try her hardest to get him.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 346d 1h 12m 54s
"Whatever," she mumbled. "I've got better thing to do than pointlessly chase after guys when your only going to have your heart broken."
She continued eating, but glaned back over at the boy. He was gorgeous, but like she was gonna admit that outloud.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 346d 1h 48m 45s
Namine's jaw dropped. "Are you serious. He is frecken gorgeous." She said, keeping quite. "And I totally have dibs!" She giggled, then continued to eat her fruit and yoghurt.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 346d 1h 52m 53s
Ayama sat next to her, seening what she had been so concerntraited on befoer hand.
SHe gave a slight laugh.
"So much for rumors," she mumbled. she stuck her fork into a piece of watermellon and scopped up a bit of yogurt with it. She promtly placed it in her mouth, chewed and swallowed it down.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 346d 1h 56m 13s
Namine was sitting at their normal table, but she wasn't concentrating on Ayama. She was staring, totally staring at this guy. After a moment, when he looked her way, she shyly looked to Ayama, then waved to show her where she was. She ate a few pieces of fruit, willing Ayama to hurry up.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 346d 2h 20s
"Cheer up?" Ayama asked herself. Did she look more gloomey than most days?
She sighed and walked behind Namine, not bothering to catch up.
She entered the food hall a little after she did and she lined up to get her breakfast.
Fruit salad and a small amount of vanilla and passionfruit yogurt on the said, as usual.
After recieving her food, she looked around for Namine.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 346d 2h 3m 1s
Namine giggled as they stepped out of the building, dancing around, but not getting mud on her. "Oh cheer up." She said, then rushed off to breakfast. She seemed to be quite hungry even though she knew she wouldn't really eat all her food.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 346d 2h 7m 15s
"Not really," she muttered. She followed Namine out the door, not bothering to bring her text books or other things with her. There was a ten minut break between each period, and Ayama never like waiting around.

They made their was down the hall and the steps and out of the building. Ayama stopped when she get outside. It had rained last night. Hopefully that meant her PE class was canceled.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 346d 2h 10m 7s
Namine smiled at her friend when she showed her where her boots was, and she slipped them on over brink pink fluffy socks. "I'll be fine." She smiled, but grabbed a white scarf and wrapped it around her neck. "Better?" She smiled.

She watched Ayama's eyes, then saw the time. She bit her lip, giggling. "Nice timing." She said, then went to the door after grabbing her bag. It was better than going back to their room before classes.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 346d 2h 13m 14s
Ayama sighed, seeing what her friend was wearing.
"Your going to cath a cold if you wear something so light," she told her, adjusting her glasses.
She pointed at the corner where her boots sat.

Ayama was the kind of girl who only got along with people opposite of her. She was slightly under weight, but real curvey, which obviously meant a good figure. She was the kind of girl who exceeded in everything she tried, even when they weren't her favorite things in the world. Her brunette hair was always messily styled.

She sighed and looked at the time. Almost time to go and get some breakfast before classes.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 346d 2h 19m 54s
Namine nodded her head at Ayama, but quickly ran into the bathroom to wash her face. She had this strange feeling like there was goo everywhere. And she knew that feeling, she was nervous. She didn't want to admit it, but she was nervous. She sighed and cleansed her face again before getting changed.

Namine was the type of girl everyone hated because she was just lucky. She always had nice blonde hair, she was slim yet toned, just had a great body and her eyes were such a brilliant blue. But tleast she didn't act like a bitch or anything.

She got changed into demin shorts, black leggingd, a dark blue top and a loose white top over top. She smiled, brushed her hair and went back into their room to find her boots.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 346d 2h 25m 29s

Ayama put on er maron coat and black skinnies, with a white shirt. She measured herself up.
Not bad for a half an hour job. She brushed her hair and styled it her usual way using gel.
One done, she put her glasses on and exited the bathroom.

"Morning Namine," she said, stiffling a yawn and stretching gently.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 346d 2h 36m 8s

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