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In New York city a woman is raped and killed. Nothing special right? No need for the FBI...if only... It is the sixth in a series of identical killings. So the FBI's BAU is called in by the state police.
There's only one problem...the youngest member, Spencer Reid can't seem to focus on the case. He's continually looking at his watch, becoming increasingly irritated.
Will Reid be of any help to Aaron, Emily, JJ, Derek, Jason, and Penelope as they try to catch the unsub before another murder, or will he be a hinderance to the team?


Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner

taken by DarkBlood

Emily Prentiss

Derek Morgan

taken by ComeOnPetunia

Spencer Reid

taken by DarkBlood

Jennifer "JJ" Jareau

taken by ComeOnPetunia

Penelope Garcia

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Jason Gideon

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<Yeah, much better. Just lost as to what's happening and mad.>
  Penelope Garcia / hopefulpotato / 10y 119d 5h 45m 49s
She stood straighter at Aaron's arrival at her desk. Putting back on her "work face." She had taken a detour to see Garcia.

She laid back in her seat slightly."Well she has nothing on the string--but the phone that we found on the victim, she managed to restore enough to get the phone contacts. Last call made happened to be to a Luis Freewall."she said.
  Jennifer "JJ" Jareu / ComeOnPetunia / 10y 120d 3h 9m 20s
Aaron nodded, hopefully when the results came back, whoever the prints belonged to was in the system. He noticed JJ walking to her desk. Aaron walked over to her, "Has Garcia come up with anything?" guessing that she had just come from her office.
  Aaron Hotchner / DarkBlood / 10y 120d 3h 17m 26s
Lmfao I just texted her that x]

JJ had been trying to avoid going back into the room--alone. Luckily she heard reassuring voices as she entered the now semi filled room.

She walked over to her desk offering a small wave.
  Jennifer "JJ" Jareu / ComeOnPetunia / 10y 120d 3h 35m 8s
<<Are you feeling better?>>
Reid lifted his feet of the desk, planting them on the floor when Hotch stepped out of the elevator. He swollowed, letting Morgan speak as his eyes fell to the floor. In the very corner of his vision he watched the other two with care.
  Spencer Reid / DarkBlood / 10y 120d 3h 54m 16s
<Real sorry that I haven't been on, been sick.>
  Penelope Garcia / hopefulpotato / 10y 120d 13h 32m 34s
"Well there was a high e string found at the crime scene. And prints have been captures"he said.
  Derek Morgan / ComeOnPetunia / 10y 120d 23h 35m 40s
Aaron exited the elevator with an air of urgancy. He looked between Derek and Spencer. Based on Derek's expression something had come up that was important. Spencer on the other hand appeared to be bord and unwilling to do anything but sit.

"Do we have any new leads?" as the Unit Chief it was important that he knew what was going on...especailly after being so late.
  Aaron Hotchner / DarkBlood / 10y 120d 23h 50m 10s
He raised a brow not thinking to ask about it. He placed a hand under his chin."That's ineresting."he said. "Well have to get that looked at"he said.
  Derek Morgan / ComeOnPetunia / 10y 121d 8m 23s
Finally they were getting somewhere! He grew abit more alert by the news. Yet, his face went blank when he was asked about the whereabouts of JJ.

With wide eyes and a pout he shrugged his shoulders, "I think she went looking for the rest of the team. We went back to the crime scene and found a high e string from a guitar."

He let his spine make contact with the chair back once more, tempted to open the book up once again.
  Spencer Reid / DarkBlood / 10y 121d 19m 16s
"Seems our perp touched one of the buttons on the victim. Either that or the person can tell us what happened before the victim's death"he said.

"Where's JJ?"he asked.
  Derek Morgan / ComeOnPetunia / 10y 121d 28m 1s
<<Guess I'll be Aaron.>>
Reid, totally engrossed in his book, had nearly forgotten where he was, thus causing him to up slightly when Derek spoke.

Closing the book he looked at the other man, but remained in his relaxed position. He did, however, lift his back way from the back if the chair.

he thought.
  Spencer Reid / DarkBlood / 10y 121d 47m 12s
Derek stormed out the elevator with all the ferocity of a storm.

He stopped at the dead room unsure of everyones whereabbouts until he saw JJ and Reid. "Wake up!"she said.

A serious expression on his face."We've got prints"he said.
  Derek Morgan / ComeOnPetunia / 10y 121d 57m 26s
reid decided to occupy himself by reading. He picked up the book he had attempted to read eariler, propped his feet up on the desk, and opened it up to the first page.
  Spencer Reid / DarkBlood / 10y 121d 1h 29m 6s
I'll take on derek

She looked around in wonder. Standing up. Maybe they had left a notice..
  Jennifer "JJ" Jareu / ComeOnPetunia / 10y 121d 1h 34m 27s

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