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Tyla Ironside and ______ were super close friends through their whole life. Eventually it turned into dating and they were happy together until he had to move away from the city. They both missed each other dearly but eventually they lost contact.

Now he's returning a feww years later, excited to be home and living with his grandparents. But when he returns to school he finds Tyla dating someone else now. At first sight _____ knew he didn't like the new boyfriend, he's bossy and pushy. What happens when he finds out her new boyfriend threatened her into dating him and is abusive?


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Tyla smiled over at him and waved a little "Hey, sorry about Zane and all that..." She said as she scratched the back of her head nervously. "He get's protective" She added simply as she began to eat her lunch.

~{Sorry it's short}~
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Gabriel was thrilled at the end of class, rolling his eyes at the gravitational pull Zane seemed to feel to Tyla. It was almost sad to him now, and he no longer allowed it to effect him around his opposition. (Zane) As son as hed seen the guy they were enemies. Weather because of Tyla or something else, he didn't know. But he hated Zane, and the feelings seemed rather mutual. Gym was a guys wrestling class, and it was great to blow off some steam. Unlike the Chemistry teacher, the coach seemed a little more aware of the tension between the boys, and didn't put them up together for a match.
Lunch came around and Gabriel was intent on finding Tyla, even if it meet Zane too. As he spotted her under the tree where they used to sit -the memory tugged at his heart slightly- relief washed over him. No Zane. Gabriel waited till Tyla had spotted him to walk over and sit down, running a hand through his hair. "Hey" He said with a smile.
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Finally the bell rang and Tyla packed up all her books and such. Instantly Zane was by her side, arm around her waist and pulling her close to him. Soon enough they were out the class door, Tyla managing to wave to Gabriel. The next class she had an all girls Gym class, so she knew she'd get time to think to herself then.

Finally when lunch time came she was told by Zane that he was going downtown with the guys and said she could stay. Tyla smiled and thanked him then went to the tree, sitting underneath and beginning to eat her lunch that her mother had so kindly packed for her.
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Gabriel glanced up at the notes being written on the board, quickly skimming over the information. It didn't look complicated, so after a moment, he reached into his bag and pulled out his sketch book/art journal. It was ringed at the top, so he flipped the cover over and thumbed through all the drawings -people, places, surrealism pieces, random things- until he got to the farthest marked page. Lightly sketched in pencil hed drawn woman's upper torso. Her hair floated around her shoulders, a crown at the top, making the base of her neck non visible. From the lover area where her chest would have been visible, her rib cage poked out. The woman had long arms with tattooed markings on her hands. Gabriel pulled out a very fine tipped pen and begin tracing over the lines, drawing in surprising detail.
He was doing his best to ignore the idiot next to him, and drawing was certainly helping him forget. It always did when he was upset. It took him to a different place, where he could just zone out and create his art. Hopefully he wasn't missing any important notes but hell if he cared. Even if they weren't together, Gave was still protective over Tyla, and this guy pissed him off. If he didnt calm down somehow hed probably do or say something hed regret later.

(Since it sounds retarded when i describe ie, heres what the drawing would look like. its my friends art, but i wanted to use it just so I could have filler lol.
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Tyla bit her lip a little and looked over to the two of them This... could be bad... very bad She thought to herself as she glanced up to the teacher. She didn't particularily like being alone, but she had no choice any more.

Zane was clearly annoyed by this, but the expression she'd seen from Gabriel when he saw them made it almost worth it... Almost. Still, he felt somewhat triumphant as he sat down at the new desk.

The teacher began the lesson and Tyla tried to focus. Eventually she got bored, as usual and began doodling in her notebook, no longer as excitd that Gabriel was in the class, but still glad he was back for good.
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Gabriel nodded to the teacher and turned. The sight that met him made his eyes narrow, nose wrinkling in disgust. Tyla. Zane. Kissing. That asshole kissing Tyle. A low growl rumbled, inaudible, deep in his chest.
"Zane! Tyla! None of that in my class!" The teacher barked. "I've had enough of that from you too. Zane your to sit with our new student Gabriel for the week. Make him feel at home. You two seem like you'd get along fine." The teacher instructed. The look of pure horror on Zane's face was nearly as great as Gabriels.
"One week, with HIM?!" Gabriel growled/shouted. The teacher, a short balding man -Mr. Bucklern apparently- shot him a glare. With no option, Gabriel moved to the back table, ignoring Zane as he dropped his bag in the chair next to him. Both boys too far from Tyla, and much, much to close to each other for their liking.
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Tyla and Zane were near the back of the class, getting their books ready and such. As soon as she saw Gabriel step in Tyla smiled happily but Zane's reaction was much different. He waited until the teacher pointed to a chair which would have Gabriel end up looking back to find where he was pointing. Just before he turned to look he turned Tyla's face to look at him and kissed her.
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Gabriel clenched his fists as they walked away, before grabbing his schedule from his messenger bag and glancing over it. 'Room 132B' He looked around, before walking to the same building that Zane and Tye and gone to. He had Chemistry first -thank God he was a science nerd- and was actually looking forward to it. Anything would bring up his mood after that disgusting display of.... he groaned. Affection? Was that why he was so up-tight about that guy. No... there was something not right there.
Pushing those thoughts form his mind, he made his way down the halls, aware he was a little late, to the room. As quietly as possible, he pushed open the door and slunk it, looking around. The teacher glanced at him, rolled his eyes, and gave him a 'that way' motion.
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Zane glanced at Gabriels hand before reaching out and shaking it firmly before moving it back to go around her waist again. "Nice to meet you too Gabriel" He said, though his tone was clearly fake. Tyla glanced up at him before she heard the bell ring. "Oh, well" She glanced back to Gabriel "I'll see you later, I need to go to class" She said smiling a little. Though I really hope that your in my first, it would be nice not to be split up once they were finally back together again.

