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"I don't know, pretty hard, I guess." She gave him a look like he was strange though so did several of the other kids in the room. "How hard am I suposed to pray? Does it really matter, if my father is not gonna claim me he's not gonna no point in putting to much into." That was what she had figured. She was hopeing maybe he had just forgot she was there and would just think, Oh yeah, and be like that, that is my kid. It didn't seemed to work like she wanted though.
  Lydia Binelle / silent-phantasm / 10y 76d 2h 21m 38s
Styx sipped his drink, but stood up not long after everyone was getting into their meals. He walked over to the Hermes table and sat down. He knew this was a very unusal thing to do, but he was a God, he didn't care.
"Lydia... when you put your food into the fire, how hard did you wish to be found?" He had a small guessing as to who her father was and he had a feeling that Chiron did as well. The way the girl was always seemingly tired, or did things half way. She would have to call extra hard to wake her father fom his slumber.
  Styx / Styx / 10y 76d 2h 45m 57s
Seeing how everyone just kinda spoke to their glass and the drink of their choice appeared. Lydia tried this, "Strawberry lemonade." She whispered because is was kind of weird to her to talk to a glass. The drink seemed to come from no place at all, that was something Lydia could get used to.
She found the food in this camp to be good also, things were looking up at least from what she could see in the mess hall.
Everyone seemed rather social although everyone stuck to their own tables. Lydia had a few people speak with her about camp and some of the things she should know along with info on the huntress people who were coming and the charriots she was wondering about.
  Lydia Binelle / silent-phantasm / 10y 76d 3h 4m 5s
As the Hades table went up, Styx led them.
"Now brothers and sisters, make a nice offering to Daddy. He'll love you more if you do."
They looked at him with their olive skin and dark eyes. He hated how all of the demi-gods looked alot alike. You would think that would be a dead give away to what cabin you belonged in, but you still had to be claimed. Turning to the fir, he smiled to the Goddess of the Hearth before dumping his whole plate into the fire. The flames lit up a dark purple as Styx muttered some words and as he turned, the turned back to their normal red and orange flickering glow.
Sitting back at his table, he grabbed his goblet.
"Strawberry-Mango limonata." he said, the glass automatically filling up with the pinkish orange liquid.
  Styx / Styx / 10y 76d 3h 32m 36s
She was listening but midway through what Chiron was saying, Lydia got distracted. 'He has horse legs?' she wondered to herself then snapped out of the little fact and payed attention again. She heard something about Charriot races and huntresses and a groaning from the majority. She was curious to why they disliked these girls.
Chiron sat once again, which was quite the weird idea for Lydia. then table by table the campers rose from their seats and put some food into the fire... an offering sounded pretty primal, but if it would help her father, she assumed it was her father as she knew her mother, to notice her after all this time.
Glanceing over at Styx she saw his expression was one of anger and couldn't help but want to know why, but she probably wouldn't ask.
The hermes cabin rose and formed a line leading up to the high burning flames of the fire. It burned brightly but hte flames were not intence. When it was Lydia's turn she scraped of a decent piece of the meat she had received as she had see all the others do and began to pray to her father to recognize her and put in a word or two to the godess of th ehearth like Styx had mentioned to do. Makeing it back to her seat they all waited for the offering to end, as soon as it did dinner began.
  Lydia Binelle / silent-phantasm / 10y 76d 7h 42m 57s
"Alright, as many of you know, we have a new camper. Her name is Lydia. Everyone please greet her."
There was a rather loud cheer throughout the large crowd of campers, the fire bursting high into the sky. It was obviously a good night.
Styx sat at his table, his eyes glued to Chiron. He knew that the centaur would do this prophecy just like the class. Would they have to wait for Lydia to be claimed before she could go see the Oracle? Sighing, he looked down at the ground, his eyes running up to the giant fissure Nico had produced.
"Damn..." he growled slightly.

"In other announcements, the chariot races will be starting again and in week's time we shall be holding the capture the flgad tornament. Thalia and the rest of the hunter's will be here for the game, so every one do there best!" He clapped his hands together, the food being brought to them afterwards.
The campers grumbled. They had lost against the Hunters every year for as long as any one could remember.
  Styx / Styx / 10y 76d 8h 11m 43s
ok, that works more me. :)
  Lydia Binelle / silent-phantasm / 10y 76d 23h 34s
"Um... thank you." She furrowed her brow what was he smiling about, she didn't bring anything for him to take so he couldn't have done anything like that. After standing carefully as not to get light headed, Lydia made her way to the mess hall area. Food sounded heavenly at thet moment.
