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Crow smiled lightly as he came out from Lillys room and came out quickly and ran out to the door changing and opened the door leaving. He crouched down along the wall pulling a ball cap over his ears and tucking his tail into his jeans as he sank down sitting down.
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 353d 11h 48m 40s
Emily rolled her eyes as they went in Lilly's room. And then she went to get ready for the night with him. Tonight would be fun with him. If he was like this with her in private, then how would he be in public? Just the thought excited her as she dressed.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 353d 12h 46m 5s
Crow purred lightly walking to Lil as he rubbed up on her leg trying to distract her. Lil picked him up walking to her room where she shut the and set him down on the bed. Crow was amazed. Two hot girls, he had fun all day with one and now this one was stripping. Something told Crow not to watch so he jumped to the side and laid under her bed waiting for it all to be over.
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 353d 21h 48m 50s
{Awwww. Byeee)
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 354d 7h 26m 33s
[ i g2g -.-]
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 354d 7h 28m 42s
"What do you mean? We will just leave my house like I normally do." Em went to get the door, opening it for Lilly. "Gosh, Lilly. You're like a clock. Always here on time. It's insane." Emily's hair was still messy, and it was never messy. Lil had to notice something.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 354d 7h 29m 28s
Crow looked at her then pawed his ears. It would be impossible to hide that. He changed back quickly. "How?" He asked changing back hearing a knock at the door. Lilly had her hands full and Crow was laying down pretending to be asleep.
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 354d 7h 38m 2s
Emily smiled as she changed back into her clothes. That was the most fun that she had, had in a while. She finally removed the collar from him and sighed. "It's sad to say that she will be. I had so much fun today." Just the memories made her smile. Make out in the kitchen. Feel up on the couch. Then they moved into her room where the real fun began. "Let's go out tonight. Anywhere."
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 354d 7h 40m 26s
Crow smiled lightly looking in his arm. A beautiful girl with ruffled hair. He smiled lightly and jumped over her gathering the cloths and pulled them on. The collar still around his neck. He pulled his cloths on and handed hers to her. He grinned. "Well, Lil should be back anytime now?" He asked with a grin. Crow changed and laid down waiting.
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 354d 7h 45m 35s
Emily leaned over and kissed him. "Much more than I did ever before. This would be fun, and they still had a few hours untill Lilly got home. She slid her hands under his shirt. "Do you trust me?" She put emphasis on the last word. {Timeskip)
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 354d 7h 48m 56s
Crow undid her button his fingers on the inside of her panties as they rubbed the smooth skin about her private. His small smile perking up his lips. "You trust me?" He asked softly as he grinned widely. [Timeskip or Pm?]
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 354d 7h 53m 39s
As she felt where his hands were, she blushed and nodded. "I will always be ready for anything that you throw at me, babe. I am definitely ready." She rolled her hips, knowing that he would feel it. It just showed that she was ready for him. "Try me."
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 354d 7h 55m 5s
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 354d 8h 17m 40s
Crows hand was now right between her breasts in the small gap his finger tips touching her his palm out to the left as to not touch her. He slid it down and rested it on her waist. "Do you trust me?" He asked fiddling with her button.
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 354d 8h 18m 31s
The blush upon her cheeks only grew as he touched her. Today was so intimate between them and she nodded. "Well, of course I trust you." She nodded and smirked down at him. This had always been her favorite game.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 354d 8h 22m 4s

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