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Emily kneeled to his level, rubbing his tummy. Then she moved to his ears. The ears were normally the cat's most pleasurable spot because they were so thin and sensitive to touch. "How does that feel?" His request really did sound sexual and it made her blush slightly.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 10y 47d 8h 57m 34s
Crow smiled lightly and then decided to start easy with her. "Pleasure me." He said and didn't mean it pervertedly. He smiled and changed into a cat laying on his back. The remote under one of his paw. He waited. He had a certain plan and waay of doing something.
  Crow / halfymax / 10y 47d 9h 2m 29s
Emily jumped at the shock, having it be completely unexpected. It actually did hurt, with her thin body. Thin people always got hurt worse because there was less material to work with. "S-so I have to obey you all day? But.... this is inhumane." After she thought about it for a second, maybe being his slave wouldn't be that bad. A sexy man comes into your house, commanding you to listen to him or get shocked, you definitely listen. Give him what he wants. You might get something in return.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 10y 47d 9h 6m 0s
"Maybe you like pain. Maybe I like seeing people in pain." He said kissing her neck softly and then pressed the small button meaning a small shock that would make a cat jump and not want to do it again. He smiled evilly looking at her. "Till she gets here, you are my slave." He said tauntingly towards her authority in her own house. "Then tomorrow, unless you get me first then, who ever is who ever." He said. This meant, whoever put the collar on who first would be the master. He kept it fair. But normally he slept in but he wanted to surprise her and thank her.
  Crow / halfymax / 10y 47d 9h 13m 38s
That made Emily shiver. "What are you doing with this? W-what is the collar for, Crow?" He was so... odd. Unlike any neko she had ever met before. His. That sounded so pleasing and beautiful. Maybe being his wouldn't be such a bad thing. "Why am I wearing a collar?"
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 10y 47d 9h 19m 20s
Crow looked at her and changed back. "Thanks. " He said giving her a big hug. He held on and pulled out a collar from no where and slid it around her neck clipping it. He whispered into her ear. "Means your mine till then." He said with an evil grin.
  Crow / halfymax / 10y 47d 9h 23m 0s
Emily loved the truth, and the secret they shared between each other. She put on a pot of coffee, walking into the living room. "You can change back, you know. She won't be back for a while. Lilly went to work. She'll be home at seven, so you can be a human for a while."
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 10y 47d 9h 24m 7s
Crow nodded his small head as he crawled up onto the couch laying down with a huge yawn. Her friend thought the guy had left and that the cat was brought here while Emily was drunk. But as long as those two knew the truth, then it would be fine. He licked his paws lightly and looked around the huge room. His tail moving and his ears perked upright.
  Crow / halfymax / 10y 47d 9h 28m 57s
Emily sat up, picking Crow up. "Good morning, my cat friend." And walked into the kitchen, already smelling breakfast. "Did you do this?" She asked to Crow, making a plate for herself. That was sweet. This living arrangement would definitely work out. He was such a cute kitten, and soft too.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 10y 47d 9h 44m 5s
Crow trotted in and looked at the girl. He purred rubbing his fur up against her leg. The girl picked him up petting him and looked at Emily. "At least you did one good thing" She said and set Crow down as Crow purred rubbing up as her friend left to go do some things.
  Crow / halfymax / 10y 47d 9h 49m 17s
A blonde girl walked into the front door, carrying mail. "Hey E-..."And then she saw Crow, looking at him confusedly as she walked in the room. "Who are you? Did she get drunk and bring home a random guy again?" The girl growled and walked into Emily's room. "Em! Who the hell is this guy?" And Em finally woke up. "That's my friend, Crow." She looked at Em skeptically. "I'm only believing you because you remember his name.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 10y 47d 9h 51m 40s
Crow woke up early in the morning stretching as he searched the house. Walking into the bathroom he did his things and came out his teeth whiter. He laid on the couch tiredly and waited looking around. He changed back and started to cook eggs and bacon. Finishing he ate his and changed waiting for Emily.
  Crow / halfymax / 10y 47d 9h 59m 10s
Emily blushed as he licked her neck, thinking of how awkward it would be if he did that in his human form. Or, how great it would feel. It would be pleasureable, but why was she thinking about that? 'Oh well.' She thought to herself and fell asleep, holding the kitten to her.
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 10y 47d 10h 4m 13s
Crow jumped up and trotted to her. Crawling into the blanket he curled up and rested there his head nuzzled into her neck. He purred lightly and licked her neck. He meant good night and closed his eyes. Still curled up his paws small and tucked up into his own gut as he laid there. Silent, his ears resting.
  Crow / halfymax / 10y 47d 10h 9m 42s
Emily definately wasn't thinking of cat food for him. He seemed to be more human than cat in so many ways. Such an agile cat, she wondered if changing from cat form to human form hurt. She took a glance at her clock. "Two am. I need to get to sleep earlier." She sighed and layed down, holding her blanket open. "Come on."
  Emily Tandal / sunshinesmiles1 / 10y 47d 10h 11m 24s

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