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Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague are two teenagers that have just been admitted to the 'Verona Hospital for Sick Children' by their parents after both attempting to kill themselves. Why, you might wonder, did they try to take their lives? For Romeo, he was lovestruck, his girlfriend Rosaline had cheated on him and gotten pregnant, being forced by her father to marry the other man. Juliet, on the other hand, was bullied in her high school, everyone taking advantage of the fact that her parents were old fashioned and wanted her to marry a man in his twenties that her father had picked. Both being the children of huge business owners, they find something in common.

When Romeo and Juliet meet during a group session, it seems as though the two of them automatically clicked. Talking in whispers to eachother about their problems, but not speaking a word to anyone else. They seem to have fallen for eachother, love at first sight, helping eachother with their problems, slowly getting back to normal without the help of many doctors. When their parents find out, it seems to be something they planned. The Capulets thinking that the Montagues are using Romeo to get to their business, while the Montagues think the same of the Capulets. Instead of trying to pull their children away, they try to manipulate them into the others' family to gain power in the business world.

What will happen between Romeo and Juliet? Will their fate be happy, or tragic?

1. Cybering is a no. Timeskips!
2. Literacy. Try and post 2 paragraphs. At least 7 sentences.
3. Real pictures.
4. Be creative. Don't follow exactly like the original Romeo and Juliet, though the idea should still be relatively the same.
5. Cause drama. Drama is fun.
6. Violence? If you want. Have violent outbursts or something. Make things creative.
7. Since there's a 3 year age difference between Romeo and Juliet, we could keep it if you like. 16-19. Though if you want to change it up, that's alright, too. Though they're in a children's hospital, so have Romeo be under 19, but over 16?

Juliet Capulet , 16 - Taken

Romeo Montague , ? - Open

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Okay :( Sorry. Maybe We'll meet again in another rp.
  Romeo Montague / MaxyBear / 10y 64d 3h 37m 45s
Dx , oh. Okay. Well, if you want to quit, just say so.
  Juliet Capulet / serahfarron / 10y 64d 3h 38m 48s
Eh..This rp is getting a tad boring hun...
  Romeo Montague / MaxyBear / 10y 64d 3h 55m 8s
Juliet smiled softly, though it wasn't as bright as it usually was. Hearing him sigh and seeing him roll his eyes, she felt a pang of sadness.

As Romeo began to walk away, she sighed softly and grabbed his wrist gently. "Why don't we go back to my room? There's nobody else that would be there except for the two of us," she said with glint of hope in her eyes. "Nobody really checks on me, either, except for my nurse," she added.
  Juliet Capulet / serahfarron / 10y 64d 5h 39m 13s
"Yeah well I'm glad that you will still love me as even if your parents don't."He said and then he kissed her back as she kissed him. He then sighed as he pulled away.

"yeah your right. WE should probably go. I really don't want to get in trouble."He said and then he rolled his eyes and then he looked at her. He gave her a big smile and then began to walk towards the room.
  Romeo Montague / MaxyBear / 10y 64d 6h 9m 17s
Juliet shrugged her shoulders at Romeo's words. "If they don't like you, that doesn't matter. They'll have to learn to like you, because I'm not letting you go because of their opinion," she told him, kissing him quickly.

Pulling away from him slightly, she smiled a little and continued to look at him. "We should get going towards where the others went. I'm not sure, but it seems like we might get in trouble if we're just hanging around," she said softly, not really wanting to move, or go where there were more people.
  Juliet Capulet / serahfarron / 10y 64d 7h 40m 0s
Romeo's eyes brightened eyes she said she also loved him to. He kissed her one more time as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Romeo nodded."I'll meet them but what if they don't like me..I mean they most likely wont since I'm from here too."He said and then sighed just a bit."If my parents come..I do want you to meet them also."He said softly.
  Romeo Montague / MaxyBear / 10y 64d 7h 49m 40s
Juliet blushed and smiled, her eyes widening slightly as Romeo kissed her. "I love you, too," she whispered softly, though she wanted to scream it to the world.

