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Deart Heart... I Fell In Love, Good Luck.

Friends...Sometimes people wish it was easy to say you're just that with someone. Highschool though, tends to ruin that comfort of the phrase. This particular group of friends have been together for as long as they can remember and have gone through good and bad, but with the introduction of highschool they begin to feel the difference...

Love begin to brew, crushes grow and jealousy strikes. Confusion bursts into these young teens lives and heartbreak is looming in the dark, waiting to pounce. While they all wish to be friends, they can't ignore all these new and pressuring emotions that are hitting them with such force. Although they've been friends they whole lives, this experience may bring out the worst and best in them. Friendships could be torn apart, secrets revealed and new love sprung... But the outcome is unknown.

As these teens battle through their highschool years, anything can happen. Problems arise, such as old enemies who want once and for all to destroy the strong friendships that bind this group together. These students will do nearly anything to turn the teens against each other and have victory. What will happen?

The Friends

The Happy One TAKEN
He likes Her but is too shy when it comes to crushes and love. He's scared of what might happen since he thinks that She likes Him when in fact, they are just close friends. He's usually very outgoing and fun to be around, always cheering his friends up when needed and cracking cheesy jokes. Along with guitar and singing, He's fairly artistic and entertaining.

The Arts Girl TAKEN
She likes Him but is also scared of the outcome, she believes that if she tells him of her feelings, that it would ruin their friendship. Although some of the others can tell there's something going on between the two, they still won't admit their feelings. She's also somewhat into the arts, but more singing and dancing. All the time dancing is what She find soothing and calming, something to take the mind off of unwanted things.

The AthleteTAKEN
Although He looks tough, that's not the case. A sweetheart is a better description even if He doesn't look it. He likes Her but has been told by Her that She likes Him so he tries to be supportive and hide his own feelings. Kindness, love, care and being protective over the group of friends are the traits He carries.

The Shy One TAKEN
Although shy, this girl is very kind at heart and has much to say. A lot of time is spent with everyone in the group, but out of the guys She favours Him, having grown a crush on the boy in the past little while. Socialism isn't really the thing for this girl, instead of telling the crush about the feelings that have arisen, She waits and hopes that He will make a move.

The Adventurer TAKEN

This boy really enjoys the outdoors or anything having to do with having fun and getting the adrenalin going. He's stuck between Her and Her and can't seem to choose which one He likes most. Most of the time, you can see this boy outdoors. Whether it's watching the clouds or climbing trees, He never seems to stop doing something in nature.

The Tomboy TAKEN
Although a tomboy, this girl has her female moments. Fun to be around, and always acting tough, this girl is definatly one of the protectors of the group. She likes Him but doesn't know if she want's to put up with a relationship yet. For Her, other things are on her mind, such as the groups enemies, who just happen to be going to the same high school.

The Enemies

The Popular One

All She is out for, is Him. All through school her eye has been on this boy, and she will do anything to get what she wants, even if it hurts Her, who She's already heard likes Him. Many plans formulate in this girls mind, and She's more than eager to put them into action.

The Pervert/Player
Her best friend and partner in crime, He's just out to split the group up, and take whoever he can get. Along with his partners plans, a few of His own are forming to help destroy the friendships.


~*~Literacy/Posting: If you haven't already guessed, I want this fairly literate. At least more than a paragraph, I want something people can go off of and something IN YOUR CHARACTER. If you are someone like the shy one, I don't want to see you running around talking to everyone and being hyper. Stay in character, write a decent amount and you'll be fine.

~*~Activity: Please be able to respond to this almost, if not everyday. Tell us when you are leaving so we are not left hanging and tell me is you will be away from the roleplay for more than three days.

~*~Creativity: Be creative, this needs drama and the baddies need to have ideas. Make this as dramatic as you want, as long as there is no god-modding.

~*~ Fighting: Is allowed, don't go too overboard with graphical explanation though. A little blood, maybe a broken arm, but no gore and no killing.

