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"Eh, what's wrong?" Styx looked to the cup and held it to hs lips, taking a swig that would have killed any mortal and probably put ademi-god into a coma. The golden nectar tasted like cheese cake, something he hadn't had in ages. He brought the cup from his lips and perked a brow at the girl. "There is nothing wrong with the nectar, but if that little bit made ou feel better, then kudos." Smiling he took hold of her arm and lead her from the Big House, Chiron following close behind them.

"Now, it's time for the selection process! You have to pick seven of these little demi-gods and we will be on our where!" He grinned and looked out across the feilds of strawberries.
  Styx / Styx / 10y 47d 52m 40s
"Eh? you mean I didn't have to do that?" It was almost whiny when she said it and her face was near devistated. Turning over to look at Styx, Lydia frowned, why did he need her to be rushed into this so fast. She took the odd golden drink from the god and took a tiny taste from the cup. The taste was similar to that of white chocolate cupcakes, which was weird but just strange as a liquid. She handed it back quickly and stared at it like it had biten her.
  Lydia Binelle / Silent-Phantasm / 10y 47d 59m 2s
Styx came into the room, a clear cup with golden liquid in his hand. He placed it on the small side-table that was near the chair and took a seat on the couch.
"Just take a small sip, if you take too much it could make you insane or just kill you." He gave a smile, Chiron clopping his way over.
"I'm sorry we forced you to see the prophecy before what was needed, but it seems a certain God is very impatient." He cast a glance to the male and Styx just smiled back.

The God knew what he was doing was wrong. He was surprised he had made it this far without another God trying to stop or kill him. He just figured his luck was very high. And he highly belived he was part of the prophecy. He just had to be, it was his calling after all.
  Styx / Styx / 10y 50d 21h 34m 28s
After everyone had left the room and left the slightly frightened girl with the glowing woman, she spoke, "Seven half-bloods must answer the call. To storm or fire, the world must fall. An oath to keep with a final breath, And foes bear arms to the doors of death."
Racheal's eyes dulled until they returned to a normal state. She smiled, "I hope that was helpful." Shortly after she found a seat looking a bit drained.
Lydia ran over the words in her head, none of it sounded all that great, why couldn't have said something about cookies or cupcakes or something else that was nice or yummy. "Thank you," She tried to smile at the other female when the people who had left came back in.
  Lydia Binelle / silent-phantasm / 10y 66d 21h 43m 20s
Would you mine posting the prophecy?)

