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She was a single novelist living in a large home that she inherited from her family. He, on the other hand, was a bankrupt delinquent.
When she found him laying on the streets, she did what any kind person would do. She took him home.
What would you have done in this situation? left him there to die?
In the time it takes him to recover, the two become good friends, and she reveals more than she should. Will this turn out to be more than a friend ship?
Stay tuned to find out.
r-r Just kidding xD
The setting is like, the bush land of Australia, after it's been raining. Nice sounds from a river that's not too far away from the house.
Kay, basic ES rules.
Swearing is a fuck yeah >:D
Cyber is a time skip, sorry no pms
No joining and then leaving. Don't ditch me D:< the last time I did this rp, the guy dtiched me T~T I felt unloved.
Got writer's block? TELL ME! D:<
I need a delinquent character! Okay? Not a lawyer. He won't have a job and probably ran away from home.
Tell me when your leaving. It's kind of convenient. I will get a hang of your patterns eventually, but at first it's best to tell me.
Give this role play a name in italics, showing me that you've read all the rules. Can't think of anything? Just put the title.
No fantasy creatures. Sorry, but these two are human.
Anime only!
Try simi literate, okay? No one liners.
At least a good sturdy paragraph.
Have any more questions? Pm me.
Also, I may add more to the rules, so skim through them every week or so.
Girl - taken
Boy - open

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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The woman raised an eyebrow at him.
So curious.
She sighed and ran a hand through her hair and then pressed her cigarrette hard into an ashtray next to her, that sat on a small half rusted table.
"What's your name?" she asked, stepping into the room and closing the door behind her. "And I'm sorry, you just seemed like the kinda guy who still lived with his parents."
She moved gracefully over the the kitchen,which was quite visible from where he sat.
She didn't really have time to cook anything for him, so she took out an instant noodle cup from the cupboard next to the fridge.

The kettle, shich she had filled and pressed to boil, was now steaming and almost jumping around furiously. She took it from te small plat like feature which had boilt it and she filled the foam cup up to the line and then covered it. She used the rest of the water in the kettle to make herself a coffee.
"I'm Eru," she fanilly said to him. "So, what am I supposed to do with you now?"
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 39d 19h 38m 57s
"My... parents?" I thought back to a little while ago, when I had left home. There had been no mention of parents.

I shook my head, grinning, on the brink of laughing.

"I haven't lived with my parents in years..."

They had left me, when I was at the age of sixteen, and I had been on my own since then. I had managed to find a decent job working, but that was before...
Before I got in trouble.

I hugged my knees up to my chest and let my mind wander...

Then it wandered back the the dream I'd had. The smile fell from my face as I recalled the small child, sitting in the pool of blood and screaming...
  Dexter M. / Xerxes / 10y 40d 20h 30m 14s
As if compeled to, she looked back in through the glass doors. She saw that he was awake now and stood up from her spot on the damp wooden boards.
She slid the door open and and glanced at him with a have smile playing over her lips and the cigarette hanging from her lips.
She took it gently and blew out a cloud of toxic smoke that had just passed through her lungs.
"I see that your awake," she said gently, a voice that seemed to be make of silk. "You seemed in pretty bad shape when I picked you up. Your not in the city anymore."

She knew what it was like waking up in a strange place, since when she was in school, she was always getting into fights and waking up in alleys or the hospital.
"I can call your parents or something if you'd like," she said glancing back at the still wet trees. She took in the sounds of the birds that seemed to happily sing as the clouds parted and the sun shone through. "But you look like you could use something to eat first."
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 42d 21h 41m 58s
Red Sheets.
Red Walls.
Red like the full moon over a hot Miami night.
Red like the blood that flows through you.


I sat up in bed, straight from a dream of blood. I do not have bad dreams. When I sleep, all of me sleeps.
But tonight...
Tonight there was blood...

Too much blood.

As I woke more, I realised... I was not at home. I looked around wildly, for any sign of human life, and it took mere moments to register that there was a strange girl in the chair...

I fell off of what I thought was my bed. It was a couch...

I swallowed hard, which was difficult because my throat was unbearably dry.

"Where...?" I began coughing. My mouth was too dry to speak...

I gathered the blanket up from aroundme, stood, and replaced myself on the couch warily.

It was far better than the outback...
  Dexter M. / Xerxes / 10y 42d 21h 49m 29s
.:-waits- o 3o:.
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 42d 21h 53m 47s
She sat in the arm chair across the room.
He looked quite peacful asleep on the lounge, she simply stared and sighed. What had she gotten herself into now?
She stood up and went though a door that led to her study. The room was dark with an almost gothic taste to it. She found it easier to write like that. SHe looked over a few forms and things that she was supposed to fill out so she could pass her story on to editors. It had been there for almost a week now.

She sighed again. As a writer, she feared nothing more then an editor and criticism. SHe left the study, and walked stright through the lounge room to the large glass sliding doors that divided the inside world from the out. She opened it slightly and squeazed through, then shut it. The cold air would only make things worse on the buy who was still asleep on her lounge.
She took a cigarette from the packet in her pocket and lit it with her sliver lighter, drawing in the toxic smoke that was disgousting, yet adicting.
She sat down on the wooden veranda. It was still wet from the rain, but she didn't care.
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 43d 16h 57m 4s
Good night, get a good nights sleep.
^^ And have sadistic good dreams.
I shall start then :3
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 43d 17h 10m 8s
Actually, I ahve to go for the niht. It's really late here... but if you want to post first, I can in the morning.

  Dexter M. / Xerxes / 10y 43d 17h 14m 58s
O 3o Okay, uhm. Would you like to start or me to start?
Also, would you like to start with them in the house when he wakes up?
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 43d 17h 16m 2s
You are most welcome, milday. I hate to see someone getting abandoned.

  Dexter M. / Xerxes / 10y 43d 17h 17m 52s
Hellu :D Thank you for your participation.
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 43d 17h 18m 50s

Hello, there.
  Dexter M. / Xerxes / 10y 43d 17h 20m 20s
How annoying..
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 49d 11h 18s

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