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Many years have passed, Sasuke's returned to the village and Naruto got his goal of becoming Hokage. They thought they'd killed off the rest of the Akatsuki but they haven't, a few survived having been in hiding and had children just as the Konoha village has too.

The new Akatsuki members are out to finish off what the group had started. they wanted the powers of these new children, especially the ones of Naruto's children and the Uchiha children, who's parents passed them down a special power. The Uzumaki children have a unique power of their own, taking on traits of the Nine Tailed Fox while the Uchiha's still have their Sharingan. Friends must bond together and loves must hold strong to survive against this threat.


~No Cyber, Timeskip.

~Romance, Fighting and Drama Needed!

~Literacy, please at least type at least two paragraphs!

~Don't just join then leave, please try not to quit.

~Please try and be on at least every other day, if not everyday.

~Let me know when you're going away for a long time.

~Only two or three children per old character.

~You don't need the children to act the same as their parents.


Weapon of Choice:


Name: Kalindee Uzumaki
Parent: Naruto Uzumaki
Age: 17
Weapon of Choice: Two Chakrams
Side: Village

Name: Hachisu-Ai
Parent: Gaara
Weapon of Choice: Sand and Sound waves.
Side: Village

Name:shaolin mitarashi
Parent:Anko Mitarashi
Weapon of Choice:Katana,and her cursemark
Side: Village

Name: Uchiha Rem
Parent: Uchiha Sasuke
Age: 15
Weapon of Choice: Kunai/Sharingan
Side: Konohagakure

weapon of choice: double sided blade staff/wires

Name:Sojiro Seta
Weapon of choice:Katana

Weapon of Choice:poisin needels

Name: Kagami
Parent: Unknown
Age: 15
Weapon of choice: Shamisen
Side: Village

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Kagami walked down the many twisting alleyways of the village, listening intently to her footsteps, a soft steady beat. Voices erupted around her, some conversations interesting. "You cheated on her again!?! Wow, Aiki..." One said loudly. Kagami chuckled and quickened her pace. Everything was a melody to her. The babble of voices, the twitter of birds, even the rushing of the river was beautiful. Her hair was as white as starlight, much like her blank eyes. She wore light clothing of white and red with many pouches around her hips that contained kunai, shuriken, and everything inbetween. Better prepared than dead. She reminded herself.

Unfortunately, these sights were unseen, as Kagami was blind. She didnt mind being blind, in fact she adored it. It enabled her to make her enemy underestimate her. Which, made her win most of her fights. Not only that, but she was a master in genjutsu. Genjustu that was enabled by sound, sound from the Shamisen on her back, given to her by her parents before they disappeared. She smiled sweetly and approached the Hokage building and passed it, headed towards the market for some groceries. "Now. Milk, eggs, Nori... There was something else..." She murmered to herself, "Oh blast this memory of mine..." She continued.
  Kagami / ParisxIsxBurning / 10y 73d 10h 42m 17s
"its...on my leaving in two day's" Lilly said and stood up she fliped into the air tragets above Lilly's head would be aimed at.Lilly shot wires from her shirt they slithered out and dashed threw the air.This wires made impacted and exploded.Lilly landing on the ground elegantly next to her sister.She sighed and watched the pieces of wood fall down around her.Lilly spoke in a soft tone "well atlest its not all bad i heard there leader of there village is kinda cute."Lilly giggled and shaked her head normal gossip bored her.Lilly loves the most is missions and fighting tho's made Lilly happy.

Lilly jumped into the air landing on a branch watching her sister train.Lilly soon got bored she ran into the village fast.Lilly landed elegantly foot frist on the roof of her second home.Her second home was well hidden it was opened by a latch in the ground in the main high way of the village.Lilly looked around and opened the hatch closing it behide her.As lilly crawled down a ladder she hoped on her bed.Lilly liked living by her self it was somthing she grown used to in her life.
  lilly / bfsmiley01 / 10y 73d 10h 49m 37s
~{ Kagami, you're accepted. We have quite a few unknown parents XP }~
  Kalindee Uzumaki / Islyn / 10y 73d 10h 57m 18s
Kalindee was taking out a few kunais as she glanced to Lilly "Okay, well that sounds like it could be... fun" She said chuckling a little and twirling the kunai on her finger. "When are you leaving? Today?" She asked, tilting her head a little as she released the kunai and it went flying, hitting a tree with a target on it and getting on the outside of the smallest ring. She frowned a little, wanting to have his dead center.