Zane put a hand on her shoulder and spun her around before putting his arm around her waist and walking with her across the field. She turned and waved good bye to Gabriel before Zane muttered for her to turn back around and she did so, looking at him kind of annoyed.
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Gabriels eyes went from blue to nearly a navy-grey color. Something that always happened when he was unhappy of agitated in some way. Looking over the guy, red lights went up. Almost before the guy opened his mouth, Gabriel didn't like him. With his dark tan skin and brown hair and brown eyes, and that stupid smirk, and his arms around Tyla..... on no, he really didn't like him. Hearing the introduction, and Tye's stutter, he visibly bristled. She didn't stutter. No, she did. When she was nervous. Or scared.
"Nice to meet you, Zane." He managed after a second, a clearly fake smile on his face. Looking down at the guy, only a few inched shorter, he held out his hand. Always a gentleman, even to those he disliked.
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Tyla frowned a little as she heard about his mother "Oh, I'm sorry... That's not the best reson to return" She said before she heard his question and saw him looking elsewhere "Oh... Well" She said, biting her lip a little. Suddenly she felt arms wrap around her waist and looked up to see Zane, her new boyfriend hugging him from behind. "Who's this Tye? A friend of yours?" He asked, almost sounding like he actually cared. He just knew that she seemed too happy to see this guy and wanted to put an end to that and show the she was his and that was that.

Tyla smiled a little and nodded "Y-Yes, a long time friend. This is Gabriel. Gabriel, this is Zane" She said, pointing up to him. "Her boyfriend" He added with a smirk as he looked at Gabriel.
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Gabriel smiled and reached up to tug his bandana down some. "They look really awesome Tye, and thats great to hear." he said truthfully. "And yup, staying till college time with my grandparents. Mom ah...." He paused, his bright eyes darkening. After clearing his throat he glanced back up at her. "Passed." He said, a little softer. "But I get to come back here! I missed it! Speaking of, what DID I miss? Whats new? I wanna know!" He said, grinning again.
Movement to his right made him glance up. There was a group of jocks staring at him, mumbling and pointing. A few looked a little mad. He ignored them, though, and looked back at her. With the sun beating down, he was starting to get hot. 'why do I have my jacket on...?' he thought to himself, before unzipping and removing the plaid Vans jacket to show a plain black wife-beater shirt. From the back, the feather tattoo was slightly visible, along with a few large scars on his upper arm. Again, he felt watched and looked towards the jocks. THey were glaring at him. 'What the hell..." He thought.
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Tyla giggled a little at his excitement. "Where do I start? Well you look great, I just got the coon tails a few months ago and I've been great!" She said happily "But how about you?! I mean, are you staying for good this time?" She asked, smiling and putting her hands behind her back as she tilted her head to the side slightly.

It had been a while since he'd moved and after they lost contact it was clear that they weren't exactly together anymore, no matter how much she didn't want to believe that. Still, she was glad she could have him back as a friend at least and they had lots of stuff to catch up on.
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Gabriels eyes widened, not expecting to be tackled by the blonde and pink blur that was wrapping her arms around him like a vice. Before he could react in any way, the girl stepped back and stared at him with the biggest, most familiar, beautiful smiled hed seen in years.
"Tyla!" He yelled with a grin that spread ear to ear, before wrapping his arms around her still slim waist and lifting her off her feet, spinning her a bit before setting her back down. He looked her over like a man seeing the sun for the first time- ok maybe that was a little much- but close to it. "Yeah, I got taller and worked out, and my hairs longer! And your hair! Its colorful! and you have coon-tails! It looks good on you when did you get them? Jeez how have you been?? Agh!" He said, babbling a little like he did when he was excited. Shutting his mouth, he gave her a sheepish smile, trying hard to, and failing, not blush. Swallowing his words, he took a deep breath and started over.
"God I missed you, how've you been?" He said, slower and more clearly, placing his hands in jacket pockets as he looked at her, still with awe in his gaze.
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Tyla Ironside was sitting underneath a tree, one that her and Gabriel always used to sit under before he left. Her boyfriend wasn't there yet, he was off talking to other people in his little jock group. She didn't fit in with them very well, but she didn't mind either. He may have threatened her into dating him, but through time she didn't mind him so long as she didn't do anything wrong that was worth a hit or beating.

Suddenly one of her friends ran over and stood in front of her, breathing heavily and bending over to put her hands on her knees. "Tyla, it's Gabe... He's back!" She managed to say through breaths. "What!?" Tyla yelled as she jumped to her feet "Where?!" She asked,looking around frantically. Her friend pointed towards him and Tyla instantly grinned.

In no time she was running across the field, pushing through people until she got close to him. As soon as she was close enough she jumped at him, attacking him with a hug "Gabriel! You're back?!" She asked before stepping back to look at him "Look at you! You're so... Different! I love the new look" She said smiling, though of course she'd changed looks too. She'd gone from the sort of normal looking girl to a more scene look, but not quite all out.

~{ Haha it's alright =P It's not all too long. My literacy ranges }~
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