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My name is Mikeru Hitsuri. I live alone in an apartment, even though I'm only eighteen years old. The reason being is that both my parents aren't in this world anymore.
Both of them had been serious gamers. I was also fond of gaming, but I wasn't as serious as them. They would stay up very late playing their favorite online game.
I cooked, I cleaned, I washed, and I did the shopping.

One day, I had to go shopping on my way home from school. It was about four o'clock when I got home.
Though, the greeting I got, wasn't what I had expected.
It was dark in our apartment. Usually, the computers would have been blaring blinding light and humming.
A small note was on the bench so I picked it up and turned the light on.

We're sorry, but our favorite game just got banned. We decided to move on from this world to the next.
Know that we love you, and we will watch you grow. We leave everything we own to you.
Love always,
Mum and Dad

The thing is... when I turned the light on, I hadn't seen their bodies hanging from the bunk bed next to their computers. At least they died holding hands.

This was all four years ago now. I'm a collage student. Living alone, and working to keep myself alive for my parents. I've never had a boyfriend or a date, and I've never been kissed.
So you know about me now? Are you going to be just like the rest?
Okay,I know it's not much of an actual plot, and I don't claim this to be my own... I actually don't know where I got it from though.
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name: Mikeru Hitsuri
Age: eighteen
Occupation: Collage student, working part time as a column writer for a magazine called 'Star'.
Sexuality: straight
Relationship: single
Family: Only one left, living alone.

Name:Keiichi Tachiji
Occupation:Collage student, works as a song writer and sometimes plays guitar for his his band in town
Family:Large family spread out all across the country.

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"Dear your crazy, you have taken plenty of care of me. I mean right now I can't even cross the street without help, and your going to be here for me till I'm better and don't need your help." Keiichi smiled at her. "That more than covers it what I have done for you." He wrapped his arm around her and held her close. "Thank you so much for all you have done and will do fore me my dear."

  Keiichi Tachiji / KeiichiTachiji / 10y 27d 16h 39m 5s
"I really havn't really done anything. If you hadn't met me, you most likely wouldn't have been hurt," she said, her ears dropping slightly. "And even in your condition you'd be able to take better care of me."
She sighed and sat back.
"I'm really sorry. This is my fault."

  Mikeru (Neko) / Mikeru / 10y 38d 12h 51m 27s
"Haha not in this condition, I can't hardly cross the street without almost fainting." Keiichi looked at her and sighed. "I wish I could do something I feel bad being layed up like this." He sighed and smiled at her. "Thank you so much for everything, I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for you. I would have been left in the street to die if it wasn't for you." He looked into her eyes and smiled.
  Keiichi Tachiji / KeiichiTachiji / 10y 39d 2h 23m 27s
She gave a slight laugh.
"Well actually," she said, smiling. "My professors are quite kind. It's because I always ask them about the lectures."
She watched him curiously. Did he really love her?
"Even though I'm a big girl, I'm sure you could take care of me a lot better then I could."
  Mikeru (Neko) / Mikeru / 10y 46d 11h 39m 16s
Keiichi sighed. "Are you sure dear? Most professors wouldn't give a second look at doing this for a student." He looked at her and smiled as he examined everything about her. He knew she was smart and she would handle it. "Your a big girl I guess you'll handle it."

  Keiichi Tachiji / KeiichiTachiji / 10y 46d 13h 54m 24s
"I called my professors and asked them to summerize their lectures for me," she told him with a smile. SHe hugged him back gently. "I won't fall behind, I promise."
  Mikeru (Neko) / Mikeru / 10y 55d 21h 58m 43s
He smiled and when she came back to him he wrapped his arm around her and hugged her close. "Thank you so much for all of this dear. I feel bad though cause your going to fall behind."
  Keiichi Tachiji / KeiichiTachiji / 10y 55d 22h 1m 21s
She looked back at him and smiled. She honestly felt like watching a horror movie so she could hug him and pretend to be scared, but that would probably end up hurting him.
"Oh," she said picking out a cover. "This is a good movie."
SHe put it into the DVD player and 'Shanghai noon' appeared on the sceen in bold letters.
  Mikeru (Neko) / Mikeru / 10y 55d 22h 21m 12s
He took the medicine and swallowed it down hard. "I quite honestly don't care what we watch dear. I just want you here next to me please." Keiichi smiled at her and stretched. "I guess the only good thing that came out of this is the fact that I get to relax for once."
  Keiichi Tachiji / KeiichiTachiji / 10y 55d 22h 25m 50s
Mikeru's ears perked up and she nodded. She quickly went into the kitchen and poured a glass of water, then she pushed out two tablets from the slate. She walked back in and handed them to him.
"I have some numbing cream if you want to give it a try," she said, moving over the rack that heald all of hre movies. Not that they were any good. Most of it was anime.
  Mikeru (Neko) / Mikeru / 10y 55d 23h 19m 24s
Keiichi smiled at her, "I don't know let's watch an action movie, typical guy I know but I don't care." He smiled at her and held his leg gently. "Damn the pain meds must be wearing off cause this is starting to hurt a lot now." Keiichi looked at her. "Could you please go get me my medicine?"
  Keiichi Tachiji / KeiichiTachiji / 10y 56d 7h 8m 50s
SHe gave him a small smile.
"You can choose," she said gently. "I'm sure your leg will feel better soon."
  Mikeru (Neko) / Mikeru / 10y 56d 13h 33m 45s
He smiled. "Sounds like a good idea to me dear. What movie do you want to watch." He smiled at her and sighed as he looked at his leg. "This damn thing."
  Keiichi Tachiji / KeiichiTachiji / 10y 56d 14h 54m 46s
Mikeru smiled. She was glad that he was calming down.
"Do you want to watch a movie?" she didn't have very many, but it was worth taking a look at them.
  Mikeru (Neko) / Mikeru / 10y 56d 15h 59m 29s
He purred when she hugged him. "Thank you baby." He started to relax "Thank you so much." He sighed and relaxed. He continued changing the channels searching for something else to watch.
  Keiichi Tachiji / KeiichiTachiji / 10y 56d 16h 13m 15s

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