Shrugging, she took the next kunai and spun that one too as she glanced over at Lilly again. This seemed kind of random, but she figured it was for all the pranking, something her sister had picked up from her father. Kalindee got his basic personality, determined, kind, always happy and stubborn as anything.
  Kalindee Uzumaki / Islyn / 10y 73d 10h 58m 40s
Name: Kagami
Parent: Unknown
Age: 15
Weapon of choice: Shamisen
Side: Village

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~{ o.0 she's not at the shop anymore, she brought ramen to Naruto then went into the forest to train }~
  Kalindee Uzumaki / Islyn / 10y 73d 11h 11m 23s
Lilly had no trouble harming a stranger she let her hand slid out.Slithering from her shirt was a wire that wire shot at sojiro seta.Lilly did not trust him and she wanted him gone.The wire was coated in exploding lquid Lilly jumped off the roof.Then ran back to sister her camo still on.LillY followed next to her sister and smiled lightly at her.This was normal for Lilly tho she was always been a little trouble marker.Lilly hated her father's job She never told many that She was the hokages daughter as well becuse she hated it that she got what ever she wanted.

Lilly watched her sister carefully She never let her sister out of her sight.Lilly looked over at her sister "sister there is somthing i need to tell you.Father is sending me to the sand village to get puppet training." she glanced at the couner infront of her.There was long slince as she sat there.Lilly and naruto always fought when there mother left she.

Lilly stared into the eyes of her sister not knowing what to say."ummm sister please say somthing" glancing at the ground.Lilly stared at the sky she knew this was her revenge for her last prank she pulled on naruto.Lilly giggled rembering seeing her father with a face full of ink.Lilly shaked her head and stared up once more at the full moon.
  lilly / bfsmiley01 / 10y 73d 11h 13m 21s
Kalindee shrugged a little and waved good bye as he left. Turning back to her ramen she began to eat it quickly, wanting to get a bowl to her dad quickly. What an odd guy, he doesn't seem to talk much. She thought to herself as she ate Was there really a point in saying hi? We barely even talked. After a moment she shrugged as she finished off her bowl and requested one to go.

It only took a few moments until it was done and she got up, taking the ramen with her and walking back to the Hokage's building. Humming to herself, she walked up a few floors until she reached her dad's office room. She entered, ignoring a small team of Genin that were being assigned a mission and walked to her dad's desk, setting the ramen down and smiling.

Naruto grinned and gave her the thumbs up before finishing up his little information session with the team and sending them off. When he was done her asked the flavor and she told him. "Thanks Kalindee" he said as he dug in. "No problem, but dad I'm out to train so I won't be home for a while, see you tonight" She said before kissing him on the cheek and skipping out and down through Konaha until she reached the outside forest.

Kalindee preferred the forest to training grounds, though she didn't know why. It was probably because it was more independent and definitely nicer to look at. The only time she went to the training grounds were if her team was going there or if her sister wanted to train there.
  Kalindee Uzumaki / Islyn / 10y 73d 11h 21m 29s
Sojiro's eyes darted to his partner quickly for a moment before returning to Kalindee. "Sojiro." Sojiro spoke before finishing his ramen, in his mind Sojiro wondered if there would be any practical implication for the information he had gathered of her love for ramen. After deciding there was none Sojiro removed the thought from his mind. Sojiro stood from his seat and turned away from Kalindee and his partner. "It was nice meeting you...but I should take my leave now." Sojiro may have been an excellent ninja and fighter but when it came to being social it wasn't one of his strong suits.