"If my parents end up coming to visit, I want to introduce you to them, okay? If you don't want to, I won't tell them that we've fallen in love yet, but I want them to meet you nonetheless," she said with a small smile, hoping he wouldn't mind.
  Juliet Capulet / serahfarron / 10y 64d 8h 56m 53s
"Nope I hate it here I really do Juliet but I love you and if I have to stay here even for another year just to be with you then I wil because that is seriously how much I love you!"He told her and then he kissed her. Not caring if anyone was looking.

"my parents. They'll visit me. I know it. And put on there fake smiles and tell me how much they love me and how they miss me but there secretly happy that I'm not there to get in there way."He said.
  Romeo Montague / MaxyBear / 10y 64d 20h 53m 41s
Juliet smiled a little as Romeo rolled his eyes. "Right, of course. Participating in anything here is just totally not your style, right?" she asked with a quiet laugh, her tone teasing.

"Of course I don't want you to leave, but if you do leave before me, I'll make sure to come and find you when I'm out," she told him softly. Changing the subject, a small frown curved her lips downward as she looked at him. "I heard Family Day is coming up soon. Do you think you parents will come visit you?" she asked him curiously.
  Juliet Capulet / serahfarron / 10y 65d 7h 18m 44s
Romeo shook his head."No they wouldn't be able to get me."He said and then rolled his eyes slightly as hes hook h is head."Participate. Yeah right."He said and then he sighed softly and then looked at her.

"No I wanna stay here with you unless you want me to leave and wait for you. If I have to wait. Then I will. But I just really hope we'll be able to find each other if you get out."He whispered/
  Romeo Montague / MaxyBear / 10y 65d 7h 22m 16s
Juliet smiled, shaking her head slightly at Romeo's words. "If you just leave, they'll probably hunt you down and drag you back. Maybe if we actually participate or something, we'll get on the good side of people and be out of here together," she suggested with a smile. Hearing that he was only there for her, she blushed slightly while looking at him.

"You know.. if you're only here for me, you don't have to stay. If you know you can leave, just do it. We'll find eachother again once I"m out of here," she added, her voice soft.
  Juliet Capulet / serahfarron / 10y 70d 3h 55m 57s
"the best way for me to get home."He said as he burst out of the room once group therapy was over."Uhhh just leave."He said and sighed."I hate it here.The only reason why I'm here is for you."

*Short busy*
  Romeo Montague / MaxyBear / 10y 70d 4h 5s
Hearing Romeo's answer, Juliet smiled a little, especially after seeing the look on the doctor's face. All the other kids seemed to have no problem sharing why they thought they were there, but their reasons were all different compared to Romeo's and her own, none of them tried to off themselves, at least.

Catching the wink, a light blush scattered across her cheeks as her smirk turned into a small smile. Even with the smallest of gestures, Romeo seemed to be able to make her blush.

In almost no time at all, the doctor had made her way completely around the circle, though Juliet hadn't paid any attention to what was said after Romeo had spoken. "Okay, kids. Now, I want all of you to think of what you think would be the best way for you to be able to go home faster. That's your homework, and be sure to do it!" the doctor told them all. "Group is now over, you can go straight to the cafeteria for lunch, or you can go to the recreation room for a little while. There will be nurses at whichever place you choose, so have fun," she added quickly.

As everyone stood up, Juliet sighed and looked at Romeo. "How can she be so sweet all the time? It makes me want to vomit," she muttered softly, a slight look of disgust crossing her features.
  Juliet Capulet / serahfarron / 10y 71d 20h 32m 17s
Romeo groaned as she came closer."Kill me now!"He said as every step she took it became closer to him.Finally arriving at him he scowled at her and then he sighed. He stood up and looked at everyone."I'm in the group because my parents sent me here because I tried killing myself."He said and crossed his arms over his chest. Wanting nothing better to do to just run out of here with Juliet.

He sat back down and ignored the glare he had received from her and then he sighed. He winked at Juliet.
  Romeo Montague / MaxyBear / 10y 71d 20h 55m 18s

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