Secrets Kill (Highschool Romance, Closed)

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Everyone has secrets in highschool... Drama, love, hate, betrayal. This is the story of a few couples in highschool going through those troubles.

Couple One

Girl One Taken
Username: Islyn
Name: Tyla Ironside
Personality: Kind and shy at first, she's usually a very kind girl unless you try to hurt her friends, then she get nasty and defensive.
Extras: She's always loved Boy Two and has hidden the fact she's dating Boy One from him so she can be with him. She wants to get out of the relationship, but is scared of being hurt by her boyfriend.
Secret: In love with/cheating with Boy Two.

Boy One
Username: shiibunny
Name: Reita Suzuki
Personality: Blunt, sexually explicit, often off of his head, aggressive, always-right-even-when-wrong.
Extras: Has been hospitalized a few times due to overdoses, malnutrition, and such.
Secret: Pressured Girl One into dating him, druggie.

Couple Two

Girl Two Taken
Name:Brooke Sings
Personality:Looud,outgoing ,funny Charming. Hides who she is
Secret: Abusive household.

Boy Two Taken
Username: gigglez48
Name: Ricky Castro
Personality: Aggressive, Short Temper, and Protective.
Extras: None
Secret: In a gang.

Couple Three

Girl ThreeTaken
Username: HannahTheMighty
Name: Poppy Wright
Personality: Proud, dishonest and overly protective. She loves easily, and finds it hard to let go. She is always hiding anything that could be potentially harmful to anyone close to her.
Extras: Living with her father who is oblivious to her pregnancy.
Secret: Pregnant with Boy One's child.

Boy Three Taken
Name: Nate
Personality:Trust based in relationships
Extras:Is gay
Secret: Depression problem.


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Roleplay Responses

Ricky nodded a bit and once again stood quiet. After a while he soon spoke "Yeah, I really want this to work again. I can't stand to see myself without you."He told her, bringing her hand up and kissing it gently.
  Ricky / gigglez48 / 10y 66d 8h 53m 1s
Brooke smiled slightly."Ricky we have to make this work because I can't loose you. You the only thing in my life that's really important.."
  Brooke Sings / RainbowIce / 10y 67d 4h 5m 11s
Ricky looked up at her and smiled. He didn't really know what was going on but he didn't care, he liked this. He held onto her waist and smiled again, not saying anything.
  Ricky / gigglez48 / 10y 67d 5h 18m 38s
Brooke sighed softly. She made her mind up by now. She stood up and grabbed her bag and just walked over to Ricky and sat on his lap and kissed him.
  Brooke Sings / Rainbowice / 10y 67d 11h 22m 31s
Ricky waved a bit at her and looked back down at the table then to his friends. They were starting to get on his nerves, why couldn't they just calm down.
  Ricky / gigglez48 / 10y 67d 11h 24m 57s
Brooke bit her lower lip. She saw Ricky with a couple of his friends.He didn't look happy. SHe wanted for him to come over..She still loved him..She just felt like she couldn't forgive him.
  Brooke Sings / Rainbowice / 10y 67d 11h 31m 16s
Ricky looked around the cafeteria and saw Brooke. He wanted to go talk to her but he didn't wanna make big scene in fron of the whole school. It would only cause more drama than the school already had.
  Ricky / gigglez48 / 10y 67d 11h 34m 16s
Brooke sat down at a table at the back of the cafeteia. She sighed and then she leaned her head against the waland closed her eyes,trying to keep the tears back
  Brooke Sings / RainbowIce / 10y 67d 15h 22m 55s
<< It's fine ^^ But you might need to rethink your previous post where you didn't regard me as your boyfriend at all? Haha, it kinda doesn't make sense.>>
  Poppy Wright / HannahTheMighty / 10y 67d 21h 18m 44s
{{oh geez im so sorry ive been sick for the last three days}}
  nate / amandahugankiss / 10y 67d 23h 13m 52s
<<My boyfriend is kind of incompetent... What should I do?>>
  Poppy Wright / HannahTheMighty / 10y 68d 19m 0s
Once the bell rang Ricky got with his group of friends and headed towards the cafteria. They all found a table, his group was going all crazy and laughing, he just sat back and watched them. He wasn't in the mood for pranking everyone in the cafteria.
  Ricky / gigglez48 / 10y 68d 4h 58m 27s
At lunch Tyla walked back to the school and sat underneath a tree outside. She sighed a little and looked up into the branches, wondering what was going on and where everyone was.
  Tyla Ironside / lslyn / 10y 68d 10h 18m 10s
Brooke sighed softly and then she went into the girls bathroom. She just sat there until finally the bell for lunch rang across the grounds. She walked into the cafeteria and felt suddenly lonely without Ricky by her side..
  Brooke Sings / Rainbowice / 10y 68d 10h 44m 50s
Ricky usually walked at a fast speed. So within five or ten minutes he was already at the school. He made his way in and walked into his english class, sitting in the way back.
  Ricky / gigglez48 / 10y 68d 10h 46m 28s

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