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Have you ever thought that arranged marriages where just stupid and useless?
Guess what. To some people, they aren't.
People still use arranged marriages, especially rich or royal families.
What would happen if you had an arranged marriage I wonder?
You would refuse it?
Well what if you were brought up to believe that you were simply a financial burden and the only way you would ever help and be loved by your family is if you were married into a good family?
Oh, so it would be different then.
Well what would you do if you were like Yuki?
Who's Yuki? What are you serious?
Yuki, the rich girl who lives in the mansion with her family.
What do you mean what about her? You heard.
Her farther arranged a marriage for her, not only that, but he's keeping it a secret and trying to get _________ to get Yuki to fall for him all on her own. I feel sorry for her.
Yeah, maybe the whole town will be invited to the wedding, if we're real lucky.

Yuki, at sixteen years of age, has been arranged a marriage with _________.
Her father decided that __________ would have to charm her and make her fall in love. The only problem was, Yuki had never left the safety of the mansion's grounds, which consist of the mansion, a lake and a surrounding forest. Yuki spends most of her time in the forest, isolated from everyone else.
The problem is, that she doesn't exactly know how to interact with people.
What will _________ do?
Will he be able to win her heart? Or will he be rejected by the beautiful maiden.
Basic ES rules
Romance is definitely encouraged.
Swearing is a yes. Since _________ and his family get out more.
Anime only.
Semi-literate please.
Ask to join, and put 'arranged and now known' in your post so I know you've read everything.

Name: Yuki Tanisuri
Age: 16 [I'd like the character who joins to be at least 17-19 please]
Position in her family: Only daughter

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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.:It will help ith names and such, since I've got a lot of role plays going, I'm always forgetting who's name is what:.
  Yuki Tanisuri / Mikeru / 10y 40d 11h 27m 49s

  wolfygirl190 / 10y 40d 16h 16m 26s
Sure, you'll need a picture though.
  Yuki Tanisuri / Mikeru / 10y 42d 23h 23m 0s

  wolfygirl190 / 10y 43d 3h 12m 53s
I'd really appreciate it if you'd join.
  Yuki Tanisuri / Mikeru / 10y 44d 14h 15m 38s

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