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Wind. Many sights, sounds, and smells come in on the wind, but what is most interesting are the stories. It is these stories that we talk of today.

Gillian's Point, founded by an intrepid explorer of the same name, is a city built at the base of the Agram Mountains. The city, once governed by humans, was taken over by the beast folk of the mountains and became a social mecha for all races and creatures. Despite it's location in the kingdom of Maycreos, the city is run by the beast folk and their own laws are enforced there.

The humans, being at peach with the beasts, have set up a number of guilds and temples within the city just as they would any human settlement. It's these guilds and temples that were the first to hear the stories the wind brought in with it that day. Travelers and merchants looking to sell to the exotic races that Gillian's Point had to offer came bearing stories they'd picked up on the road and none of them were good.

They spoke of impending darkness; creatures unlike any the likes of which the land of Eldiena had known. They were appearing along side roads in the far north. They also spoke of lights across the great waterfall known as the Gods' Descent, the same waterfall that it is said contains the ruins of an Ancient race. It is this place where many believe these dark beings are coming from and it is there that many young adventurers are starting to decide to stake out as their first real adventure.


First off, any race and and class of character is allowed. This is a world wrought with magik and swords, but as of the past decade, a strange fusion of technology and magik has born a new form of industry. Think steampunk, but instead of steam, we're talking pure magik powering machines. The technology is still fairly new, so nothing huge and crazy. Gillian's Point, however, has been untouched by this new technology. That does not mean that travelers may not have some on them when they go there. Anyway, don't fuck up. If you have a character or an idea that you think may push the bounds from okay into fucking up, just shoot me a PM. Chances are, if you can reasonably justify why you can do something, I'll allow it. I like people pushing the bounds of my world. Also, if you have any questions about the world or its history, feel free to ask through PM as well. This world is extremely developed, though this is a watered down version. If, for example, you'd like to play a custom race from this world like the Beast Folk, just send me a PM and I'll explain things to you. With that said, have at it, young adventurer. It's time to make it big.

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  Shayne Payne / Vaminoptra / 9y 363d 7h 55m 17s
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  Sakuah / SekaKykare / 9y 363d 8h 3m 8s
*Hey Vlad... I tink it'll be a long wait... I'm just trying to occupy my time.*
  Shayne Payne / Vaminoptra / 10y 3d 8h 25m 37s
"I've been waiting for the owner to post... in case someone would reply."
  Dragon Fly / Vlanderson / 10y 3d 8h 26m 21s
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  Shayne Payne / Vaminoptra / 10y 3d 8h 29m 30s
Ah, i've been busy, and meaning to reply here.
  Masquerade / HEAD ES SLACKER / SOUL PROPERTY OF ES / BleachIchigo / 10y 4d 5h 47m 57s
*Just pick up anywhere, Sakuah*
  Shayne Payne / Vaminoptra / 10y 4d 7h 57m 43s
Her worry was the the fact of being chased.. SHe sighed as she walked about... She needed soemthing... a weeping willow... She walked on a bit, thinking a bit, wanting to find her weeping willow. She sighed as she wlaked to one, climbing it, and laying there to stay for the night.
  Shayne Payne / Vaminoptra / 10y 7d 7h 30m 38s
Sakuah stepped forward, raising her palm to him, and shaking her head.

  Sakuah / SekaKykare / 10y 7d 13h 58m 9s
She sighed heavily and with much toil. SHe looked around, seeing many, but the vibrations in her mind was a shadow and a threat growing in her mind... She looked around, teh chasm smoke that had escaped her lips appeasing her as she felt a bit of fear creep up, carress her, kiss her neck, then fade. SHe looked around, the kittens following her footfalls as she walked into the village, following her gut to see people staring at her with wonder.
  Shayne Payne / Vaminoptra / 10y 9d 8h 20m 45s
His eyes lifted from the floor he sat on. The walls of the village held him forth. Looking now at a small rare and delicate little creature he simply stared for a moment. The proclamation of such words mustered his courage as he pulled himself up. He may not be much of a trained fighter, but his self made armor that layered his body as scales and the massive brute force of his muscles would make up for that.

Quickly getting up he got read for this small creature and whatever trickery it may have brought with it. The white eyes glared at her as he waited for her to make a move.
  Taskaru / Rumpelstilzchen / Taskaru / 10y 9d 8h 24m 41s
"Who shall we send?"
"We need all of our acolytes, sir, we can't send them.
"Surely we don't need all of them, isn't there one you can send?"

Ahmbre Call Stood next to Axron, her animal companion in the icy forest outside the city walls, petting him down as she picture what the conversation between her elders must have been when they heard the news. Her temple wasn't one to listen to gossip or spread news around, but they had no choice when they heard what everyone else did.
Sighing softly she patted Axron. He was a rare creature a gryphon that she had rescued years earlier from trappers in the city. Ever since he had followed her around faithfully.
"Come on, you." She said, tugging on his beak gently as she walked forward.
"I suppose we should get back."
Stepping out into the open she immediatly had to sidestep out of the way to avoid the body of what looked like Casin, the theif.
"I told you you would die in that profession," She sighed, stepping past the body and towards the town. She looked around to see Casin's assailant and spotted a Drakonair sitting against the town walls, seeminly oblivious to the commotion.
"Drakonair, it would be wise to watch where one flings bodies, you might hit someone important." She said as she passed by, glancing down at him.
As she looked away she noticed what appeared to be an elf watching curiously from afar. The Drakonair had already attracted a crowd. Stepping just inside the gates, she leaned against the wall, curious to see what would happen.
  .:Ahmbre Call:. / Gwinndolynn / 10y 20d 12h 32m 31s
Winter's treaturous hugs had cuddled her, having her shiver. She looked down to the kittens who tried to catch each falling flake. She chuckled. "Kuulge n
  Shayne Payne / vaminoptra / 10y 23d 2h 51m 23s
A man wearing all black and a mask over his face felt the cold breeze of the winter air. He was slightly above the height of six feet. Saying
  Masquerade / HEAD ES SLACKER / SOUL PROPERTY OF ES / BleachIchigo / 10y 23d 4h 31m 31s
As people got settled in with the taller then normal woman, it was a bit more comfortable. Soft footsteps touched the ground with grace; as if she had been finishing her technique for many years. Sakuah gave a silent exhale as she made a quick right turn into an alley way, it wasn
  Sakuah / SekaKykare / 10y 23d 5h 18m 35s

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