Chiron had followed them up to the house and several of the other campers had tried to follow in curioisity, but they were shooed away quickly.
"Now, Lydia. I can't be with you when she gives the prophecy. Everyone says it's all spooky and what not, but dun't believe that hore dung. No offense Chriron. Her eyes just glow and some green mist. Like a magic show with real magic. Just pay close attnetion to her words alright. I already know it all, but it has to come from her or it can't be done. I honestly dun't understand why we have to make every child destined for this hear it, but it must be done." he sighed and lightly patted her shoulder.
  Styx / Styx / 10y 66d 22h 29m 35s
"The seven?" Once again Styx was nearly dragging her off to only the gods knew where... well technically at least one of them knew and she had a hunch it was to see this Racheal person. She held her head in her free hand and sighed, why was she always the one weird stuff happened to. She looked down at her hand in his, and to top off all the strangeness she was holding hands with a god, that was something not many would believe.
They two made it to the big house shortly after. Lydia was wondering if there was someone in here that she had yet met. Which was an obvious yes but hey, whatever.
Soon a frizzy red headed woman came out of one of the rooms dressed totally normally and nothing odd at all about her. Lydia stood confused, If this was Racheal wasn't she suposed to be an oreacal. Shouldn't she have some weird aura at least?
  Lydia Binelle / silent-phantasm / 10y 66d 22h 50m 23s
Styx took hold of Lydia's hand and started for the big house.
"Come on!!! She has to read it to you! I'm like 100% positive that you are one of the seven!" He smiled and Chiron frowned. Styx was almost positive the pony man was going to shoot him through the head with an arrow.
Styx was braking so many rules that they would probably kick him from his post up in Olympus. But it was all worth it.
  Styx / Styx / 10y 66d 23h 14m 8s
Chiron's smile only grew warmer as he shook his head, "Hypnos is the god of sleep and your father, as we had been expecting."
Lydia wondered why if they basically knew who her parent had been why they haden't said anyhting. They must have had a reason so she did not mind. When she saw Styx was back she felt a bit of joy wash over her, he came back already.
"so, then, who is Racheal?" She was full of questions again.
Chiron answeered back, "She is the oreacal here, she gives the demigods profecies and such."
"Oh, I was just wanting to know." She wrung her hands, a lot of people were staring at her, a few were more interestind in their food but not the majority like she wished. She must have looked stupid asking simple questions after having to be woken up while she was being claimed, well she was used to it.
  Lydia Binelle / silent-phantasm / 10y 68d 22h 9m 51s
Styx had spent most of his day in the Big House messing with his Uncle. He had gotten the wine god to his tipping point and had to quickly disappearing before he would be eaten by grapes. Once outside, the Satyr's quickly surrounded him and the wood nymphs ran as far from their tree as they possibly could in hopes of talking to Styx.
They eached asked for something different, all dealing with his mother's side of the family. This only annoyed him slightly, but he complied. He enjoyed the attention that made his ego grow a small percentage everytime some one requested something.
Finally he grew tired and went to the Hades cabin, the Demeter cabin sighing as he passed them. It's not that he didn't enjoy his nature loving self, he just wished he was more connected to his father.
It wasn't long before dinner arrived and he went to the fire again, his eyes on Lydia. He could feel some of the offering going to him and his usual olive skin glowed a brighter tan. A warm feeling ran through him and as he looked back to Lydia, he saw her being claimed. It took everything in his power not to shout, FINALLY! at the top of his lungs.
"I told you Chiron, now can she go see Racheal?" He questioned, Chiron giving him a stern look in response.
  Styx / Styx / 10y 68d 22h 56m 44s
after snaping herself with the bow, dropping it on the ground, and almost sending an arrow through her own foot, Lydia was full on dreading what could come of any other classes they would be sending her to. This included the swordmanship that she was going to have to practice next. She only hoped they would not be trusting her with a real blade anytime soon... or ever, if she had a say in it. Which she knew was rediculous. Sighing she made up her mind to sit back and watch the others as they practiced to ensure their safty and maybe even learn that way.
Sword practice went a bit better, she managed to not hurt anyone, including herself. She had a couple of others voluntear to help her out so she did learn a little, so all in all she was happy about that.
Lydia was exhausted by the time the end of the day was coming about, she was glad night was coming though, it was calming. Dinner was coming up soon so she had plans to take the advice she had gotten the night before. When she went up with her adoptive cabin it was teh same as the night before. Putting an offering into the fire and wish and hopeing something would happen. But the results were the same. Slighty disapointed she returned to her seat at the table.
'I even tried the hardest I could that time...' taking only a few bites she decided she was not hungry and layed her head down on the table.
She awoke when someone was poking at her arm. Looking up she saw the girl next to her smiling widely and Lydia only gave her a confused look back. The hermes girl pointed abover Lydia's head and rolled her eyes.
Quite confused she looked up to find a glowing symbol of a sunflower Which only lead to more confusion in her head.
"What the..." she furrowed her brow.
A boy acrossed the table only shook his head, "You are being claimed, duh."
The flower abover her head did not bring any of the gods to mind. Chiron had made his way over in the time all of this took place. "Congradulations, it was a little late but it is here now." He was also smiling, "You are, as expected a daughter of hypnos."
This was the time to wonder why she had not spent more time on memorizing the greek gods. "Umm... I don't know who that is..."
  Lydia Binelle / silent-phantasm / 10y 68d 23h 10m 23s
It had been a long night. A night filled with arguing, torturing, and many other acts of violence. Styx was actually quite violent, he even gave Aries a run for his money at times. Though, he did feel somewhat sorry for the souls after he was finished. It must have been his soft side from his mother.
The teen looking God cursed as he headed back up the grassy hill. Normally he would have taken the entrance through Zuess's crap, but that had been destroyed years and years ago when Kronos had been trying to rise. The idiot.
  Styx / Styx / 10y 69d 17m 53s
Back in the hermes cabin Lydia was having a time and a half trying to sleep, it was weird. She thought maybe it had to do with not being able to just get up and take a walk to where ever she wanted to if she felt like it, trapped until morning in this room. Well, that or the fact that what happened at dinner was still on her mind. Finally she managed to get to sleep though it was not very restful.
The next day started early and it was something Lydia was gonna have to become accustom to. First was breakfast which was not a big ordeal like dinner so it went smoothly. Then she was schedualed for archary, that should be interesting, she thought.
  Lydia Binelle / silent-phantasm / 10y 75d 5h 2m 23s
As dinner finished, Chiron gave the warning about staying up past curfews and how the harpies would eat any one they found out. He gave a brief smile before turning away from the campers and heading back up to the Big House, a troubled expression on his face.

Styx sat by the river he was named after, throwing black sand into the muck. Sighing, he rested his face in his hands, his ever moving hair flickering around his face and shoulders. He had just finished having a heated conversation with his father. He had thought that Hades would have been on his side, but his father was being as cowardly as ever, staying underground. Sometimes he wished that he could go visit his mum, but he wasn't very fond of grams. Demeter always would give him crap about the seasons. How he would change them too early or too late.
  Styx / Styx / 10y 75d 7h 33m 28s
Lydia had turned away in time to miss his leaving but she now was staring at the place the blooming groth was flowering. She had not meant to anger Styx. Hearing the Ares children she turned around and glared heatedly at them.
"He is not a Pansy!" She did not shout but she knew they could hear her. They all seemed to glare back with about the same intensity. Lydia started to wonder if the whole lot of Ares people acted in such a manner. She hoped not, they would not be getting along at all.
The few kids around her had heard the conversation and did not ask much but all the rest who were out of earshot asked what she had been talking to him about and gave her advice saying it was not good to make enemies of any of the gods. She figured they were right and decided if she ever saw Styx she would apologize.
Dinner did not last to much longer.
  Lydia Binelle / silent-phantasm / 10y 76d 2h 5m 36s
"Gah! You demi-gods are infuriating!" He stood up and walked a good distance away from the other campers. he closed his eyes and a fiery sensation ran through him as he became his God self and then he disappeared. A heat wave emmitted from the source as well as several new flowers springing up.
The campers had closed their eyes, some of them yelling with excitement. Not all of the campers had known a god was with them.
A few campers at the Aries table snickered at the sprouted flowers, calling Styx a pansy.
  Styx / Styx / 10y 76d 2h 21m 39s

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