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Welcome to Dance Academy, also known as Rose Academy for girls.
You have been accepted into this performing arts school because of your abilities.
We welcome you to our school, and we hope that with our help, you may bloom into beautiful roses and flourish the world with your beauty.
"Yeah right," Vasilisa said scrunching up the decorated piece of paper that had been sent in an envelope with a golden ribbon outlining it. "I refuse to attend this school. It's in Japan for Christ's sake!"
In the end, she went. It's been two years, and she had easily climbed to the top of the performing list within her first few weeks attending the school, and she became the most popular girl.
It is her third year in this school now, and a fresh transfer is coming in. But there is something different about this student.
The difference is, it's a male!
Not just any male though, the spoiled grandson of the headmistress.
What happens when he is roomed next to Vasilisa, and she becomes pressured by her role as the lead performer for the upcoming play, 'Waltz Of The Flowers'?
Will Opposites attract?
Or will things become too much for both of them to handle?
Code of Conduct:
. All students must be in their rooms by nine o'clock, unless you have permission. Lights are to be out by ten, and no leaving the room unless the bathroom is needed.
. Students will attend all classes and club activities. If you are caught truanting, you will be severely punished.
. Students will attend Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As will as recess breaks if they wish.
. Students are not allowed to enter restricted area's.
. If anyone has trouble finding their way or has a question, they may see the Headmistress when she is available.
. Students must have permission from the headmistress and their dorm master before they may leave campus.
. If a student is sick, they may use their rooms' telephone to contact the nurse.
. Ill behavior and disrespect is not tolerated and will be severely dealt with.
. Students must wear the required uniform during school hours. Accessories such as loop earrings and such will not be accepted as pert of the dress code.
. Students may be involved in relationships, if they wish, but sexual activities will be harshly and properly dealt with.
Translation of Rules:
. The first on is just meant to be a basic school rule, it technically means nothing.
. Same with the second one, but each class has to be attended.
. Third, same.
. PM me if you have questions.
. Just a regular school rule.
. Again, a regular school rule.
. Swearing, yes, but not to teachers.
. Anime only.
. No cyber, but romance is a yes.
. This is an add on:
Put the fourth Code Of Conduct rule when you ask to join, so I know you've read the rules.

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Boy: PlaysBass

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Vasilisa gave a weak smile and took his hands, but instead of standing up, she hugged him.
"I'm sorry," she repeated. She could feel herself blushing fro his laugh. Had she done something stupid?
  Vasilisa / Mikeru / 10y 48d 11h 26m 35s
Kado let a small laugh out at her innocence. smiling he said "I would quite enjoy to have a relationship with you" He let out a hand to help her up.
  Kado Takahoto / PlaysBass / 10y 48d 11h 30m 30s
Vasilisa looked up at him almost pleadingly.
"I guess," she sadi quietly. "I could try and have a relationship with you, to try and move things along, but if you don't want to, then I understand."
She didn't even know why he had really invited her to dinner. Did he really want to eat, or was this to hummiliate her? She gave him a small smile and wiped her tears from her cheeks.
  Vasilisa / Mikeru / 10y 48d 12h 21m 45s
Kado knelt in front of her attempting to comfort her. "Hey, you don't have to love me, I'm just glad I'm considered 'more than liked' to be honest, that's how most relationships work. It starts with a spark, that when nurtured by a healthy relationship becomes a burning passions between two people." I'm not saying I love you now, but I do feel a spark between you and I, and not just on the dance floor." Kado smiled hoping his little speech had made a dent in her guard.
  Kado Takahoto / Playsbass / 10y 48d 13h 1m 55s
:: :D It died~::
  Vasilisa / Mikeru / 10y 55d 21h 39m 29s
The tears continued to fall and she was still sobbing.
"I don't know if I love you, b-but I know it's more than like," she said. She looked down again. She couldn't look in her eyes. "E-ever since you made me blush for the first time. I-I couldn't tell you, because I was afraid, afraid of what people would say."

Now she was shaking uncontrollably.
"I am so sorry," her knees grew week, and she dropped to the floors. Unconsciously, she moved her hands and they clung to her upper arms, to protect herself, in a way.
  Vasilisa / Mikeru / 10y 68d 14h 29m 29s
Kado sped up after her. Eventually stopping in front of her. "Vasilisa.. you can tell me anything.. If you know how you feel please tell me, I told you how I felt about you, the least you could do is return the favor?" Kado looked at her deeply in the eyes moving his hands down to hers holding them gently.
  Kado Takahoto / PlaysBass / 10y 68d 14h 38m 50s
Vasilisa's hands were now clutching the skirt of her dress, and tears were falling freely.
"I-It's not that I need time to think about it," she said. "It's just, I know how I feel, but I don't know how to tell you, and I'm scared. I'm scared that my true feelings will only ruin what we have now."
Her hair was still covering her eyes, and she was still quivering.

