Final Kingdom Hearts -The Story of the Rulers

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Settings & Atmosphere
This is before Roxas left the organization and is one of the leaders of the organization. This is the story of how and why he came to realize who he was. And this is the story of the :Rulers: They are no ones Nobodies, or heartless. They are just creations of Keyblade power, they are the Rulers of Darkness. This story starts with Sergei trying to brust into Castle Oblivion.

Sergei - Me
Second in command - open
And 5 others. There are only 7 leaders. To go with the 7 light keyblades.
Terra, Aqua, Vet, Sora, Mickey, Riku, And Kiri. The Terra, aqua, and vent did not have a Heartless Thus no Nobodie, and Riku is his own Nobodie so no Nobodie, and Kiri never was a heartless, and when she had no heart it shown as Sora, who was her eart. Rulers have no reflection of their conter existance beings, they are only from their Keyblades power in existance which creates their own existance.

The Rulers Goals are unclear to everyone but their leader Sergei and their second in command ____. Only thing that is known is that they have to stop roxas from awaking and from stop sora from awaking. "This is personal" Is the only thing that Sergei would tell them.

But, the reason 9it was personal is becuase if sora awakens his keyblade would be recreated and roxas would be destoried, which would halve his power unless Sora could somehow regain all of is power. As proven throughout the games, Sora's Keyblade reflects directly the power of his heart. Which means Sergei's existance coexists with sora's Keyblades power. The organization is trying to copy sora which is messing with Sergei's power and making it grow or shrink at any given time. This ruplication is creating a inbalance in the darkness and in the light. If Roxas become a light Keyblader Sergei will be recreated, and another Ruler would be also. He must stop this.

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Sergei jumped onto the wall and started to dart up it, suddenly small sliver shadows started to rise from the lower parts of the castle. He kicked off the wall and started to fall back; as he did so, the shadows turned into nobodies and began to charge at him.
  Sergei Kamenev / Zadokya / 9y 44d 9h 37m 2s
//Rulers are the rulers of the Dark Realm. They are very very strong and in all ways evil. They hate the darkside, and they hate good. They are nice to eachother but other then each other and the heartless they hate everything in existance, as is their nature.. You can hate heartless tho, they are not important.//
  Sergei Kamenev / Zadokya / 9y 44d 9h 37m 15s

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