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Okari Ran through the woods, Faster than any other girl would, She stopped and heard rustling in the bushes, She decided to run a little more until she was in a nice, quiet , hidden place.. She ran down the forest path as she did.. , Gun shots now being fired.. two hit her arm, She ignored it and ran near the darkened house nearby.. She opened the door and climbed in...., she heard from the tv "a slave has escaped from the STC and the Center is paying the largest the amount of money they have to get her back.. She is after all.. a one of a kind slave... a VAMPIRE Slave...

Kodie, We pick up from there .. So we kinda start with you seeing me in your house xD

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Ace looked up at her"yes really" he replied as he untied the ropes to her feet then reached up to stroke her cheek" this forest is nice isn't it" he asked.
  Ace Nightstrife / raven_nightmare / 8y 346d 15h 57m 19s
Okari giggled "oh really?" she asked, She looked at the window "its beautiful.. Its been awhile ever since i saw a awesome thing like this Forest" she said, She let out a yawn and looked at him "could you please unite my feet?" she asked
  Slave Okari notami / morninghell / 8y 349d 13h 32m 36s
Ace awoke with a yawn still laying on her chest he could feel her gentle fingers through his hair"sorry about that musta blacked out" he said with a chuckel"i can hear your heartbeat" he teased.
  Ace Nightstrife / raven_nightmare / 8y 349d 20h 46m 21s
Okari woke up in the morning and saw the sunlight, She wasnt like other ones.. she was a day walker too.. but she still doesnt like the sun. "ugh" she said, she then looked at Ace and see him on her chest, She giggled and stroked his hair.
  Slave Okari notami / morninghell / 8y 349d 20h 56m 21s

  Ace Nightstrife / raven_nightmare / 8y 349d 22h 29m 34s
He felt her drawing blood from his neck the feeling was exhausting he struggled to stay awake but in the end couldn't he passed out cold his head resting on her chest the low thumping of her heart heard in the background of his mind as he drifted into slumber
  Ace Nightstrife / Raven_Nightmare / 8y 350d 8h 33m 20s
She bit into his neck and began to suck the blood into her mouth, She shuddered being it was awhile since she was fed blood. the masters didnt even give her human blood. She stopped and blushed, she slowly got dizzy and fell asleep [ night]
  Slave Okari notami / morninghell / 8y 350d 8h 36m 11s
he chuckled and kissed at her neck"i rather like the sound of both of those" he said pressing his hand lightly over her heart and moving closer to her exposing his neck"
  Ace Nightstrife / Raven_Nightmare / 8y 350d 8h 40m 17s
"well you could have my body... or the power to be an immortal" she said, She giggled and looked at him.
  Slave Okari notami / morninghell / 8y 350d 8h 41m 46s
He chuckled"oh will they? and if i deny the fact that i know your whereabouts then what? you'll have to offer something better than that."
  Ace Nightstrife / Raven_Nightmare / 8y 350d 8h 44m 38s
She smiled "oh come on... I disappeared into these woods around your house.. they will catch on" she said, giggilng
  Slave Okari notami / morninghell / 8y 350d 8h 45m 56s
he chuckled"and who said any thing about me telling the STC any thing about knowing the whereabouts of said slave?"he said with a wink
  Ace Nightstrife / Raven_Nightmare / 8y 350d 8h 48m 48s
She blushed "well i need blood.. so if you want me to die and explain to the STC that its most prized slave died" she said, She was using a seductive tone
  Slave Okari notami / morninghell / 8y 350d 8h 50m 50s
He chuckled"now why the bloody hell would i have bagged blood?" he asked "and besides if i let you feast on me whats in it for me? aside from the fact that I've already seen you topless" he joked with her.
  Ace Nightstrife / Raven_Nightmare / 8y 350d 8h 52m 33s
She smiled and giggled " i was talking about bagged blood, but fresh blood will do" she said, with a smile
  Slave Okari notami / morninghell / 8y 350d 8h 54m 15s

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