Lydia seated herself at the hermes table after getting a plate of food and an empty glass. Looking around she saw no one was eating quite yet so she waited for whatever it was they were waiting on. Soon after one of the The two men from before, Chiron, sh ebelieved stood and everyone turned their attention there.
  Lydia Binelle / silent-phantasm / 10y 76d 23h 13m 51s
It was a mere hour later when the head camper for Hermes woke Lydia up.
"Hey Binelle, time to wake up. You don't want to miss dinner." he smiled mischeviously before walking away.
Styx sat at the Hades table only a few others joining him. It seemed to him that his dear old daddy wans't always faithful to mum. "They must have all been conceived during the summer months." He looked back at them and they all whispered with delight. It was rare when your sibling god sat with you at lunch.
  Styx / Styx / 10y 76d 23h 22m 25s
In a daze, Lydia did as she was told and went over to the cabin she that she was supposed to. Once she made it to the door to the building she wondered if she was to knock, deciding against it she walked in and was greeted by several people. After telling them all of her situation, the head camper of the cabin assigned her an area. It was one of the many beds that filled up the main room.
There really was no need for all the bunks anylonger with most of the halflings being claimed and such, but she did not know that. Lying on the twin sized bed Lydia stared up at the ceiling wondering just what Styx could have meant when he said he could feel that she was not useless. her face felt hot and she rollled over face in the pillow layed out knowing it was a light pink. Soon in the comfort of a bed she fell asleep.
  Lydia Binelle / silent-phantasm / 10y 76d 23h 29m 39s
Styx turned and brought his hand up to her chin. Gently, he tipped it upwards and his emerald green eyes looked into her purple ones.
"You are not useless. Trust me, I can feel it within you." He gave a small smile before kissing her forehead.
"Now, go to the cabin and settle yourself in. I will see you at dinner." He turned once more and headed for the darkest looking building. It still seemed like the loneliness house out of all of them, blue fir lighting the door ways.
Styx pushed through the heavy black doors, shuddering slightly as he felt the unnatural coolness of the house.
  Styx / Styx / 10y 76d 23h 45m 13s
Lydia could only sigh again, "So, I will be staying in the Hermes cabin then..." She looked in the direction of that particular cabin, would it be alright staying in the cabin of the god of theivery and such? Well, she did not care, a place to sleep was a place to sleep to her.
She looked up at Styx with an inquizitive look, "I don't really think I will be claimed by my parent, I am pretty useless." She shrugged, her purple hued eyes stared off to the ground.
  Lydia Binelle / silent-phantasm / 10y 76d 23h 53m 42s
"No no no, you do not want to be like the Goddess of the Hearth. She is a sweet girl, but tends to live life in the flickering shadows, thenshe complains that no one notices her. It would be best to give part of your food to her and ask your dad or mum to claim you. Man, I don't know if they put no names in with the Hermes cabin still." He bit his lip as he looked at the near hndred cnstructed houses. He had no clue why the minor gods went around and fornicated all the time. In his persoanl opinion he believed that only the stronger gods should be able to do just that, but then again this prophecy dealt with the children of the lesser known gods.
  Styx / Styx / 10y 77d 9m 3s
Lydia blinked at Styx then sighed as she was being nearly drug around while he showed her this and that. "Do I really have to be part of something important? Can't I just sit back and be a minor person who everyone leaves alone and never notices?" Her face was pouty but she knew it was no good, her luck was just too bad.
though she was tired Lydia took in most of her new surroundings and their location. Such as the place to eat and sleep, especially sleep, and begin to practice defence and such. That seemed like an idea and a half to her, like she could ever use a weapon... well she'd never tried, she was just to clumsy to even think of doing a thing like picking up a sharp object.
  Lydia Binelle / silent-phantasm / 10y 77d 15m 2s
"Yeah yeah, they are all just lazy. You guys always get lazy." he puffed his cheeks up in agitation and took hold of Lydia's hand.
"Come on. I'll show you around the place and get you settled down. Chiron can announce your arrival at dinner." He glared at the centaur then his Uncle before heading off across the field.
"Gods, they are annoying. I can't even phathom why I am the only one who cares about anything any more. Racheal has a prophecy and by the Gods do I intend to complete it."
  Styx / Styx / 10y 77d 43m 10s

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