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She knew that he was sincere, but she wasn't ready for that yet. Emily loved the sound of it, but wasn't ready to say it yet herself. "Well, I am twenty, and I take pictures for the newspaper. Mostly just the entertainment section. It's extremely fun."
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 353d 6h 55m 17s
Crow smiled. "Then tell me about yourself and I will do that same love." He said softly. Him being part cat he loved easier and became quickly attached once he is helped in some way
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 353d 6h 59m 17s
Emily sat comfortably in his lap, kissing his cheek. "B-but... you barely know me. How is that even possible? We spent one day together and we were playing a game." When he said that, it scared her. Love was an extremely scary thing.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 353d 7h 57s
Crow smiled and laced there fingers leading her to the nearby club. He smiled as they went in and he set down in a booth pulling her onto his lap as he set with her in his arms. "I love you." He whispered to her.
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 353d 7h 11m 53s
"Of course. Any chance to rub up against you all night." Emily whispered and kissed him. He was an extremely evil man, quickening up the process. And maybe they could get a little bit of alcohol in their system, just to make the act all the more fun.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 353d 7h 16m 5s
Crow smiled as he whispered into her ear his voice a soft melody. "Club?" He asked as he rubbed his hands up and down along the him of her dress as he rubbed it lightly.
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 353d 7h 19m 6s

Emily moaned almost silently. He had a complete advantage over her. Warning, never let a guy know your weakness because he will use it most of the time. "Crow, please." She whimpered and kissed his neck. Maybe after tonight, they can have some more fun like this, but that was hours away.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 353d 7h 24m 29s
"Well then, I can be a tease too then." He said pinning her against a wall and rubbing his finger along the him of her jeans then down the zipper and fiddled with the zipper. He smiled. "Your more sensitive then I." He said biting her neck lightly.
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 353d 7h 29m 33s
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 353d 8h 26m 8s
i g2g sorry -.-]
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 353d 8h 30m 51s
"Ahh, but you are the guest. I want to do what you want." She returned the kiss, jumping when she pinched her butt. "You know, I have something else that I can pinch and it wouldn't be such a good reaction." Emily giggled evilly and kissed his cheek.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 353d 8h 35m 7s
"But, ladies first babe." He said with a smile kissing her lips lightly. "I mean, we have all day and night." He said with a grin as he reached down from her waist pinching her butt playfully.
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 353d 8h 39m 49s
Emily kissed his cheek, smiling at his appearance. "Well, don't you look cute tonight? I kinda like you with your hair down. It's sexy." She took his hand, and walked with him. "Were shall we go tonight? It's your choice. You are the guest of honor."
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 353d 8h 49m 34s
Crow's blond hair was down because of his hat as his black t-shirt was tight along his body. It was a shirt he wore under his jacket that he had lost a while back. His blue jeans loose on his legs as he crept over to her wrapping an arm around her waist his hand resting on her waist. "This will be fun..." He said hoping someone wouldn't tip his hat off.
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 353d 8h 59m 19s
Emily walked out, looking completely looking different from her comfy pajama look. She had actually dressed up for him. She wore a skin tight black dress that came down to her mid thigh and her hair was curled. "I'm all ready to go, hun." And kissed his cheek, knowing how fun that tonight would be.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 353d 9h 4m 13s

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