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Angel's... They're supposed to be perfect and live in the perfect place called heaven. But she was one of those people and she wasn't living there... When she discovered that the one she loved was supposed to die she left, determined to protect him. It was strange, she had never thought that one day she would die in a terrible car crash and end up being his guardian angel. Here she was, little old Clary, looking for the one she missed and loved just to protect him even though doing so meant she wouldn't be able to go back to that perfect place called heaven.

The car crash, had been the worst thing in her life. She'd had a good life, with a loving family and the greatest best friend any girl could ask for. Then a few drinks for her parents later, and they were too drunk to see well enough to avoid the huge transport coming right at them, there was no way they could have survived it, and so she was taken from this world.

She was still searching for him on earth, still looking. To the humans she was another human. Only to certain people would she show her wings. Of course, being an angel she looked alot more beautiful like angels were supposed to be. But you could still see her old self in there still. The city below her was where she had last seen him and she hoped he was still there. With a deep breath she entered the city into the busy streets. It was dark and all the lights from buildings were glowing, sending random streaks of colour everywhere as she walked through crowds who were going to parties or friends houses in search of him.

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Luckily she hadn't been forced to fight them, she managed to freak them out and threaten them, only showing a bit of force by breaking Jason's wrist fairly easily. Eventually they left and she turned to see Carson passed out on the ground. A small sigh escaped her lips as she knelt next to him and pushed hair from his eyes. I should have noticed the fight sooner She thought to herself as she managed to get him off the ground and onto her back.

With a grunt of effort, she managed to get him to his car and into the passenger seat. After she checked him again and found his keys, she rushed over to the drivers side and started up the car. It didn't take long to get him home and once they were there she got him inside and to his room, laying him down on his bed before sitting on the end of it, staring down at the sheets as she thought to herself and waited for him to wake up.
  Clary Fray / Islyn / 10y 79d 5h 56m 4s
Carson moaned, taking a second and third punch to the stomach. He couldn't breathe, the air knocked out of him much. He slumped, and would have been on the floor were it not for the two holding him up by the arms. He was so low now, the next punch would be level with his face. Jason himself stepped up to "do the honors" with a sneer on his face. Closing his eyes, Carson prayed he would pass out quickly.

The added pain never came. The two thugs dropped his arms, letting him fall to the floor, landing on the cement. Groaning, he rolled onto his side, clutching his chest and stomach, focusing on his breathing. He glanced up, eyes watering to see a shadow against the bright sky, red hair. He thought vaguely that the hair looked familiar. The last thing he heard was a startled "You're supposed to be freaking dead!" before he blacked out.
  Carson Jaymes / SilentSounds / 10y 79d 6h 3m 14s
Clary heard some kind of commotion not too far away and her eyes shifted to look up. Jason, she'd never liked that guy, but there was Carson with them. Instantly she got to her feet and ran over, hurrying and sliding in front of him just as one of the lackeys was about to throw a punch. She caught his fist in her hand and glared at him.

Sure, it was a little showy, especially since more girls for one wouldn't do so and two wouldn't be able to stop a decently built guys punch. Of course though, being an angel had it's upsides for agility and strength. At first she said nothing, not sure of what to do, she doubted they'd leave just because a girl stopped them. Thing was, if they tried to fight it off she could easily out do them and she was planning to do so, she was going to start protecting her friend now starting with these people.
  Clary Fray / Islyn / 10y 79d 6h 14m 50s
Carson slid quietly from his seat where he'd been for the last hour of school, sitting, rather bored as Mrs. Prewett talked on and on about the uses of Calculus in the modern world. Carson sighed. When would he use this, in the real world? Being in a band had it's perks. No history, only some math, some science, and with English, his strong subject. He smiled faintly, thinking of his guitar that waited for him in his car. He had band practice this afternoon, like every day. It was the one thing that remained the same, even after Clary. Finally, when the bell rang, he stood, walking to his locker. After gathering his few books that he needed and his keys, he walked outside. Breathing fresh air, he slid into the parking lot.