~*~ Romance: IMPORTANT, this obviously is a romance based roleplay, but I don't want to see cybering. Baddie's can in a way 'seduce' the friends and trick them into loving/hating someone else but if I see the clothes coming off, you'll be getting a warning.

~*~ Extra Characters: I will only allow made up ENEMIES, no extra plain teens.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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  Tyla Ironside / Islyn / 10y 78d 18h 52m 18s
Ray sighed softly as he fixed the flannel that he was wearing. Adjusting the color, He left the flannel unbuttoned,reavealing his white t shirt that seemed to wrap around his body pretty well to show off. He smiled and then he put his belt on and then he grabbed his binder and his phone.He only lived about two blocks from the school so he coul just easily walk there. A sigh escaped the boys lips as he shut the door to his room and then he walked down the stairs. Silence meeting his ears. Something he was used to. His parents always busy with work.It doesn't bother him. There usually here during dinner and they usually talk then. They weren't the closest family but his parents tried.

He opened the fridge trying to find anything but found nothing. After five minutes of searching through the cabinets and what not. He just grabbed a nutrition bar and then a protein shake. He shook the bottle as he walked out the door and turned around and then he locked the door before sliding his keys into his pocket and then he took a bite of the nutrition bar and then he slowly chewwed at it. Making his way to the school.

Ten minutes later he stepped onto the familiar territory and he grinned. Though most students hated school. He loved it. It's where he saw all his friends,Where he played his sports. Just,everything. He liked it. With a smile he walked forward and walked to the familiar tree to see a familiar figure. He grinned as he dropped his binder to the floor and looked at her."You tired?"He asked as he also sat down and then he laid down on his back and then he stared up at the sky and smiled.

"It's a nice day. Too bad yesterday wasn't like that when we got back from the lake. Me and a couple of the guys frm the football team that is."He said. Knowing that his parents we're at there work and they wouldn't be able to attend the lake with him. He didn't mind. He just told them that maybe another time they would be able to spend time with each other. They said defiantly next time.Which he knew meant that they'll make up another excuse for why they can't go next time. He rolled his eyes a bit at the thought before looking at Tyla."How was your summer?"He asked.
  Ray / MaxyBear / 10y 80d 12h 23m 42s
Tyla sighed as she looked at the highschool from her spot on the sidewalk. She had missed her friends dearly since she'd been gone for the summer on a sort of vacation with the family, or course though.... It hadn't been all too plesant, nothing was with her family. The only time she'd see her parents calm and kind was on the rare times she'd bring friends over. To her, school was home and home was a cage that she could be free of when she wanted... But always had to return to.

The trip was like home, there were constant fights at the hotel they'd stayed at and whenever they went to the beaches, Raeona was watched like an eagle by her father who always seemed to simply wait for her to mess up. Things were getting bad when the final night her father blew it over something as simple as the clothes not all fighting in the suitcase on the first try. Of course, he took out that anger on both Serenity and her mother and the sad thing was, it was a normal occurance to the teenager.

All her life she's hidden this abuse, only wearing t-shirts and short when the bruises wouldn't be seen. Her fear was for her friends, she didn't want them involved and she didn't want them to worry either. The beatings normally occured every few days, at least twice a week and they were all over pathetic un-important things, though sometimes she was lucky and there was the rare good week where they wouldn't happen at all. Now that school was back, her acting skills would need to come in handy whenever she began to dwell on her home life. That was, if her friends hadn't changed schools magically over the summer break.

With a deep breath, Tyla took a step on to the known grounds of the school and she began to walk over to a tree that her friends and her all used to hang out at. Once there she set her bag down and sat beneath it, resting her back against the strong trunk and tilting her head back to rest against it also. A small smile came to her lips as memories flooded to her mind and she closed her eyes, able to see clear images of those wonderful memories of the past.
  Tyla Ironside / Islyn / 10y 81d 3h 28m 16s

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