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Tyla Ironside and ______ were super close friends through their whole life. Eventually it turned into dating and they were happy together until he had to move away from the city. They both missed each other dearly but eventually they lost contact.

Now he's returning a feww years later, excited to be home and living with his grandparents. But when he returns to school he finds Tyla dating someone else now. At first sight _____ knew he didn't like the new boyfriend, he's bossy and pushy. What happens when he finds out her new boyfriend threatened her into dating him and is abusive?


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No cybering, but romance is needed, along with fighting.

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She was surprised at how calm he seemed, she shrugged a little and ate her pizza but kept her eyes on Zane and his buddies as they got slices of pizza and sat down at a table not too far away. Tyla rolled her eyes a little and finished off her slice then had some more of the milkshake.

What the hell could they be planning anyways? It's not like they're just going to follow us with two of his little 'bodyguards' for no reason She thought to herself as she took her eyes away from him. I wonder what story he fed to them. If he'd admit that he, Zane, got dumped then beat on by the new kid. She continued in her mind, though she doubted he did.
  Tyla Ironside / lslyn / 10y 68d 12h 38m 46s
:;Not really. Just like maybe if they walk out..Mmmmm maybe like when we leave they follow?
  Hunter Gould / RainbowIce / 10y 68d 12h 43m 53s
~{ Did you have a plan or idea for what you want to happen? }~
  Tyla Ironside / lslyn / 10y 68d 12h 45m 55s
"It's okay."He said softly."I'm not afraid of either of those guys.They may be bigger. But it's all about skill."He said taking a glance at the guys before looking at her and sighing softly."don't worry. I don't think Zane will try and start something unless he's really that stpid. and well just be prepared."He muttered.

He ran his hand through his hair and then just smiled before taking another drink of the milkshake.
  Hunter Gould / RainbowIce / 10y 68d 13h 4m 22s
Tyla looked at Hunter in confusion before glancing up to see Zane and his friends. She bit her lip and looked back down. "This is why I didn't want to tell you about Zane" she said sighing a little and biting her lip again as she stared down at the table.

Her eyes moved over to the counter where the workers were. Would Zane really try something with so many people around? He could get in loads of trouble. She looked away again and took a deep breath to try and calm herself down a little.
  Tyla Ironside / lslyn / 10y 68d 14h 24m 11s
Hunter smiled softly."No your idea wasn't even bad."He grinned softly at her as he took once more another ink of the milk shake before he pulled back and he stared at her for a moment before he grabbed his pizza."So did you have anything in mind that you wanted to do after?"He asked.

His eyes traveled up to out the door and he saw Zane. He stiffened a bit as the two met eyes and then he saw Zane make a motion and him and the two guys walked in."Shit.."He muttered as he turned away. He looked at his pizza.
  Hunter Gould / RainbowIce / 10y 68d 14h 29m 5s
Tyla chuckled at him and smiled "Well I'm glad you like it, I guess my idea wasn't half bad" She said as she thought about everything he'd said. They'd been getting distant? But... Why? She wanted to ask but she wouldn't be wanting to get into his personal life just yet, they may have dated way back when, but things could have changed with them since then and she didn't want to seem pushy or clingy.

She took her straw and tried some of the whipped cream also. "hmm it is pretty good actually" She said smiling and taking another sip of the milkshake.
  Tyla Ironside / lslyn / 10y 69d 3h 38m 50s
Hunter chuckled softly."Yeah cherrries are rather tasty."He grinned a bit and then he took another bite of the pizza. Now down to the crush he began on that. He nodded and shrugged."True."he muttered."There probably still not home or they are but not when I'm there."He shrugged."They've been so distant with me."He sighed.

He looked at her before leaning forward and took a drink of the milkshake."Wow that's so good!"He said and grinned before he took his straw and then took a swipe of the whip cream and then he grinned a bit."Mmm This is good."He said chuckling.
  Hunter Gould / RainbowIce / 10y 69d 3h 42m 34s
Tyla grinned happily, her eyes seemed to lighten up a little as she took the cherry. "I love cherries!" She said happily before pulling off the cherry and popping it into her mouth happily and eating it. After she was done she grinned and thought about what he'd said "Hmm, I'm sure you're parents will understand, they were the ones who pushed us away from each other anyways, what could they expect?" She pointed out.

She took a sip from the milkshake and smiled happily "That tastes so good" She said happily as she looked at the milkshake before eating some more of her pizza.
  Tyla Ironside / lslyn / 10y 69d 3h 47m 15s
Hunter grinned slightly."Great."He said."Mm me either. Last one I had was probably last year."He said and then he smiled slightly and then he wiped his mouth once more. He grinned again."I wonder what my parents will say when I tell them that it's my second day back and I'm already with you."He smirked.

He looked up at the waiter as she order and he smiled a bit as he came back and set it down and set two straws next to the cup. He looked at Ty before he put the straws and then he smiled."You can have the cherry."He smiled.
  Hunter Gould / RainbowIce / 10y 69d 3h 55m 12s
Tyla giggled a little and nodded "Sure, sounds good" She said smiling at him "Besides, I haven't had a milkshake in so long" She said, trying to remember the last time she'd had one. Of course she couldn't and she shrugged it off as she took another bite.

When the waiter came over again, she ordered them a milkshake before thanking him and then looking back to Hunter. "I love you too by the way" She said chuckling a little.
  Tyla Ironside / lslyn / 10y 69d 4h 3m 13s
Hunter laughed slighly."Well I can't help but not get excited. I'm with you. I'm back in my home town. Life's great right now."He said and he smiled as he took her hand and kissed it softly."I love you babe."He said and then he dropped her hand gently.He grinned softly.

He then tilted his head."I'll get a milk shake if.."he bit his lower lip."If you share it with me? Two straws? It's a bit old fashioned.. But I think it's romantic."He said grinning just a bit and then he took a small,bite from the pizza that he held.
  Hunter Gould / RainbowIce / 10y 69d 4h 9m 16s
Tyla chuckled a little and shook her head "Don't get too excited now." She said as she took another bite, of course smaller than his. "Now then, how's the burn?" She asked as she watched him drink to make the burning go away.

She'd done that too many times and she'd learned for the most part, especially at this place. "You know milk helps" She said as she kept eating her pizza and taking a sip from her pop. "I'm sure they have a milkshake or something" She added as she looked up at him and smiled a little.
  Tyla Ironside / lslyn / 10y 69d 4h 12m 46s
Hunter felt a wave of happiness wash over him and he grinned so widely that he knew he looked like a little goof ball. But he couldn't help it. He was so happy right now. He kissed her back and then he grinned."Good."He bit his lower lip and then he blushed just a bit.

"Oh."He waved his hand a bit."Don't thank me. I'm just taking my girlfriend out."He said and winked at her before taking a slice of the pizza and then took a rather large bite out of it. Unaware the piza was so hot he gasped and then his eyes began to water.

He quickly chewed the food and then he grabbed his drink and then quickly drank some. It cooled his mouth."wow..Hot."He laughed as he wiped his mouth with a napkin.
  Hunter Gould / RainbowIce / 10y 69d 4h 16m 26s
Tyla giggled a little and nodded, tilting her head to the side slightly "Of course I will" She said happily before leaning over the table to place a soft kiss on his lips. She smiled and sat back down again as their food arrived.

She thanked the waiter and smiled at Hunter "And thank you too" She said chuckling a little as she took a slice of the pizza and took a bite. She felt a lot happier, more than she'd been in a very long time and she couldn't help but kick her legs a little in the seat.
  Tyla Ironside / lslyn / 10y 69d 4h 27m 50s

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