"I'm sorry," she said standing up also. "Maybe this dinner wasn't such a good idea after all."
She began to walk toward the door, on hand holding her side because she felt ill, and the other covering her mouth in embarrassment.
  Vasilisa / Mikeru / 10y 68d 14h 49m 22s
"I knew it..." "Umm.. Not exactly the reaction I was going for.. Maybe I should just give you some time, I think I really just messed something up here" Kado stood up with his head down beginning to walk to the lake, and taking a cigarette from his pocket. He stood and turned around to look at her before walking away to see if she had anything to say. "Please stop crying... I- I feel so stupid you were too up front with her.
  Kado Takahoto / PlaysBass / 10y 68d 14h 55m 37s
Vasilisa stared. Blinking a few times, and never taking her eyes off his.
"U-Uhm," her head slowly tilted down so he couldn't see her eyes anymore. "I-I don't really know how to respond to that."

She could feel it, she was quivering. Was it embarrassment? Shock?
No, this was fear.
"I've never liked anyone before, so I don't really know how to..."
She couldn't even finish her sentence.
Oh god. I'm so scared. If I admit that I like him, things might fall apart.
Tears started to well up in her eyes, blurring her vision.
"I'm so sorry," her hands lifted up to her eyes to hide her tears, even though sobbing could clearly be heard.
  Vasilisa / Mikeru / 10y 68d 15h 4m 53s
His eyes opened widely embarrassed that she had to ask. Kado never really liked admitting to girls that he liked them. It was weird to put himself out on a wire like that At least when it came to dancing they would choose him on his talent and ability to dance. Girls, will choose a guy over an assortment of things, things Kado didn't know he had proved to her well enough yet. Trying not to wait for an awkward silence he said with his best showmanship "The truth is.. after spending pretty much this entire day with you, it just makes me really want to spend even more time with you, what I'm trying to say is that. I- I think I like you Vasilisa..alot" Kado looked into her eyes hiding the fact he was scared shitless in his mind. "Oh God... here it comes"
  Kado Takahoto / PlaysBass / 10y 68d 15h 21m 44s
The truth spoken from his lips was shocking. She'd actually never thought about the future before.
"I guess your right," she said. "But no smoking isn't a stupid rule. You need to have good lungs and keep fit to be a dancer. You need to always be healthy."
She sighed.

Being a dancer, she'd been hurt quiet a few times, but she had been expected to perform, so she would try all sorts of pills and creams to get her back on her feet.
"Why," she began. "Did you ask me out for dinner if you aren't here to eat?"
  Vasilisa / Mikeru / 10y 68d 15h 31m 19s
" That's fine with me, I'm not really here for the food anyway" He looked into her eyes, out at the lake, then right back to her. "They never let me eat anything I wanted.. I'd have to sneak out. You see, I have this problem with rules-- Well, let me correct that. Stupid rules, such as no smoking We're dancers, we get stressed out, sure it makes it harder to breathe but you can only dance when your young anyway, right? Nobody wants a middleaged dancer anymore." Kado leaned back into his seat sipping his water.
  Kado Takahoto / PlaysBass / 10y 68d 15h 34m 57s
"Actually," she said, turning bright red herself. "I've never eaten burger, or anything that resembles fast food. I'm always on a diet, since I'm a dancer and all. I bet that seems, kind of weird to you."
She sighed.

Suddenly, her appetite was gone.
She gave a half smile, trying to hide her troubled thoughts.
"I doubt I'll be able to eat all that's put in front of me, but I'll do my best."
  Vasilisa / Mikeru / 10y 68d 15h 45m 39s
"Well, I've lived in god knows how many countries, this time being the first time I've returned 'home' both my parents are too busy running business in other countries to care about anything else in accordance to my life. Trying to get off the subject of family. "Would you like something to eat? Let's see, we have some salad, and some lean cut chicken Kado laughed. Even when I'm out to dinner it seems I'm always eating like I'm on a diet, can't say I can complain though Chicken and salad has grown on me. But man I couldn't tell you the last time I just slammed my face into a big greasy burger. Kado paused turning incredibly red. "How old are you?!?! She's gonna think you're so immature, did I really just blow it?"
  Kado Takahoto / PlaysBass / 10y 68d 15h 57m 12s

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