He gave a slight nod to Kalindee before he began walking down the bustling streets. Kalindee Uzamaki...she's....different..than I expected. Theres something about her. In a way it's almost a mirror image of the Hokage though i've only met him on occasion. As he continued walking he glanced over his shoulder at the girl. I'm sure i'll come to know more about her in time. His empty grey eyes returned to the road in front of him, absent any direction nor purpose.
  Sojiro Seta / Nobody / 10y 73d 11h 27m 58s
Kalindee glanced over at him, a ramen noodle sticking out of her mouth as she looked at him slightly surprised. She smiled and sucked in the noodle before she shrugged "For ramen of course, I'm pretty sure my dad's love of ramen passed down to us" She said smiling and scratching the back of her head a little. "And, I'm sorry but I don't believe I know your name" She said, tilting her head to the side curiously.

Although everyone seemed to know her, she never really knew that many people in the village. It was just like Naruto, but his 'fame' was of course for a different reason. He always told stories about his childhood and the 'old days' when he was around Kalindee's age. It had really sounded like it had been tough for him, but the Uzumaki family didn't go down in anything without a fight and of course now he reached his dream and was sure that whatever his children wanted they would get also if they worked hard enough.
  Kalindee Uzumaki / Islyn / 10y 73d 11h 34m 8s
Sojiro continued eating from his beef ramen as casually as possible. His eyes glanced over to kalindee Uzamaki. His empty grey hues focused on her smile. It seemed so sincere, his usual smile was nothing but a fake copy compared to it. Sojiro put on his usual emotionless smile and turned his head to Kalindee. How should I approach the situation? Friendly? Perhaps introduce myself to her would be the best course of action.

Sojiro spoke aloud to Kalindee as he continued eating "Kalindee isn't it? What brings your here?" Sojiro thought inwardly afterwards What brings you here? You idiot of course she came here because you hungry. Forget it, just listen and be as friendly as possible.
  Sojiro Seta / Nobody / 10y 73d 11h 39m 11s
Kalindee was a little surprised when her sister showed up then just left right away. The idea of ramen though, that sounded good. She smirked a little and walked down to the ramen shop, figuring that she could bring some extra to her dad as a surprise when she was done. Her team wasn't busy today anyways and she had all day to train so she wasn't in too much of a rush.

As she reached the ramen shop, she smiled a little and stepped in. Intantly when she came into view, the shop keeper greeted her and smiled a little Ah of course, I was waiting for the other Uzumaki child He said as he placed out her favorite kind of ramen. "Thanks" She said smiling and sitting down on a stool to eat it there.
  Kalindee Uzumaki / Islyn / 10y 73d 11h 47m 50s
"Sis im going to get ramen" Lilly ran off to the Ramen shop and she sat down.When Lilly spoke it was suductive and lustful or so it appered "one bowel of ramen please." She was siting down next to sojiro on his left side when her food came she whent to pay but the man shaked his head no "no need Lilly you go run along."she nodded and walked away.As she walked away she gave Sojiro a look as if to say stay away from my sister.She ran back away from the shop giggling she enjoyed ramen alot she nibbiled on the noodles.

Besides going back to her sister she jumped into the air and landed on a roof.She made two hand sighns and whispered softly.Lilly's body seemed to meld with the shadows and the area as if she was not there.Lilly watched sojiro from the roof tops barely breathing speaking or walking and when she did her foot steps where masked by pidgens in the air.

*Lilly did not trust him or the lady he was with she narrowed her eyes lightly.Lilly thought to her self "he has such a emotionless stance to him and that lady. She smells awful she smells as if she walked out from under ground some where."
  lilly / bfsmiley01 / 10y 74d 5h 35m 4s
Sojiro continued eating his ramen at a moderate pace. "You still smell the same. Not to mention your voice." He turned to Yachila and smiled "Plus I've always been able to recognize you." To his suprise the ramen was impressivly good, delicious in fact.

His thoughts drifted to the girl he saw before. He dwelled on how exactly to gain the girl's trust. The closer he got to her the closer he would get to the Hokage. Keep yourself detached from the mission.
  Sojiro Seta / Nobody / 10y 74d 5h 45m 16s

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