A hard push on his back made him go sprawling with a faint yell. His eyes narrowed, turning to see none other than Jason, the school's current jock, quarterback, and asshole. As usual, flanked by several of his croonies. "What do you want?" he asked the group, irritated. Carson pushed himself to his feet, taking an involuntary step back. Jason laughed harshly, nodding once. The guys around him lunged, two grabbing his arms, one landing a punch to his stomach. Carson yelled in pain, and tried to double over, but the two guys were holding him upright. He glanced around, but most people were gone already; and those who were left didn't want to get involved.
  Carson Jaymes / SilentSounds / 10y 79d 6h 26m 47s
Clary sighed as she walked through the school yard. She'd went there just to see if for whatever reason he had gone there. She'd checked the inside and the back field but saw no sign of him. This may be more difficult then I thought... I have to find him before they do She thought to herself as she sighed and walked towards the front of the school again, staring at the ground.

Once she was at the front she sat underneath a tree, one they'd always met under before school when she was still alive. She sat there and stared at the grass. Where else would he be? I can't just go to his house... He wouldn't even believe that I came back as an angel It was kind of funny, she used to tell him theories of guardian angels she had, about how she was sure they were real. In a way now, she'd become his guardian angel. Yeah and great job... You can't even find the guy She said with a frustrated sigh.

So many memories were here... She used to love being at school, it was the one place she felt really at home. Her home life wasn't really all too bad, but she never had enjoyed it. All the time she'd try to hang out somewhere besides home just to get away.
  Clary Fray / Islyn / 10y 79d 6h 43m 19s
Carson Jaymes sighed to himself, rolling over in bed. Another day he slept longer than intended. Yet, he refuses to set the alarm. They were just... Annoying. The loud, excessive beeping was purely irritating. Groaning, he stood, toes curling at the cold touch of colliding with the polished wood floors. Carson sighed again, exhaling more sharply than before as he padded softly down the hall to the bathroom. Living in the three-bedroom apartment with his dad and older brother, he really didn't mind sharing a bathroom with them. They each had their own drawers.

Spinning the faucets, Carson waited for the water to heat up, and when it did, he slipped soundlessly into the shower, letting the rain of steamy water splash on his face. A few minutes later, he grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist, and stepped from the shower stall. A loud knock was heard, and unthinkingly, he pulled the door open to reveal Mason, his nineteen year older brother. He raised an eyebrow questioningly, oblivious to the fact he was standing in just a towel. Mason didn't really care either, apparently. "Hurry up, Carson! I need to get to work!" his brother complained, and recieved a chuckle from his baby brother. he shook his head violently, causing water droplets to fly everywhere, hitting everything from the walls to the mirror, to his brother. Mason yelled his protest.

Turning, he grabbed his clothes, and walked from the bathroom, to his own room. "Hurry up or you'll be late," he ordered good-naturedly, shutting the door behind him. Once the door was shut, he quickly changed into a a Styx band tshirt, a pair of worn, blue denim jeans, and a pair of converse, then ran his hands through his hair so it didn't look like he'd just woken up, even though he did. He hurried to the kitchen, picking his phone and car keys up on the way. No time for breakfast; he needed to get to the library to check out a book for a paper he was writing. Slipping outside, he got in his car, a shiny Audi R8, and backed out of the driveway.

His mind immediately went to his best friend. He didn't have to pick her up anymore. God, Clary. I miss you, Carson thought. His grip tightened on the steering wheel as he thought of her, emotions spiking. Suddenly he was at the school parking lot, not even remembering he had driven there.
  Carson Jaymes / SilentSounds / 10y 79d 12h 7m 8s
That's fine ^^
  Clary Fray / Islyn / 10y 82d 6h 45m 14s
Cool. I'll post in a few. It'll take me a while to write.
  Carson Jaymes / SilentSounds / 10y 82d 6h 45m 46s
Yeah they were best friends until the crash. Which is why she came back after hearing that for some reason he was in danger.
  Clary Fray / Islyn / 10y 82d 6h 50m 41s
Kay. Question, did he know her before she died?
  Carson Jaymes / SilentSounds / 10y 82d 6h 53m 24s
okay well go ahead, that was the starter also so it should leave you lots of room to decide how to start this off.
  Clary Fray / Islyn / 10y 82d 6h 56m 3s
  Carson Jaymes / SilentSounds / 10y 82d 6h 57m 46s
Sure ^^
  Clary Fray / Islyn / 10y 82d 6h 59m 41s
[May I join? This might be interesting =) ]
  Carson Jaymes / SilentSounds / 10y 82d 7h 1m 1s
Please be able to type at least two paragraphs or one good one. I don't want any less than that.
  Clary Fray / Islyn / 10y 82d 7h 8m 36s

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