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After flying of to L.A, Selene has to stay in a hotel for a while until her parents come back from their 2 month trip. Since her family is rich she gets to have everything she want in her stay. All the employees love her and attend her every need, except one...The waiter..The room service personal. Even though he hates her he still work because of his family troubles. But something keeps drawing them together until one day..they kiss?!!!


1. Cybering is fine, not too much though
2. Real pictures only.
3. no post shorter than a paragraph.
4. Don't be an attention hog. [It's annoying, and no one likes it.]
5. Post once a day. [If you're gone for 5-7 days, your out.]
6. Swearing allowed. [Softcore, Not Hardcore.]
7.If you read the rules, write your fav. ice cream flavor with your skelly
8.Romance is encouraged.
9. No text talk, though lol, brb, omg and ect... are okay.
10. Be realistic in your reactions.

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