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The Manor has sat here for centuries, hidden from human eye. The Master of the Manor has remained hidden as well. The Manor calls to those of magic, those of special race, summoning them here. Angels, Witches, Demons, ShapeShifters... All our welcome at the Manor. Whether it

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Pale white skin, running through her red locks, moving them from her eyes. Her eyes wondering around the room she was in, it was more like a Library. Full of history, books of learning, information that has been hidden from others. As she looked over the books, her blue eyes caught attention of a certain book. It wasn't what she was suspecting it to be like, though hoping it was some-what she wanted it as. Though not everything is suppose to be as it seems, am I correct? Falling into her face once more, her red locks had landed on her soft skin. Dawn felt the hair from her head, fall in front of her ears.

Was it possible that she could learn much more from this book, wasn't it a the proper one for her? Again her pale hand reached for the book, but only to take it back slowly. She didn't know if she was wrong with her life, or the book was. After thinking it over, Dawn reached for the book. Letting it slide into her hand, her eyes ran over the cover of the book. Not knowing what information was held inside, she felt the book become heavy. Was it holding everything she needed to know about her full life. How was she suppose to live her life, though wasn't Dawn suppose to work it with her own style?

Thinking about everything that she would be finding out, Dawn had opened the book. Looking at the blank page in the front, what was it for, like she knew. Looking around the room she was in, her eyes were then glued to the pages with letters. Letters, yes Dawn could read. As her eyes had read over the pages, many information was brought to her eyes. Though this is not the way she wanted to live, she lives off by herself. Feeding information through her ears, she then looked over every page, though I doubt she was able to memorize it.

  Artemis. Dawn / PS / 10y 116d 14h 34m 18s
The kitchen of the Manor was an odd sight to see. The normal pristine, polished floor was overgrown with grass and weeds that wound up around the cabinets and twisted past the sink; curving towards the sun that shone through the many windows of the kitchen.

In the middle of it all stood Lucy, her bright orange hair piled high on her head and her feet, as always, bare. She was standing on her tip toes, her head tilted to the side as she stared into the cabinet, her eyes narrowed with thought.

(i (b (#FF6305
  Lucinda Dreville, "Lucy" / RawrFizz / 10y 116d 15h 42m 24s

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