Through Love and Betrayal (1x1 Needs Guy!)

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Krishora was a princess that was pledged to be married to a prince. To her, he was perfect but in truth he was a lying, cheating jerk that really only cared for money and status. Another woman though, wants her daughter to marry this prince, and locks Krishora away in an urn with a spell on it. Thousands of years pass and this urn is in an antique store.

When _____ finds his way into this store, he for some reason takes a liking to the Princess's dungeon. He buys it and brings it home, setting it up in his living room. One night though, he accidentally knocks it over and the princess is released into the modern world.

Her only wish is to return home to marry her 'love' and the only way to do that is to find a certain woman who's had an immortality spell on her ever since Krishora was young. This woman could send her and _____ back to Krishora's time so she can marry her prince and live 'happily ever after' the problem is what she'll find when she returns home.


No Cyber, Timeskip.
Romance, Fighting and Drama Needed!
Literacy, please at least type at least two paragraphs!
Don't just join then leave, please try not to quit.
Please try and be on at least every other day, if not everyday.
Let me know when you're going away for a long time

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Roleplay Responses

  Takahiro Dokuno / rukia4723079 / 10y 23d 4h 21m 16s
Sure XD
  Krishora / lslyn / 10y 23d 4h 28m 21s
Okay so do you just want to dump it?
  Takahiro Dokuno / rukia4723079 / 10y 23d 4h 31m 11s
No, it's the same for me. XD
  Krishora / lslyn / 10y 23d 4h 58m 35s

  Takahiro Dokuno / rukia4723079 / 10y 23d 5h 27s
Krishora smiled a little and grabbed his hand, following the older man and looking around curiously.
  Krishora / lslyn / 10y 24d 6h 52m 49s
The old man looked at her before narrowing his eyes and finally walked away, gestering them to follow her.
  Takahiro Dokuno / rukia4723079 / 10y 24d 6h 54m 18s
Krishora shook her head a little and smiled "I don't think so" She said, biting her lip a little.
  Krishora / lslyn / 10y 25d 7h 30m 2s
Takahiro nodded and lead her to the old man. The old man looked at her curiously and asked, "Do I know you from somewhere missy?"
  Takahiro Dokuno / rukia4723079 / 10y 25d 7h 37m 6s
  Krishora / lslyn / 10y 27d 5h 43m 9s
Krishora nodded and smiled "Alright, lead the way then!" She said grinning a little and getting a little more excited.
  Krishora / lslyn / 10y 27d 5h 47m 36s
Takahiro nodded but said in an undertone, "Creepy kind of person but he'll do for now. We just need to get across and he seems like the only one.
  Takahiro Dokuno / rukia4723079 / 10y 27d 5h 49m 11s
Krishora eventually found him looking around instead of talking to people and paused, looking at him curiously "Found someone I'm guessing?"
  Krishora / lslyn / 10y 27d 6h 5m 34s
Takahiro kept asking around and finally found someone who would take them across but he didn't like the looks of him. Oh well, it was better than walking and he could beat him up and steal that boat if he tried to harm Krishora. He went off to find her.
  Takahiro Dokuno / rukia4723079 / 10y 27d 6h 15m 9s
Krishora wandered around asking random people about going across the huge lake. So far she had no luck, but there were still a lot of people to ask.
  Krishora / lslyn / 10y 27d 8h 11m 16s

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