My imaginary Friend(wolf guy, bad guy and little sister needed)

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Sora and her little sister.They live on their own..and her sister starts talking about this "Friend" she has,Sora plays along with her until one day..her sister gets kidnapped by a evil imaginary friends.She has and "imaginary" friend that cares about her a lot..after her disappearance He then has to reveal to Ayuko's sister (Me) to save ayuko ..they end up going to Kyagra the magical world and find Ayuko but now they have to find a way to leave and fight the evil one.

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She stared at him not completely believing it but she'll do anything to get her sister back.
"How can we go there?"

<make it up..>>
  Sora / NekoArashi / 9y 330d 16h 4m 20s

"Kyagra... a lond of basic hell, well for humans and their 'imaginary' friends." He said, feeling enraged.
  Matt Kinora / SilverPheonix / 9y 330d 23h 54m 27s
She shook her head.He was right even if she thought he wasn't real, Vi was missing and the only thing that mattered more was her.
"Where is she?!"
  Sora / NekoArashi / 9y 331d 19h 10m 13s
"Yes I am. You know I am. I mean, look at me. If you don't want to believe that I'm real, I'll just go rescue her myself. I may get killed but she will get back here." He said not sure if he should just walk away or not.
  Matt Kinora / SilverPheonix / 9y 331d 19h 55m 28s
She stopped abruptly turning around to the boy.
"Your not real!!.."
  Sora / NekoArashi / 9y 333d 9h 32m 12s
"She's been kidnapped! I'm Matt, the 'imaginary' friend she was talking to you about! We need to go find her!" He yelled following her.
  Matt Kinora / SilverPheonix / 9y 333d 17h 59m 28s
She yelled as she saw him and tried to pull away.
"Let me go!!"
She tried to run away,what the hell is that thing!! she thought to herself as she got away.
"Vi?! Where are you?!!"
She yelled as she ran.
  Sora / NekoArashi / 9y 333d 20h 50m 38s
Matt heard Virginia yell, and ran out looking around. He saw track that led away from the house and ran to get Virginia's older sister. He made himself visible to here and, gasping for breath, Tried to tell her what happened. "V-Virginia's been... kidnapped!" He said and grabbed Sora's hand trying to drag her out to the tracks.
  Matt Kinora / SilverPheonix / 9y 333d 23h 59m 1s
She came out of the shower and changed clothes.Leaning against the window she yelled out.
"Vi, come inside is time to go take a bath!!"
  Sora / NekoArashi / 9y 337d 14h 12m 3s
Laughing lightly, she stood behind the large bush, she finished counting. "READY OR NOT HERE I C-" Her yell was cut off, by a hand wrapping around her mouth, another arm around her waist. Her eyes widened, and she kicked out at the rhing restraining her. Virginia was drug away, off Ito the nearby neighbor's yard, then into the trees behind it. Still kicking, she was kept silent by the hand.
  Virginia Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 9y 349d 12h 7m 36s
He ran off and hid behind the garage, knowing it wouldn't take her long to find him.
  Matt Kinora / SilverPheonix / 9y 349d 23h 43m 8s
Virginia laughed as she was found, stepping from behind the bush. "Now it's your turn," she told him. "I'll count." She turned, and covered her eyes with her hands. "One... Two...Three..." she bagan loudly, making sure he would hear.
  Virginia Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 9y 350d 13h 44m 14s
Matt chuckled and did as Virginia had told him to and used his nose to track her down. He smiled as he realized where she was hiding. "Found ya!" He said as he looked around the flower bushes.
  Matt Kinora / SilverPheonix / 9y 351d 6m 29s
She opened the hot water and stepped into the tub.
  Sora / NekoArashi / 9y 351d 19h 24m 1s
Virgnia laughed. "You, of course! Now turn around and start counting," she directed, before darting off. She ran to the garden in the back, and hid behind one of the huge bushes of flowers.
  Virginia Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 9y 352d 10h 22m 42s

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