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Aria nodded a little "Aldon..." She said as if memorizing it. Then she stopped and stared at him when he asked about the layers. She looked down to her clothes and crawled forward a little before sitting on the ground across from him. "I... can't" She said simply as she looked down at the ground.

After a moment she sighed and shook her head. She needed to tell someone about the reason why, she felt so crowded and alone and she simply felt like she needed to talk about a little of it at least. After a bit of thought she sighed and looked up "I guess I could, but it wouldn't be a... Good thing." She explained before glancing back down at the grass and picking at it.

How was she going to explain all this easily? She bit her lip a little and shrugged "I'm assuming you know about the Goddess Persephone, at least the basics. She's a prisoner to Hades, practically a slave that's only freed once a year. Well... When she had me I kind of got something like that. If anyone touches my skin then I become instantly attached to them. If me and that person gets too far away from each other, we slowly both begin to weaken and eventually we would both die. Also, that person would be able to control me in a way, anything he told me to do my body would automatically do it." She sighed and shook her head. She was a freak really, she knew that but she wasn't sure what else to do.
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Her nervousness made him smile. As fragile as she looked, he's seen her with a blade. She was lethal ~ an absolute goddess of death in motion. She lived to her heritage.

"Why don't you take off the layers, then?" he resumed the small talk, grinning. "I'm fairly certain you have some delicately beautiful skin under those ~ " he waves hi hands ~ "layers of yours."

He'd never taken a good look at her before, and as he did now, he began to notice her shapely face, and her dark, cobalt hair, fluttering like black fire. It was, in no other words, entrapping.
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Aria jumped a little in surprise when she heard a chuckle behind her. She got onto her hands and knees and looked around the side of the tree to see someone she was sure she'd seen before sitting there. If she remembered correctly he was a very skilled fighter.

"O-Oh, I'm sorry" She said chuckling nervously "You kind of scared me" She said, scratching the back of her head nervously. She never really talked to that many people, she was scared of getting too close to anyone for the fear of messing out and somehow getting her skin touched by them so that meant that her social skills weren't the best.

"I'm... I'm sorry, what's your name?" She asked nervously. "I'm Aria... though I'm sure you know that" She said, not in the proud show off way but sounding more upset and ashamed. She knew that people talked about her and it wasn't always good, most of the time people thought she was a freak for doing what she did. Sometimes she thought of saying it, but was scared that they would judge her for being the daughter of the Queen of the Underworld.
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The shade was admittedly pleasant, as the wind ruffled carelessly through his flowing hair. He trailed the blade he held with a thumb. It was the only gift his father had given him, but he intended to keep it. Not for memory's sake ~ no. He'd almost forgotten what little he could call a father already. Instead, it was for the weapon's sake. It was sharp, and didn't dull. It had no trouble breaking skin or armor. And most importantly, it drew blood easily, as he noticed. His thumb wept blood, and he quickly wiped it on the grass.

He'd almost fallen asleep until he heard someone tiredly plop down on the opposite side of his tree. At first, he tried to pay no mind, but the panting was getting slightly distracting. Turning his head, he started to ask her to leave, but he managed to take a look at her face.

It was that girl, Aria. People both feared her, and mocked her. Fear, for her talent and lithe grace, and mock, for her strangle fear of showing skin. Goddesses here often flaunted their near perfect skin, toned with lean muscles and tan, but Aria never did show her skin. Even more strangely, she often backed away from telling people why.

"I wish I didn't have to wear so many layers" ~

He chuckled from the other side of the tree.
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The fight went on and got more intense. The two of them were moving around the field now, weaving in and out of people sparring. Anyone watching Aria's movements would think that her fighting style would be that of a dancer. Her movements were smooth and graceful, like the movements of her graceful mother.

Her opponent turned to her and lunged at her with his sword, heading straight for her stomache. With a quick and swift motion, she jumped into the air, landing in a handstand balancing on his shoulders. Her feet were up in the air and her hair hung down infront of his face. It seemed for a moment as if time had stopped until Aria slowly began to tilt and fall. As she fell down, landing on her feet behind him and using the momentum to flip him onto his back.

There was a cheer from the few people nearby who had been watching as she placed the blade of her sword on his throat. After a moment, Aria breathing heavily and smiling, she helped him to his feet and they departed.

Aria found a tree nearby and sat in the shade, sticking her sword in the ground infront of her. She let out a sigh of relief and closed her eyes as she rest her head against the trunk of the tree, trying to cool off a bit. "I wish I didn't have to wear so many layers" She said tiredly as she tried to calm and cool down.
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Aldon was an illegitimate son of Poseidon. In fact, he was a lot more different from Poseidon in every way. Frankly, he disliked being wet ~ he hated the obscurity of the water, and preferred the air of the mountains. Of course, that didn't do any wonders for his father liking him. In fact, he was fairly certain what was why Poseidon had sent hi to this camp without a second glance after his birth.

He didn't care.

He was happy here. Honing his skills with people who enjoyed his company was far better than being a helping hand to an old, cranky, and distasteful god of the sea. God of the Nothing, he was often called. He had no power in life and death, only over it. Yes, he could deal death as easily as any other, but his judgement left him there ~ life and death itself were for Zeus and Hades to chose alone.

So, thus, Poseidon often held a grudge against his two brothers.

Aldon was happy to get away from it. He dealt in powers much more different than simple water. Yes, he could often obscure his figure with mist, but that was hardly impressive. His real talent was with blood.

He could manipulate blood like Poseidon could water. Yet, of course, blood is indefinitely harder to come by than water. But, as they say, blood is much, much thicker than water.

Forming them into solid states of matter was his technique. His blade, encrusted with blood, could not be broken. He could take that liquid and form a tiny shard, only to have it thrust between someone's eyes.

He was an effective assassin.

Yet, he paid a price. He was required to use his own blood, and no one else's. Which was why he dealt usually in steel only during training. He couldn't always rely on himself to bleed.

Steel and iron clashed on the day, as the sun rose high above the camp of the forgotten gods.
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Being the child of a God or Goddess is usually a good thing, people of your kind treat you for the most part like family. Every Demi-God or Goddess is usually proud of their parent for some reason or another and loves the fact that they
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