Princess and the Samuria (( Need Literate Samuria to play!)

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Krista had been brought up in the lap of luxury. She has tried many times to escape the confines of her palace. Her parents thinking it to dangerous for thier young daughter to go out into the world. It was dangerous.
But Krista can't keep her mind off of what is out there. And finally, she had managed to break out of the walls into the village that surrounded her families home. So many poor people. As she explores and looks around the area, she doesn't realize that she is being watched.

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  Krista Blackheart / Xx_Sorrow_xX / 10y 116d 14h 37m 59s
I don't believe i made it before bed and work...but I'd like to join...
  Angeal / whitewinged / 10y 117d 4h 10m 4s
  Krista Blackheart / Xx_Sorrow_xX / 10y 117d 14h 52m 32s

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