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Welcome to Dance Academy, also known as Rose Academy for girls.
You have been accepted into this performing arts school because of your abilities.
We welcome you to our school, and we hope that with our help, you may bloom into beautiful roses and flourish the world with your beauty.
"Yeah right," Yuka said scrunching up the decorated piece of paper that had been sent in an envelope with a golden ribbon outlining it. "I refuse to attend this school. It's in Japan for Christ's sake!"

In the end, she went. It's been two years, and she had easily climbed to the top of the performing list within her first few weeks attending the school, and she became the most popular girl.
It is her third year in this school now, and a fresh transfer is coming in. But there is something different about this student.
The difference is, it's a male!
Not just any male though, the spoiled grandson of the headmistress.
What happens when he is roomed next to Yuka, and she becomes pressured by her role as the lead performer for the upcoming play, 'Waltz Of Dream'?
Will Opposites attract?
Or will things become too much for both of them to handle?
Code of Conduct:
. All students must be in their rooms by nine o'clock, unless you have permission. Lights are to be out by ten, and no leaving the room unless the bathroom is needed.
. Students will attend all classes and club activities. If you are caught truanting, you will be severely punished.
. Students will attend Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As will as recess breaks if they wish.
. Students are not allowed to enter restricted area's.
. If anyone has trouble finding their way or has a question, they may see the Headmistress when she is available.
. Students must have permission from the headmistress and their dorm master before they may leave campus.
. If a student is sick, they may use their rooms' telephone to contact the nurse.
. Ill behavior and disrespect is not tolerated and will be severely dealt with.
. Students must wear the required uniform during school hours. Accessories such as loop earrings and such will not be accepted as pert of the dress code.
. Students may be involved in relationships, if they wish, but sexual activities will be harshly and properly dealt with.
Translation of Rules:
. The first on is just meant to be a basic school rule, it technically means nothing.
. Same with the second one, but each class has to be attended.
. Third, same.
. PM me if you have questions.
. Just a regular school rule.
. Again, a regular school rule.
. Swearing, yes, but not to teachers.
. Anime only.
. No cyber, but romance is a yes.
. This is an add on:
Put the fourth Code Of Conduct rule when you ask to join, so I know you've read the rules.

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Yuka stepped into her room. Trying to remember what she had originally been crying about anyway.
She glanced around the room. Nothing here could make her feel better, or even have anyway of expressing her emotions.
She wanted to dance. But she didn't even have the will power to stand anymore.

She moved over to her bed and the sank into it, wanting to hid from the world.
Tears stained the white sheets and made them damp.
"Julian," she sobbed quietly.
  Yuka / Mikeru / 9y 194d 23h 14m 29s

