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Krishora was a princess that was pledged to be married to a prince. To her, he was perfect but in truth he was a lying, cheating jerk that really only cared for money and status. Another woman though, wants her daughter to marry this prince, and locks Krishora away in an urn with a spell on it. Thousands of years pass and this urn is in an antique store.

When _____ finds his way into this store, he for some reason takes a liking to the Princess's dungeon. He buys it and brings it home, setting it up in his living room. One night though, he accidentally knocks it over and the princess is released into the modern world.

Her only wish is to return home to marry her 'love' and the only way to do that is to find a certain woman who's had an immortality spell on her ever since Krishora was young. This woman could send her and _____ back to Krishora's time so she can marry her prince and live 'happily ever after' the problem is what she'll find when she returns home.


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Vincent laughs leaning back on his couch and letting his feet fall on his keyboard, he smiles softly."Hm...I think the last time I checked it was 2057...and that was about two years makes it 2059." He looks at her and raises his eyebrow."And I live...well on the ocean. This is a houseboat/apartment." He laughs kicking the floor and causing the house to rock.
  Vincent Agel Lienhart / Vincent001 / 10y 75d 11h 13m 20s
She sighed and shook her head "Well you're not much help" She said, slightly irritated. "How can you not know where you live? What year it is? Surly you can tell me something" She said as she put a hand on her hip and looked around nervously. She wanted to leave, to go and find her way back but he wasn't helping her at all in doing so.
  Krishora / Islyn / 10y 75d 13h 58m 52s

"Hm...Interesting..." Vincent seems lost in though as if not hearing her question. "Makes as much sense as anything else in this world I suppose..." He looks down at his feet as he raises his eyebrow and reaches up and scratches the edge of his eye-patch. "To tell the truth I don't know what year it is...I haven't owned a calendar in quite some time, I can tell you've been in that urn for a very...very long time.. As for where you are, you in my home in...where is this again..." He chuckles lightly to himself and scratches his head before running his fingers through it again to fix it.

  Vincent Agel Lienhart / Vincent001 / 10y 75d 14h 19m 1s
Krishora nodded a little before she began to tell her story, though a bit more detailed then the ones in history books now a days. She finished up when she said that she was sealed away in the urn. "And then this happened" She said simply, putting her hands out "But please, when and where am I?" She asked, biting her lip a little.
  Krishora / Islyn / 10y 75d 14h 27m 48s
"Vincent Agel Lienhart."He seems to daze out for a moment."Whoa! wait a second did you say princess?" Vincent grabs his head and takes a couple steps back almost tripping over the coffee table before hitting the couch. "Princess..." He closes his eye and takes a deep breath. "Ok...I'll bite..Whats your story then?" his words come out smooth with a hit of disbelief as he looks back to her. He runs his fingers through his long black hair flipping back the few strands that had fallen into his face, as he sits the cat returns to his lap and curls into a ball, he pets it lightly. "A princess...Yea..maybe I finally lost my mind.." he thinks to himself while chuckling lightly.
  Vincent Agel Lienhart / Vincent001 / 10y 75d 14h 34m 20s
"I was about to ask you the same" Krishora said as she looked at the boy carefully. "I'm Princess Krishora, and you?" She asked, figuring it only polite to answer his question since he'd managed to ask first. The only thing on her mind was figuring out where and when she was then finding her way back to her time to show up for the marriage and stay that way.
  Krishora / Islyn / 10y 75d 14h 41m 8s

Vincent looked up from his hand to see the girl." is new...Am I seeing things now?" He laughs as a cat jump onto the top of the sofa then his lap. He stare at her the his eye-patch begins to whir and rotate rapidly."No..not seeing things then...Hm.." he laughs again before standing, he walks around her a few times as if examining her. He looks down seeing the pieces of the urn around her feet."..Ah..I see now..How though makes no sense even to me." He chuckles as he stops and turns no in front of her."Who are you?" his eye narrows as he seems to not look at her but through her.

  Vincent Agel Lienhart / Vincent001 / 10y 75d 15h 1m 0s
The last thing Krishora remembered was getting ready, almost ready for her wedding when that woman had come in. She knew that this woman wanted her daughter to marry Keenan, her finance instead of Krishora. Entering the room, she seemed happy as if she'd given up on the hope of her 'dream'. She was even helping Krishora with her hair when she started speaking in a strange language that the princess had never heard before.

