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A battle of the gods is in the making and the Karedeshan empire pulled into the mix. Each surrounding empire have chosen patron a god or goddess while the Karedeshans are still debating while the armies ready for war. However, you and two others are stuck in a prison cell holding a sentence. Eventually you are released and pulled into the turmoil whether you want to be or not.

For characters, please copy and fill out the skeleton below for aMinor Characters
Major Characters:
-Amakir (Leader)
Yes, destruction
Cocytus, Ice storm that can turn up to five people into statues of ice
-Jenna Lynn
Gives the illusion of pain [at max, works on up to four people at once.
Works with fire, it's kind of her specialty
Whirlwind: A three foot tall, 2 feet in diameter spinning whirlwind of fire that can go as far as four feet away from the person directing the attack.
Minor Characters

-Dante Lee
Dual pistols
Blood Moon Barrage- shoots up about 37 bullets up into the sky and when they come down the turn red in land all in a circular area.

-Romance: Fine, keep intamacy, other than minimal kissing, in person-to-person PMs
-Violence: Expected, don't mutalate bodies or other NPC characters
-Blood: If you're really into it o_O
-Excessive Language : Minimum. "Hell" is fine.
Have fun!

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  Amakir / Artur / 8y 318d 9h 19m 41s
Dailynn led the way through the darkness, scrunching up her face as the smell worsened. "We're going to smell like this afterwards too, now aren't we?" she asked while feeling her way along the little tunnel with her hands against the slimy, gross hands. She heard a little skitter across the floor and jumped, wondering what creature it was. Probably a rat, she thought to herself and kept going, not wanting to wait much for the other two. She just wanted to get out and head on before the guards caught them.
  Dailynn / joosethelion / 8y 320d 6h 22m 18s
[Sorry love I've been in a rather bad mood lately, but ill post.]

Wrinklng her nose, Jenna quickly followed the other two. Once inside, she paused, and turned towards the grate. She closed her eyes and focused on the splintered metal, envisioning it melding itself back together. She opened her eyes and smiled, glad it had worked. It sapped her energy slightly though. She turned, and nodded to the other two. "Lets go."
  Jenna-Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 8y 321d 7h 15m 58s
  Amakir / Artur / 8y 321d 7h 19m 40s

  Amakir / Artur / 8y 321d 10h 58m 36s
Amakir didn't need to be told twice. He eagarly jumped into the pipe with the other prisoner and started to climb down with her. "Man, I tell ya... it's gonna reek when we get down there," he noted already smelling the city's harsh fumes rise up. "Whatever we do, we don't light any candles!" He waited for the third prisoner to get in.
  Amakir / Artur / 8y 322d 10h 49m 47s
Dailynn went through as Jenna had urged and then looked forward. Far away she heard voices, wanting the other two to hurry. She lit up a little flame on her finger to light the way but snuffed it out when she thought of it being a bad idea because then the men would notice the light. "Hurry!" she said, practically hopping because of the anxiety.
  Dailynn / joosethelion / 8y 323d 6h 3m 9s
Jenna sighed sadly, knowing she could help the man if they had enough time. She took off after Akamir and caught up as he was trying to remove the sewer grate. "Move," she said roughly, shouldering past him. She concentrated on the grate, placing all of her willpower Ito the task. She smiled at the metal shattered. Stepping aside, she motioned for the other two to go through "Quickly," she urged.
  Jenna-Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 8y 323d 6h 8m 0s
The prisoner across from them started going berserk and pleading them to open his gate. They couldn't and had to quickly decide where to go as the man's insane yelling alerted the other prisoners and made them start yelling for help. It was a matter of time before the whole watch came rushing in to throw them back in or worse.
"Quickly! This way!" He ran off to the left, further into the prison until they came to a sewer grate in the floor. He tried with all his might to pull it out but it wouldn't budge. "Damn! It won't move!" He heard the clanking of footsteps in the hall.
  Scenery / Artur / 8y 323d 6h 12m 54s
Jenna nodded as soon as the male was free. Closing her eyes again, she focused on the core of the bar, mentally probing, expanding... She could feel the molecules bending tomher will. With a satisfied grin, the bar caved with a groan, leaving a hole big enough for all three to get through. Stepping through the gap, she motioned silently for the others to follow.
  Jenna-Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 8y 323d 6h 22m 31s
sorry i was busyy and being a dino and all...:P Dailynn quickly moved to Amakir and set to work getting his arms and legs free. Trying to get three people free in such a short amount of time was tedious but soon there was the satisfying click as she set Amakir free. "There, we better hurry or we will get into a lot of trouble," she insisted in a whisper and stuck the wire back in the sole of her boot. "I'll have to teach you two my tactics sometime or another," she added gently.
  Dailynn / joosethelion / 8y 323d 6h 30m 57s
Amakir stood now facing the two ladies. "You had better hurry, our neighbor across the lane is starting up again. Probably gonna see what's going on in a bit." I grab the chains and hold out my wrists.
  Amakir / Artur / 8y 323d 6h 42m 7s
Silently, Jenna held her arms out, and twisted them so she could get a better angle on the key holes. Hearing a satisfying click come from each manicle, she caught them before they could go clattering to the floor. Standing, she stretched lightly. "Thank you," she said quietly, before walking to the bars. Placing a hand on the frozen metal, she closed her eyes and focused, getting s feel for the was almost as if she could sense the... Soul of the metal? She couldn't quite place a word on it. The esscence. Biting her lip, she glanced up. "Tell me when," she said quietly.
  Jenna-Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 8y 323d 6h 56m 15s

  Amakir / Artur / 8y 323d 7h 1m 41s
Dailynn finished with her manacles and then moved onto Jenna's. "Give me your hands," she whispered trying not to be cross. She really didn't like their predicament and if they could quickly get out, then she would be happy to see to that. Her clothes were already wet from the stupid water and it was getting her annoyed because sitting in wet clothes for too long really bugged her. Silently, she slid her wire into the keyhole and dug around into the gears like she did with her own.
  Dailynn / joosethelion / 8y 323d 7h 20m 0s

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