Best mates, room mates or ex mates?

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Ohh I see... Ok I cbf typing out Eiji. I want the girls to fall for him before he chooses, or they do...

Eiji listened to her voice with a smile. Really, he didn't like anyone, yet. How could he, he hadn't even met them for more than a few days. He read along the lines while she read them, sitting in a way that wasn't leaning anymore.

  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 344d 2h 57s
.:Uke is the one on the bottom, or the one that posseses more femanine qualities, while a seme is the one on top, the more dominant one of the realtionship:.

"Bullshit I am," she muttered. "And you can just read every page until the one we're on now. Then you'll have caught up."
She was completely and utterly pissed off now, and when the teacher asked her to read from the small down book, she was more than happy to stand up and talk, so neither of them could talk to each other.
She read out the words on he page he had told her to with a loud and strong voice that seemed to be made of silk.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 344d 2h 7m 5s
What one is what?

He thanked the teacher, who just nodded and went back to the front. The teacher turned and looked at him. "Class, Eiji is new to this class and school. Make him feel welcome, blah blah blah. And-" He looked up to Ayama. "-Miss Ayama, you can catch him up on what we have done so far." Eiji grinned at Ayama. "Your taking me all wrong." He said, then turned his book to the page he needed.

  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 344d 2h 11m 26s
.:That's why you do yaoi role plays. You start off as the uke, and then work your way to becoming a seme! :D unfortunately though.. I'm still an uke, but that's cause I like being the uke :D:.

Ayama cringed slightly. He didn't need her name, and he certainly wasn't just looking for a tour, right?
HE was just using her to get close to Namine, right?
Man he was pissing her off! She wanted nothing to do with his stupid scheme!
As the teacher stepped in, he hushed everyone and tole them to turn to page 307 in their text books and then handed out small brown books that had 'Old English' written in that weird fold on it.

"You aren't just looking for a tour," she hissed at him under her breath. "And I told you I'm not interested in giving you one. My name isn't important."
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 344d 2h 17m 17s
Haha, thanks. And, hes just trying to see how you react and shit, but hes also flirting. o_O OH GOD I DO SUCK! AH!!! lol -Well I have never rped a dude before :P

He smiled, taking out his own things, but continued to lean close to her. "Oh I think it is, and who said I was after her anyway? All I was looking for was a tour. I did ask you first." He grinned, then looked to the front, his body still leaned towards her.

  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 344d 2h 26m 36s

"My name isn't required in your vocabulary," she snapped slightly. "Since Namine is the girl your after."
THe bell rang and the studnets in the class room all rushed to their seats. There were about six spots in he room not filled.
They were studying Shakespears language and techniques. Which was good for Ayama, since she always liked reading the romance in his poems.
"Try not to talk to me during class ours," she told him, as she pulled her pens from her pocket.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 344d 2h 30m 19s
Soz, I must suck a being a dude <_<

He grinned. "Ah, Namine. Such a nice name for a person, sweet on the lips." He laughed, his tone was like he was going to rape her or something, but it was just to tease her, see what Ayama was like. "Now we have one name, how about yours?"

  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 344d 2h 38m 49s
"I'm sure Namine would love to show you around," she said with a sigh. "But if you want to talk to her, don't do it through me. I really couldn't care less about her stalkers."
She knew he was hiding something in his smile, but she couldn't figure it out, since everything would just divert her thoughts back to how attractive he was.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 344d 2h 43m 3s

He grinned at her, seeing signs of what he wanted. "Oh, I though it would be nice if you showed me around." He smiled, waiting for her expression before continuing. "Or that little blonde friend you have." He shrugged, but in his smile was perhaps other intentions? Just to put her on the edge.

  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 344d 2h 47m 34s
"Depends on what it is," she said, closing her text book. Since there was only a few minutes left to go, she took off her head phones from around her neck and placed them on the table. She also took her iPod from her pocket and pressed the pause button, and instantly, the blasting music switched off. She turned it off and also placed that on the desk.

She glanced at him, but only enough that he wouldn't notice, since her hair was mostly in the way of his view of her eyes.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 344d 2h 51m 20s

He smiled, even though she had partly ignored him and tried to diss him, but he shrugged it off and just slid into the seat next to her. She smiled, his demenor showed off an air of calm. "Actually, I just thought that you could help me with something." He smiled, leaning slightly closer.

  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 344d 2h 55m 29s
Ayama didn't hear anything, since her head phones were drowning out any other noise apart from her music, but she saw movement out of the corner of her eye and she looked up to se him standing there.
'Ugh,' she sounded in her mind. 'Well isn't this just fucking pefect?'

She slid her head phones off so they hung around her neck and the music, not as loud as it seemed on her ears, blasted out.
"Can I help you with something, newbie?" she asked him with a blank and unreadable expression.
Man, wasn't Namine going to hate this when she found out?
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 344d 3h 1m 24s
Haha nice, if you want it to be... ?_?

Namine continued to read, the world far away as if blocked. It was if she was listening to herself read it, blocking out any other noise from other things, like her best friend walking past the door.

He walked into the Advanced English class, but in his hands was a two pieces of paper and a slightly confused look on his face. Was he early or was this class just small. Did that mean many poelpe in this school were Illiterate or something? He wondered what the Advanced part of his class really meant. He saw a girl sitting in the back, and he grinned. Walking closer, he smiled at her. "Hello."

  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 344d 3h 5m 57s

Ayama headed toward her class. It was next to Namine's class room, but she didn't bother saying hello, it'd probably only piss her off further.
She stapped into her own classroom with her head phones blasting music, not that anyone else could hear it.
Ayama sat at the back near the window, as she usually did.

She sighed and looked around. The advanced English class had always been a small one, but today it seemed especially small for some reason.
'Damn,' she thought to herself. 'still five mintes left.'
She looked through her text book to find something to do, and then stopped and a creative writing task.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 344d 3h 10m 58s
Sure =] Oh, whats his name going to be?!?!?!

Actually, Namine only stole Ayama's books to leanr more. She hated how far she was behind in English while her Mathematics, Science and other subjects were so good. And also, she loved challenges.

Namine sat at the front of class, her notebook and pen already out. She was reading Romeo and Juliet, again, as it what they were learning and before class would start, she would just sit and re-read things.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 344d 3h 16m 40s

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