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I want a series RP. Either Naruto/Sakura or made up or Kiba/made up or Made ups from Naruto. Or I want an Inuyahsa/Kagome roleplay. Or Seth from Twilight with a made up of my own. Or a Sora/Kairi or Roxas/Namine. OR a Yuna/Tidus.

I want you to be dedicated, I don't want you leaving until the roleplay's done. If you are going to leave, state you're doing so and tell me why. If there's something wrong with my reply, let me know! I won't mind fixing it ^^ Please be able to type a decent amount too. I understand writers block, but please try at least for one GOOD paragraph at the very least.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

He ran fully out of the village with Ino, and Akamaru. He was happy to have Ino all to himself. he looked at her as he stopped at an opening of a cave. "Play?" He asked her very cutely. He didn't want her to get mad at him for no reason.
  +Kiba Inuzuka+ / XxBloody_MurdererxX / 10y 70d 22h 13m 53s
~{ Sorry about the slow reply, family}~

Ino looked at him slightly confused but before she could question him, she was pulled from the shop and down the streets of the village. "K-Kiba what are we doing?" She asked, slightly confused and looking around.
  Ino / Islyn / 10y 72d 4h 52m 37s
He smiled, "Ino....Can we go into a cave?" He asked her, smirking a bit. He was gonna have some fun with Ino. As long as she doesn't find out at least. he grabbed her hand and began running out of the village.
  +Kiba Inuzuka+ / XxBloody_MurdererxX / 10y 72d 5h 28m 51s
Ino jumped a little in surprise and looked back at him, blinking a few times before she smiled "Hey" She said before turning and petting Akamaru's head "Hey there Akamaru" She said smiling as she pet his head.
  Ino / Islyn / 10y 72d 5h 32m 11s
Kiba had Akamaru in his jacket. His head was back as he walked, he felt like nothing could stop him. He was humming, a sweet melody. He stopped as he saw Ino, he grinned. He began to run to her and hug her from behind. "Hello."
  +Kiba Inuzuka+ / XxBloody_MurdererxX / 10y 72d 6h 56s
Ino hummed a little as she started to close down the flower shop for her parents. They had some fancy dinner to go to tonight for some celebration thing they had decided to have, leaving her to close up shop. There wasn't too much to clean up though, a few roses to put away and some supplies like the scissors and tape and such.
  Ino / Islyn / 10y 72d 6h 7m 28s
  +Kiba Inuzuka+ / XxBloody_MurdererxX / 10y 72d 6h 11m 3s
Umm okay, I'll do something random I suppose. I'm not good at starting XP
  Ino / Islyn / 10y 72d 6h 11m 54s
  +Kiba Inuzuka+ / XxBloody_MurdererxX / 10y 72d 6h 12m 27s
=/ Where do you want it started?
  Ino / Islyn / 10y 72d 6h 14m 50s
Mmmmk You post.
  +Kiba Inuzuka+ / XxBloody_MurdererxX / 10y 72d 6h 15m 29s
Sorry, XP I always forget.
  Ino / Islyn / 10y 72d 6h 16m 43s
  +Kiba Inuzuka+ / XxBloody_MurdererxX / 10y 72d 6h 16m 52s
Okay I just need to find a picture XP
  ~Kairi~ / Islyn / 10y 72d 6h 24m 32s
  +Kiba Inuzuka+ / XxBloody_MurdererxX / 10y 72d 6h 27m 0s

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