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Okay, I shall explain the story.
StrifeX and Menace, two average Elite Skills role players. Oh, and there's me and Kimi too!
Strife, I don't know if he actually going out with anyone.
Menace, all lovey-dovey with Kimi.
Kimi and I decided that they would make an adorable yaoi couple~
And they do~
So, basically, anyone who worships yaoi, and thinks Strife and Menace make a cute couple, are welcome to come here to chat, and even role play.

Pictures~ of Menace and Strife that is.





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Roleplay Responses

  Hayaine Mikeru / Mikeru / 8y 329d 9h 35m 12s
Ah right. I remember, she does have multiple accounts. ^_^
  Arthur / StrifeX / 8y 329d 9h 47m 11s
But Sunrise has another account so it's all good
  Hayaine Mikeru / Mikeru / 8y 329d 10h 23m 59s
Ahh... Was the person you were doing that with also banned?
  Arthur / StrifeX / 8y 329d 10h 33m 27s
.... Cybering.
  Hayaine Mikeru / Mikeru / 8y 329d 10h 35m 7s
Hm? How did that happen?
  Arthur / StrifeX / 8y 329d 10h 38m 14s
Well I have too..
I got banned on my other account.
  Hayaine Mikeru / Mikeru / 8y 329d 10h 45m 21s
I didn't think you'd remember this place. ^_^
  Asato / StrifeX / 8y 329d 10h 46m 48s
Wow.. Been a while since I've been here..
Brings back memories...
  Ayama Kitsumi / Mikeru / 8y 329d 18h 25m 52s
hey there ^_^
  NiraHayine / 9y 210d 17h 59m 38s
xD I won't.
  Chibi person! >w< / AyameKimiguya / 9y 211d 15h 8m 8s
x.x dont ask
  NiraHayine / 9y 211d 15h 9m 46s
  Chibi person! >w< / AyameKimiguya / 9y 211d 15h 10m 47s
xD hahahaha funny _._
  NiraHayine / 9y 211d 15h 12m 31s
xD Okay, I'm glad it did.
  Chibi person! >w< / AyameKimiguya / 9y 211d 15h 12m 54s

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