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Akai is a vampire, who fell in love with.. another vampire...but...there's a catch...their families hate each other.What's the secret behind their families hatred? will they ever be together?


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She got home and hopped on her bed yawning lightly.
  Arashi / NekoArashi / 10y 76d 6h 38m 19s
Raven smilled as she said "dont worry ok but just go talk to him while i his older brother" as she said it in a wisper and then went inside the house and up stairs to get ready .
  Raven kuran / Matthardy / 10y 77d 15h 13m 55s
She shrugged.
"Why would I be worried?"
She said to her sister as they walked.But in fact she was very worried..She needed to have a serious conversation with Him.
  Arashi / NekoArashi / 10y 80d 10h 31m 28s
Raven walked next to her as she said "dont worry about them alright" as she smilled and hugged her sister.
  Matthardy / 10y 80d 15h 32m 2s
She nodded.
"I understand.."
She said as she kept walking toward her house a bit upset.
  Arashi / NekoArashi / 10y 81d 1h 17m 0s
Raven looked at her as she said" shhhhh! Damn mom and dad will hear if you do well mom and dad hates this familly and im dating there older brother" as she looked her and smilled.
  Raven kuran / Matthardy / 10y 81d 1h 25m 23s
She asked turning to look at her.
"What do you mean?"
She said walking pass he to their house, the far one up the hill of course.
  Arashi / NekoArashi / 10y 81d 1h 29m 11s
Raven humped her shoulders as she said "you should be happy i never got that kind of treatment before so lets go home i have a date with a ravile"
  Raven kuran / Matthardy / 10y 81d 1h 35m 39s
"Yeah least your threaded better than me..I'm not a child anymore, i can hunt on my own and i can defend myself, It's not fair that their always lurking around my every move.."
She said anger growing in her voice.
  Arashi / NekoArashi / 10y 81d 2h 21m 1s
"Yeah thats why im pissed they made me come and i didnt have time to change so i left in my boxers and sports bra well i am the oldest you know but still " raven told her as she stucked the heart dry .
  Raven kuran / Matthardy / 10y 81d 2h 23m 58s
She rolled her eyes at her sister pulling away from the man's neck.She licked her hands like a kitten licking the blood from her fingers.
"Did mom and dad ask you to come?"
She asked cleaning herself.
  Arashi / NekoArashi / 10y 81d 2h 30m 52s
Raven looked at her as she said "oh well and poor man" as she left the guy up and shoved her hand through his body as she pulled out his heart and had a sick twisted look oh her face as she bit into his heart.
  Raven kuran / Matthardy / 10y 81d 4h 41m 56s
She rolled her eyes biting deeply on the man's neck.She suck on it for a long while before turning to her.
"I don't need a baby sitter..."
  Arashi / NekoArashi / 10y 81d 5h 1m 16s
Raven frown as her eyes went red as she said "to get you smart ass" and cross her arms as she started to get pissed off.
  Raven kuran / Matthardy / 10y 81d 6h 12m 11s
She sighed as her smile turned to a frown.
"What are you doing here?"
She said walking over to the man.
  Arashi / NekoArashi / 10y 81d 7h 10m 16s

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