Julian pressed himself against the closed door clenching his eyes shut. It was killing him inside of what he had done, he didn't mean to hurt her but he just seemed to keep doing it. Knowing what he had to do to make things better, sure it would hurt him but he had to try. He walked over to the box shaped bed and flung himself on it. Not really feeling in the mood to do anything, it was hurting so much. And with that last thought running through his head there came the first of many tears.
  Julian / Rane / 9y 195d 4h 57m 44s
"Wait!" She had yelled before he closed the door, but it looked like he had decided to ignore her.
She hadn't wanted to hurt him like that, and she still didn't want to hurt him, but even so, more tears streamed down her face. She only wanted to know how he felt about her.
"Why do I have to be so weak?" she asked herself, gripping onto the railing tightly. "I'm only hurting him with how selfish I'm being."
What was she going to do now? Was he going to ignore her completely?
  Yuka / Mikeru / 9y 204d 19h 24m 44s
Julian nodded his head "Yuka you must quit saying sorry. Don't tell me your sorry no more, I won't hear of it. I should be the one that is sorry. I have offended you in some way, I know I have. You were perfectly fine til I came along and now look at you. Your a wreak and I feel terrible for it." He sighed "I will leave you alone now Yuka really I will. Don't worry, I won't make you cry anymore." And with that he bowed to her and went into his room shutting the door behind him before she could even get a word out.
  Julian / Rane / 9y 205d 7h 23m 18s
"N-no!" she blurted out covering her mouth with her hands, shocked at how easily it had slipped out. "I wasn't crying because of you, I was just thinking about something."
It was a lie, but how could she let him know that she was crying because of her confussion about her own emotions?
"You didn't hurt me, I' msorry if it seemed that way."
  Yuka / Mikeru / 9y 205d 10h 7m 8s
He chuckled, not real loud of course, not wanting to hurt her feelings. Looking her over, he took in the condition she was in. He closed his eyes as it hurt to even see her like that and her not telling him why was killing him. Once he finally opened his eyes again he sighed. "I'm sorry Yuka. Didn't mean to hurt you."
  Julian / Rane / 9y 205d 10h 57m 53s
Yuka didn't realize he was there at first. She rubbed her blood shot eyes and groaned quietly.
That was when she noticed him. She jumped back slightly.
"J-Julian!" she looked away. "Sorry, you startled me."
  Yuka / Mikeru / 9y 205d 11h 5m 3s
Julian heard a door open but it wasn't a hallway door but a sliding door. He looked over and saw the sliding door that lead to a balcony. He had never noticed it before or he had but just never really paid much attention to it. He put all of his clothes back into the closet and walked out but to his suprise he saw Yuka outside leaning against the railing. He leaded against his railing sideways to look at her. Elbow resting on the rail while it was holding up his head he was smiling at her.
  Julian / Rane / 9y 205d 11h 20m 14s
Yuka sighed and closed her door, still crying and sobbing. Was it really fair for her to cry about this?
She wiped her eyes and set on her bed.
"Great," she muttered. "Now my eyes sting."
She glanced to the side, watching out the glass sliding doors that led out to her balcony. It was a clear day, but to her, it seemed like storm clouds would roll over any minute.
SHe slid the door open and stepped out. The cool breeze hit her like a slap across the face. She sighed and leant down onto the railing.
  Yuka / Mikeru / 9y 205d 12h 37m 37s
Julian walked over to the corner of his room and started to go through some of his most prized dance costumes. His mother made most but when He'vera Chorhzt made him his first gilzt costume he fell in love and suddenly that were all of his money went to. He kept every one, even if it didn't fit anymore.
  Julian / Rane / 9y 205d 18h 30m 28s
"Wa--!" She said, running toward the door, but when she made it there, he had was already in his dorm room.
WHy hadn't she wanted him to leave? It's not like either of them had anything to talk about really.
"Why does he have to be so kind?" she asked, tears now streaming down her face. "It's not fair."
  Yuka / Mikeru / 9y 206d 12h 33m 8s
Julian smiled "Well, secrets are never fun but i'll respect your choice." He picked her up as if she was the lightest thing in the world and sat her easily on her bed. The he started for the door. "I guess I will see you later my dearest Yuka?" He asked the question as he left and walked into his room smiling from ear to ear.
  Julian / Rane / 9y 206d 12h 36m 43s
"I-I don't know," she said quietly, wriggiling a bit as his arms enclosed around her.
He felt so warm and smelt so good. She could give anything just to be in the position forever. SHe burried her face into his neck, loving his scent.
"There is something on my mind," she finally added. "but I can't tell you what it is."
  Yuka / Mikeru / 9y 206d 12h 59m 46s
Julian laughed lightly "Well if you were okay then why are you pulling me closer?" He asked in a whisper wrapping his arms around her so she couldn't pull away from him after he pointed it out. "I mean I don't mind it honey but that just tells me thats you have something on your mind and you are needing someone to talk to." He lightly laid his head on hers lovingly.
  Julian / Rane / 9y 206d 13h 5m 29s
When Julian pulled her even closer, she did blush.
"J-Julian," she said quietly. "I-I'm fine really."
She didn't know what else to do, what could she do. She wanted just to stay like this, but not just as friends. She moved her arms so they wrapped around him and she rested her hin on his shoulder gently.
"I'm.. really okay."
  Yuka / Mikeru / 9y 206d 13h 15m 20s

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