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Money, fame and material items are the main goal in most of society. Especially in the medieval era, if you had no money you were a nobody. For this very reason the king of a huge kingdom has sent a small ground of his best soldiers to a small island named Samaria to collect special gems that are a lot of money back on the homeland.

A strange race named the Ari live there and the soldiers plan to earn their trust then murder them all and steal the gems and their land for themselves. Akina and Inulia are both princesses of this land and when ______ meets one and falls for her things get very complicated for him and his decisions.


Be semi-literate at LEAST, two paragraphs minimum and use capitals. I'm sorry, things just bug me if words aren't typed in full and capitals used.

Reply every few days, if not everyday.

No cybering, but romance is needed, along with fighting.

If there's something wrong with my post LET ME KNOW! I don't mind changing it ^^

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Roleplay Responses

Akina pulled away and frowned "So... you're not going to stay?" She asked, frowning a little as she sat back in front of him.
  Akina / lslyn / 10y 58d 12h 19m 17s
Thank you for the invitation Akina but I feel that bad luck will follow me here and I don't want you to loose your peace. Fang told her with a sad face still on.
  Fang / Kibalycan / 10y 58d 12h 20m 40s
Akina frowned a little and leaned forward so she was crouching in front of him. "Well there's nothing like that here!" she said happily before leaning forward and hugging him tightly. "You can stay here and never have to worry about that many bad things again."
  Akina / lslyn / 10y 58d 12h 21m 32s
Well there are good things among all those bad things but most of them are bad. It's a bad place out there. Fang told her with a sad face remembering all the wars and death people he had seen in his life.
  Fang / Kibalycan / 10y 58d 12h 23m 48s
Akina sat up and propped herself up on her elbows "Is it all bad things on the mainland?" She asked curiously, tilting her head to the side slightly.
  Akina / lslyn / 10y 58d 12h 26m 26s
I am glad you haven't seen all the suffering on the mainland. Fang told her smiling at her childlike actions and took a seat on the branches smiling at her.
  Fang / Kibalycan / 10y 58d 12h 36m 12s
"Nope, no way to see it" She said simply, sticking her tongue out at him "Well, the human from before offered to take me but he wouldn't have brought me back"
  Akina / lslyn / 10y 58d 12h 37m 49s
Have you ever seen the main land? Fang asked her getting curious about her ever being out of this place to see all the pain and suffering in the mainland.
  Fang / Kibalycan / 10y 58d 12h 38m 38s
"Our island has many odd things" She said chuckling a little as she lay back, putting her hands behind her head.
  Akina / lslyn / 10y 58d 12h 40m 11s
Fang looked around and smiled. Wow this place is amazing Akina. Fang told her still looking around amazed at the things that could be found in this island.
  Fang / Kibalycan / 10y 58d 12h 45m 58s
~{ Brb, getting my hair done XP }~
  Akina / lslyn / 10y 58d 12h 47m 39s
Akina hummed to herself a little as she took his hand and lead him out of the village "Where to go" She said to herself as she wandered out and looked around curiously "Hmm, I know! I found this really cool place a while ago" She said chuckling a little as she began running through the tree's, dragging him behind.

Soon enough they came to a large tree and she let go to climb up a bit, one of the branches bent into a sort of bridge leading into the middle of the tree branches. Soon enough they reached a huge bowl made of intertwining branches in the center of the tree. With a little giggle she ran down and flopped back, laying on the branches that curved up. "It's like a big bowl! I sleep here sometimes when I don't feel like going home, so it's safe"
  Akina / lslyn / 10y 58d 12h 48m 37s
That sounds like a good idea. Fang told her smiling and waited for her to lead the way to wherever she wanted to go.
  Fang / Kibalycan / 10y 58d 12h 52m 42s
"We wait for the food to be done, it'll take a while" She said, scratching the back of her head and frowning a little "We could wander a little more if you want"
  Akina / lslyn / 10y 58d 13h 38s
True. So what now? Fang asked wondering what to do next.
  Fang / Kibalycan / 10y 58d 13h 3m 7s

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