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"Well, am I the only cat man you have seen?" He asked as he returned the kiss. One hand running along her dress the other residing on the left side of her waist. Crow smiled lightly pulling her closer as his arms were all the way around her waist. "I want a drink now..." He said softly.
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 352d 19h 4m 19s
Emily comfortably danced with him. He was actually very good. "You are one of the best cat dancers I have ever seen." She leaned up and kissed him. "It reminds me of this movie I watched when I was a kid called 'Cats Dont Dance.' It was one of my favorite movies."
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 352d 19h 12m 22s
Crow smiled lightly and stepped forward leading the dance off. His lips perked up into a happy smile. He had to urge to purr but kept it down for he was out in public. He smiled kissing her neck with a grin. "Well, for cat, can I dance?" He asked jokingly.
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 352d 19h 37m 17s
Emily wrapped her arms around his neck, as she returned the kiss. "You are the one who starts. The man is always the leader." The song was definitely one that she had heard before but wasn't familiar with. She didn't really dance to slow songs but it would be fun with him.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 353d 5h 23m 18s
Crow stood up taking her hand as he smiled. A slower beat song some couple wanted for their anniversary. Crow placed his hands on her waist as he kissed her. "Ok you start?" He asked as he knew someone started.
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 353d 5h 27m 8s
Emily stood up and smiled down at him "Your welcome, and to pay me back, you should dance with me." She held out her hand like a gentleman and waited for him. This was what they came here for, and this would make them closer. They would bond.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 353d 5h 28m 13s
Crow smiled lightly. "Well, thank you." He said softly as he nibbled on her neck lightly and smiled looking into her eyes. "Well thanks for helping me" He said softly as he grinned.
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 353d 5h 31m 53s
Emily kissed him and smiled. "I like being where we are. I'm comfortable where I am." She lay her head on his shoulder, smiling up at him. "You can be my house cat any time you want. You're a beautiful cat. I've never seen a cat so white."
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 353d 5h 35m 6s
"Well, I invented the game to keep my ties with my cat form because it can change me without me doing so and I'm stuck like that for a while." He said kissing her neck softly. "Then I saw you and well....here we are."
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 353d 5h 39m 35s
Emily hugged him tightly, not letting go. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked and you didn't have to tell me. I'm kind of glad that you were changed, but not if you are unhappy." He really loved being a cat. It was him completely. The human part of it was just something he was forced into. That's why he was a cat most of the time.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 353d 5h 40m 49s
"Well...." He said softly and looked down. "I was born a kitten. Like a cat. But I fell into a radioactive barrel in the water and some farmer scooped me out and tried to save me. He took the to the vet to get tested on. Then they felt something growing out of my head so they studied and they thought i was dead. Till I became a human with ears then I ran away trying to find a home." He said softly all the pain coming back to him.
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 353d 5h 43m 7s

"Well, the newspaper." She listened to his story. "I don't see why. The game was very fun, but maybe it was the pain. Were you actually born like this, or did you turn into this somehow?" Emily questioned him. His story was so interesting.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 353d 5h 45m 28s
I gave this girl a limit and she barely did half of it. And ruined my rp. -.- My gf is sick. |:

"So, pictures for papers?" He asked as he smiled. "Well..." He said starting to explain himself. How many owners he had had. But she was the only one who went along with "The game" He smiled lightly. "...I guess that's about it."
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 353d 5h 52m 27s
it's okay. awww:) have fuuuun
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 9y 353d 6h 50m 17s
i g2g -.- Im sorry for popping on and off but My gf and me ish going out tonight. :D
  Crow / halfymax / 9y 353d 6h 51m 52s

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