Next thing she knew she was sucked into this prison and although it didn't seem like it at all, she'd been there for thousands of years. Inside it felt as if no time at all went by, so she had no idea just how far into the future she was about to come into at all.

As the urn broke, a sort of mist began to seep out and eventually was thick enough you couldn't see through it. After a moment it began to thin out and disappear, leaving a confused looking girl in it's place. Krishora, she was known in history books as the 'Princess who disappeared' of course nobody knew what actually happened to her.

Her eyes scanned the area, everything looked so different, how long had she been in there anyways? Her eyes stopped on the boy, noticing that even he looked odd. Her clothes and hair were the same as when she'd been trapped in the urn thousands of years ago, so she really stood out, but she wanted to figure this out before doing anything else.
  Krishora / Islyn / 10y 75d 15h 8m 27s

Vincent a tall man standing almost seven feet tall walks into antique shop his long ebony trench coat almost getting caught int he door."Eh, hell.." he quickly pulls the trench coat towards him and adjusting the white fur around his neck to a comfortable place."Hm..." He smiles as he walks through the dust store his heavy combat boots clanking against the ground as he walks through the isles of old dusty junk. He picks up a few things examining them with his one remaining eye. The eye-patch that covers his other eye whirs to life as the ocular pieces zoom in and out on the object, as he continues to look an old man emerges from the back room.

"Anything I can help you with young man?" the man looks at him strangely as he leans against the also dusty counter. Vincent sets the item he was examining down and looks at the old man who cringes slightly at the eye-patch and scar that stretches down his face. Vincent raises an eyebrow to the man."Um...How did.."

"A bad fight when I was a kid..I've just found ways of being able to reuse my eye." He chuckles as the old man relaxes."As for the help, I'm just browsing..." Vincent looks over and sees the old urn behind the man."Hm...On second though..How much for the urn behind you there?" The old man looks to the urn behind him and points at it.

"That old thing, It's came and gone out of this shop for about twenty years now...I gave up on selling it...I'm afraid it's not for sale." The man speaks with a sigh as he returns his eyes to Vincent this time with a more cautious look. Vincent smirks and walks up to the counter placing his gloved hands upon the counter.

"I'll give you a million for it. About four times as much as it would catch at an auction..." Vincent chuckles as the mans eyes widen.

"Right'll bag that up for you..just promise me you wont bring it back..." The man sighs as he reaches up and pulls the urn down being as careful as possible with it as he places it on the counter, Vincent pulls out his wallet and pulls free a wad of cash and places it on the counter as the mans eyes light up even more. Vincent picks up the urn and heads towards the exit." Don't you want a bag for that?" before he could finish Vincent was already gone."What a strange young man..."

Vincent opens the door to his small one person apartment some few hours later, he enters placing the urn a a door side table as he takes off his jacket revealing his under cloths a black sleeveless shirt and a pair of black cargo pants cut off at at the knee by his boots. "Ah...Home at last!" he sighs throwing his coat over his leather couch that sits in front of a large home theater system. He sighs lightly as he picks the up the urn and walks over to the couch, sitting down he places the urn on the glass coffee table and turns on a side-table light."Hm...Interesting..." Vincent turns it examining it closely."Hell...its not what I thought it was..." He puts his face into his hand as he stretches his legs accidentally hitting the coffee table and knocking the urn onto the floor shattering it. He doesn't seem to even notice.

<Sorry it took so long I had to do some stuff..hope this post is ok>
  Vincent Agel Lienhart / Vincent001 / 10y 75d 15h 30m 19s
It should be more modern, but I don't really mind. And that's fine, you can just start with buying and bringing home the urn and somehow knocking it over or something.
  Krishora / Islyn / 10y 75d 16h 58m 49s
It may take a few...I'm going to have to think about this one, and do you need me to get another pic or will this one work..xD
  Vincent Lienhart / Vincent001 / 10y 75d 17h 1m 16s
Sure ^^ Would you mind starting?
  Krishora / Islyn / 10y 75d 17h 2m 3s
I'll Join :D
  Vincent Lienhart / Vincent001 / 10y 75d 17h 3m 40s
Someone join please? I'm kind of bored...
  Krishora / Islyn / 10y 75d 17h 8m 26s

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