Best mates, room mates or ex mates?

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Ayama stood up and hung her head phones over her neack and putting her iPod back into her pocket. She held her books under her arm and had her hands in her pockets.
She left the classroom silently. She looked over to see Namine and she smiled.
"Hey," she said, stepping toward her. There seemed to be a commotion further along the hall way, but she didn't really care.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 350d 15h 5m 22s
Eiji walked out the class as he looked back at Ayama confused. He wondered what the hell she was doing just sitting there. He walked on to his next class, but he ran into some guys who started asking him some questions about him being new and stuff and they asked if he wanted to hang out after school. Eiji said not today because he knew that all they wanted to do is kick his ass for being new, which they didn't know that he could kick their ass anyways.
  Eiji / AcEOfSpAdES / 9y 350d 15h 9m 50s
Namine wrote everything quickly down from the board as the bell rung. Atleast for English she had a good teacher.

She was out quickly and waited by Ayama's class door, waiting for her.
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 350d 15h 16m 29s
.:Ooh~ I get it. xD:.
After four other pages had been read aloud, the teacher gave out activites and questions.
Once finnished, the bell tolled and Ayama began to pack up her things, contently planning on being the last student out of the room.
As long as the idiot didn't wait for her that is.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 350d 15h 19m 19s

  Eiji / AcEOfSpAdES / 9y 350d 15h 24m 22s
.:You didn't read my post did you? - -":.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 350d 15h 25m 22s
Eiji kicked back in his chair and turned to looked around the class as he listened to Ayama read. He caught himself staring at her as she read hoping that he wasn't called out to read at all. He always became nervous when he read, like he was put on the spot. He continued to listen not really paying attention to read along, so he decided to check out the girls.
  Eiji / AcEOfSpAdES / 9y 350d 15h 30m 9s
Just continue on from my crap job of being you =]
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 350d 15h 48m 45s
Yeah, lol. And Im still confused on the whole language thing, but oh well. =]
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 350d 15h 51m 6s
.:D:< I told you that Eiji and Ayama have Advanced english together right now - -" Namine has normal english.:.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 350d 15h 52m 33s
Eh? And your in Advanced English sitting next to Ayama. I posted everything you have done so far in Corncopia before xD
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 350d 15h 53m 27s
.:Japanese T:< Cause Japanese is awesome, and I actually know some xD:.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 350d 15h 54m 49s
Whats language studies?
  Namine | / Feline_Chic / 9y 350d 15h 58m 13s
.:UHm, basically, Namine and Ayama are best friends in their dorm room yada yada, Namina saw Eiji and called dibs, Ayama won't admit that she likes him, and yeah. Ayama and Eiji are in the Advanced English class together.:.
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 350d 15h 58m 23s
.:xD okay then. >:D Namine shall be good at language studies!:.

When she finnished, Ayama sat down and followed along with the next person reading. A nerdy liiking girl with long hair put into uneven pig-tail platts, and over sized glasses like in the anime.
The period was going way to long for her liking, but wasn't it like this every day? It was the same length of time, only it seemed to go even longer then usual.
Ayama hoped that this guy wouldn't be in her's and Namine's Language class next period. What was his name again?
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 9y 350d 16h 39m 57s

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